Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My fave Post Workout Meals

Just a quick post on my post workout meals. I am one of those people who believe that you should not work out in the mornings on a total empty stomach, and I always advise my clients to have something healthy like a banana or apple some 30 minutes before a morning workout. But what about AFTER the workout?

I feel what to eat after a workout depends on a number of factors: the time of day, your activity level, and the type of workout. But I will write based on my own personal preferences and what has worked for me over time.

Morning workouts: Whenever I work out in the mornings, I immediately drink a glass of water (of course haha) and then I fix myself either oatmeal with honey or sometimes with milk and a bit of sugar.
On other occasions I eat a healthy cereal with milk, my favourite being Kellogg's Fruit N Fibre cereal.
Other times, it's wholemeal or wheat bread and eggs, and I could have some 0% fat Greek yoghurt with granola whenever I can find healthy yoghurt.
I find that these meals are packed with enough healthy calories and fats to sustain me for a few hours, till it is time for lunch.

Evening workouts: Well for me, my evening workouts are actually night workouts, and I do them last thing before bed. But for those who have their workouts relatively earlier in the evening, I would advise a Ceasar salad for dinner, with maybe some croutons or nuts if really hungry. Other great options are chicken, fish pepper soup, or a small portion of beans with little oil.
In general, for those with very active lifestyles, or who do intense workouts, lunch could be made to be a little heavy and then it is always best to have little healthy snacks in between meals.


What do you like to eat pre and post workout?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

DIY hair treatments-an easy guide.


Hope it's been a good weekend so far?

So I came across this image recently and found it so useful and simple as a guide for at-home, DIY hair conditioners for hairlistas- relaxed, texlaxed or natural.
One glance at it and you already see that they are kitchen items and very natural, suitable as moisturizing, clarifying or protein treatments. A good example of a moisturizing one is olive oil, avocado + bananas, and honey. Good example of a clarifying treatment is apple cider vinegar, lemon + baking soda, and honey. Milk, mayo + strawberries, and an egg make a great protein or strengthening hair mask.
I like how the image gives many options based on availability and preference and I think there are about over 25 different combinations here. Store-bought conditioners could be pricey, and DIY ones are always the way to go because you can customize as needed.

Which combo is your fave? :)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Thoughts, plans, buys- 2

Hope the week is going OK for you and you had a refreshing weekend.
More thoughts to share.....

Aso Ebi for weddings: OK. I am aware how stressful this can be! I decided months ago that I would not have any aso ebi for my wedding, just a colour theme. Then somewhere along the line, I thought hmmm for my traditional wedding, if my "girls" are supposed to dance in with me when the bride is called in, it would look nice if they look quite uniform. Also Mr. Man's friends who will "|dobale" (prostrate) with him should look uniform. So I decided to sort out aso ebi for the girls and caps for the guys. Then later I thought hmmm maybe we should provide head gears and caps for everyone else interested. Then I changed my mind after some weeks. Then Mr. Man decides at least family members should wear similar headgears and caps. Then I agreed. And before I knew it, I got caught up in the whole aso ebi drama. How we have been able to resolve this is to have different "teams" who will sort things out for different categories of people. So my mum will sort out her own people, I will sort out my own people and etc, all using the same supplier. But still.....sometimes I wish I didn't have to worry about this aso ebi issue AT ALL.

Black soap: So my skin went crazy lately. Like tiny bumps all over my forehead and the sides of my face. I admit I have neglected my skincare routine these past few months but...anyway so I have decided to join the black soap bandwagon. Started using it this morning. I bought the Lemon and AHA black soap from NaturalNigerian. I really hope it helps, because this skin has to be smooth in time for the wedding! Lol.

Blonde braids: So if it's not blue-green ombre hair, it's curly wigs, or faux locs or blonde braids....I very recently installed faux locs and girls...let's just say there should be a book titled "What to expect when you install faux locs". In fact that would be the title of my post on the faux locs, soon. But back to blonde braids, as a relatively fair-skinned girl, I find myself lusting after pics of blonde braids. And even blonde hair. 

Renew 360: Now I know it's only a very few of you that know about my "ministry", my "side hustle" turned to "main hustle", my fitness business. It is basically a weight loss business for people who are trying to lose weight, but do not how to go about it. It is just an online-based, simple and efficient as well as affordable method of achieving weight loss goals, based on the principles of healthy eating and strategic exercise. So I help the client to design customized meal plans, and simple yet effective routines, so that in just a month they begin to see lasting results. 
I started this months ago when I thought of how the average woman's interest in looking good and my passion for fitness (born during my own weight loss journey and research in 2013) could work hand-in-hand. Lately I have been busy with a lot of things and need to strategize next steps for Renew 360, but I thought I should share this "secret" of mine with you!

Please check out our website:
Follow us on IG, Twitter and like us on Facebook:
IG: renew360ng
Twitter: Renew360
Facebook: Renew360

If you love me, please follow and like Renew 360! I would appreciate it so much!

What do you think of aso ebi drama?
Have you used black soap before? Would you recommend?

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Retail Therapy- Yay or nay?

Just thought I should show you a few clothes I bought off a seller on the Depop website. Depop is sort of small-scale Ebay for clothes- new or used- and sellers and buyers can make transactions with ease.
But really what do you think of retail therapy?
Would you go shopping to make you feel better about something you are going through? Well, I am not sure- I think it works differently for different people. Some may think it doesn’t make sense, while some are OK with that momentary satisfaction and distraction from the problem being faced. I reckon the shopaholics fall prey to retail therapy so often! In fact I believe there is a theory that many people engage in retail therapy without even knowing it!

Well for me, my first retail therapy stint (and only conscious one so far) took place months ago when I got some shocking news and was feeling down- so when I found out about the Depop sale, I jumped on it and purchased a few items.

Have a look!

 My 2 faves are the fluffy cream skirt and the shiny one. I found the leopard print and black dress and even the blue dress to be too short and I would have to relegate them to the party wear section of my closet, in addition to the skirts, lol. That’s the thing with purchases like this. No model available to display it on the human frame, and no adequate information about the item in terms of lengths and all. In fact the only item I wear at the moment is the top I was given by the seller as a free gift (not shown here). It has an interesting cut-open detail at the back.

Did I feel better after buying these? Yes. For how long? Maybe 1 day. Did the problem go away? Course not. Do I hate retail therapy now? No. Do I think everyone should try it? No. Listen to your pocket!

Yes, I never advice foolish spending, although I think a treat sometimes is very good and even wise! So if retail therapy makes you happy, and you won’t regret it later, please do so by all means. You may just be in need of a distraction to clear your head and mind a bit of clutter and worry so that you would be able to come back to tackle the issue at hand more efficiently.

What do you think of retail therapy? Yea or nay?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Thoughts, plans, buys....

I hope you are having a good week- despite the latest fuel crisis!
Anyway I just wanted to share a few things I have been thinking about lately- well some of them are items I want to buy, plans for the wedding of course and etc etc!

Traditional Wedding Makeup: Well before the advent of Instagram I am sure brides-to-be were not so confused about how they wanted to look on their big day. But now, it's like eye candy every minute! It takes discipline and a determined mind to avoid being overwhelmed or confused with choices.
I have decided on a make up artist for that day and she recently asked me to send her pictures of bridal looks I like. I find that I am tending more towards the sultry, smokey eye, but I am not sure whether to go with a nude lip, a berry lip, or a bright lip colour!

Ombre bluish-green hair: I know it was kinda in vogue before Kylie Jenner brought it to limelight, but I admit she made the look spread like wildfire. So much that I thought hmmm this won't be bad....I was hoping to get something in ombre braids done but I am still trying to figure out how that will work.

Wide-brimmed hats: Finally, something I decided on, and even purchased! I am planning a trip soon to a hot climate (surprise!) and I know I would need all the sun protection I can get! Besides this hat is a trendy fashion item so it's a win-win. Ordered it from Naija Affordables on Instagram.
 Pre-wedding photo shoots: Back to wedding planning, Mr. Man and I are planning to take pre-wedding shots soon. Gets me thinking about how 6 years ago there was nothing of the sort in Naija! Anyway so I have been looking up ideas and inspiration on the internet- just in case our photographer isn't "equipped" enough. Also it helps to be able to bring in your own ideas every now and then.

Curly wigs: I bought one months ago, but it was a cheap, synthetic one that lasted just one month before it became a big frizz ball. My eye is on a good quality, curly wig that I can wear to change my look every now and then. Also one with a  fringe helps me rock the fringe look only when I want to, without risking getting plenty acne on my forehead as is always the case when I rock a fringe.

Bare Lifts: Well, this is another purchase from Naija Affordables. The bare lifts did not look as nicely packaged as the picture above when it came lol! I am yet to try it to see if it really works. It claims to lift the breasts and cover the nipples, without the need for straps or fabric.
 So those are some of the things I have been thinking of, or buying this past week or so.

What do you think of my collage? Any comments on curly wigs or blue-green hair etc?

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Detox teas- my thoughts

Hi all,

So have you ever tried fat-burning teas or detox teas? I don’t mean those harsh ones that claim to burn off 20kg in one month though! I mean more realistic teas that claim to assist you with losing weight in collaboration with a healthy eating plan and exercise?

Well I tried one of such teas some months ago and I thought I should share my thoughts on it. I will also put a little note on other natural herbal teas that I recommend for detoxing.

About Nudey Tea: The tea comes in day time and night time tea bags. There are 14-day plans and 28-day plans. Also you are advised to drink the tea in collaboration with a healthy lifestyle.
Day time tea
Packaging was OK; I ordered the 28-day pack while in the UK. It arrived promptly and it comes in branded paper bags with instructions behind.

Price: 32 pounds for both packs.

How I used the teas: I used the daytime tea in a mug first thing in the morning and the night time one every other day, last thing at night before going to bed. Well, I normally try to eat healthy as much as I can, though I still struggle lol. I also tried to work out though around that period it was not so often.
Night time detox- my fave!

My observations: I found that I did not notice any weight loss of any sort. From the contents of the tea bags, the herbs used are mainly detox-oriented, and I noticed clearer skin, and my energy level increased as well. The last point directly affects weight loss because then you have more energy to do more work outs or more routines. I honestly believe that the only safe, sensible and lasting way to lose weight is by healthy eating and exercise. I noticed that most “wonder” weight loss programs and products- shakes, coffee, pills- still require the user to eat healthy, stay off carbs and all, which is actually what makes the weight fall off at the end of the day.
Bed time detox
Taste: The daytime tea does have a herbal taste, though not overpowering at all. The night time tea in my opinion is amaze-balls. It has this vanilla fragrance and taste with the herbal undertone to it. I always looked forward to trying it. Whatever you do, if you are picky with tastes, never drink a herbal tea when it is cold unless you don’t mind! You may find it really weird to drink.

In summary: I think if you are looking for a tea to help you lose weight, in as much as I do not recommend or advice “wonder weight-loss products”, Nudey Tea is not the tea for that. If you already eat healthy and work out, or are doing all that to lose weight, then there is no harm at all in using this tea or a similar one. In fact to a small extent, it should help you achieve your goals faster.
Day time detox
As a detox however and an energy booster, this tea is very good. Dandelion tea, fennel tea, nettle tea (components of Nudeytea) are GREAT for detoxing and also for clearing up the skin!

Other natural herbal teas that are great for you: Green tea, nettle, dandelion, fennel, chai tea. These teas are great for the digestive system, and for the skin as well. I particularly adore the taste of chai tea. Try to cultivate the habit of having a cup of herbal tea every day or night and over time your body and skin would thank you for this new habit!

Do you drink herbal teas? Got any recommendations?

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cooking with Nemi: Pan-fried salmon with green beans stir fry, served with rice.

Hope the week is going great. Well this post is looong overdue. Nemi and I made this delicious meal (well more of Nemi making and me helping) months ago when I was in Oxford. As you can see, it is healthy because of the generous serving of veggies, and then the fish, and it tastes even better than it looks. If you like fish, and are looking for a healthier alternative to our good old rice and stew, this meal is a must-try. Now I won't ignore the fact that green beans are not a staple in our Nigerian diet (for those of you who live in Naija), and not so cheap either. I don't see why we can't grow green beans in this country- it is actually a very healthy vegetable and it is quite bland, so no overwhelming taste, and so it always tastes good when seasoned or stewed. However you can buy a big bag of green beans (can serve 6-8 people and can be refrozen) for between N1000-1500 at the frozen foods unit of any supermarket here. Anyway here goes the recipe!

Green beans
I small onion
Bell Pepper-we used 1 red and 1 yellow
Seasoning e.g maggi, then curry, thyme, salt to taste.
Chilli pepper
Tomato puree
Non-oily fish e.g salmon, croaker
5 tablespoons of olive oil
Rice- preferably basmati.
Chop the peppers and onion. Start by heating up a bit of oil in a pan or wok for a few minutes.

Add the green beans and peppers as well as onions and toss to combine. Break up any clumps of sliced onions that may have stuck together and stir fry till tender. This will take anywhere from 1-3 minutes. Turn off the heat.
To make the stir-fry sauce, mix some tomato puree with the seasoning and some chilli pepper and add a bit of water. Mix thoroughly.
Using only a quarter of the sauce mixture, thoroughly coat the fish with the sauce, and then using about 2 tablespoons of oil (heated in another pan), place the fish in the pan to fry for a minute, turn over and over till it is well cooked. (This takes about 4 minutes). If you like, you can grill the fish in foil for 3 minutes in the oven so the sauce soaks into it better. 

The rest of the sauce should be poured into the veggie mixture, turn on the heat again, and then keeping tossing till it begins to really sizzle. At this point you may add some soy sauce if preferred. Add a bit more water if the sauce is looking dried out. Turn off the heat. 
For the carrots, simply slice them with a julienne peeler or any other tool you like, then steam the carrots.
For rice, cook the usual way. Make sure the rice serving is not too large.
And there you have it!


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hair Crush Feature: Bunmi

Bunmi's current hair length
I have another relaxed hair crush to feature today. It's been about a year since I featured a diva with healthy and feature-worthy relaxed hair-it's just so difficult to find them! So when Bunmi kindly and promptly sent in her answers and pictures I was elated. Hair is hair; whether it's natural, texlaxed or relaxed, and if it is healthy and lengthy, then it's feature-worthy. Hope you learn a thing or two from Bunmi: :)

Please introduce yourself! What do you do?
Hi! I am an assistant buyer at a fashion company and a lifestyle blogger.
Are you fully relaxed or texlaxed? How long do you stretch your relaxers for?
I am fully relaxed. Considered going natural but not brave enough to cut my hair. I stretch my relaxer for 4 months.

What is your current hair length?
My current hair length is bra strap length and I am determined to get to waist length.
 What’s your regimen and staple hair products (including relaxers)?

My regime:
1) Wash my hair twice a week with sulfate free shampoo (Argan Oil Shampoo) and co wash weekly with Aussie conditioner.

2) Deep condition with protein and moisture conditioners every 2 weeks. This gives my hair a nice balance. But I deep condition with protein only a week before relaxer day. Products are Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner and Aussie conditioner

3) Stretching out my relaxer.I have decided to relax my hair 3 times a year now. This was one of my drastic changes. Before I knew better, I relaxed my hair every 2 months. Only relaxer I use is Olive Oil.

4) Less heat. On wash and co washing days, I air dry my hair. Hair feels so soft and full afterwards, love it! I use hair dryers with a low heat setting once a month.
Protective styling: Box braids
5) No more weaves. I found that with weaves I constantly straightened my leave out which was destroying my front hair and hair line. Hair under the weave was not getting the TLC it required. Strictly wigs now.
I love braids. With my braids I can wash, co wash and moisturize easily. My hair growth is great when I have braids in.

6) Moisturize and seal daily & nightly. I use both moisture and protein leave-ins (Tropical Isle Living and Olive Oil Moisturizer) & oils mixture- olive oil, castor, tea tree, rosemary & coconut oil. Shea butter and aloe vera gel from the actual plant are great as well.
Protective styling: Wig
Please share a few tips and tricks for retaining length?
Moisturize, Moisturize, MOISTURIZE! I can not say this enough. Also know what works for you and stick to it!

How do you wear your hair to work or formal occasions?
To work I let my hair breathe so usually have it styled in a bun. To occasions, I wear my wig

Do you have any foreign ancestry in your family?
None that I am aware of

Where can one find and follow u on the web?
I blog at

So for those of you who have issues with keeping your relaxed hair long, you can steal some tips from Bunmi! Apparently, protective styling is one of her main secrets as well as moisturizing. Sounds very much like what is mostly recommended by naturalistas for maintaining natural hair. I guess African hair is fragile as they say, and requires not only constant but the right kind of attention to keep it healthy and lengthy.


Do you know anyone with relaxed and healthy hair? Let me know if they would love to be featured!

Monday, 15 June 2015

What I have been up to lately....

Gosh, it's been a month since my last post.
Some of you may think I have quit blogging- and I wouldn't blame you, I previously haven't gone more than a week without writing a post since when I opened this blog over 2 years ago.

Well....a lot of changes and events happened in my life these past 2 months and I just could not get round to regular blogging. It's really just that simple. It started a bit turbulent, but God apparently had beautiful plans in stock for me and I can only say already at this point that this year has been beautiful. Really beautiful.

I honestly don't have events or reviews or party posts to talk about because I have not really attended these lately, but one major event that happened recently was that....


So Mr. Man asked me to marry him on May 29th. It was really unexpected because I had (in collaboration with his friend) planned a surprise party for him for that day, and he happened to have been planning a surprise proposal for me that same day somewhere else, so our mutual friends were caught in between. They decided it was better "I" got the surprise instead so there I was feeling cool with myself that I had planned a successful surprise party for my boo, when he proposed in front of everyone and I ended up being the one who got surprised!

So.....that's a bit of what I have been up to lately and thank you guys for always checking on the blog periodically- I will try my best to ensure that the posts keep coming in regularly. It might seem a bit spaced out compared to before, but that will only be for a while- because once things get settled in and I adjust into the newly wed role, I am sure there would be loads of posts rolling in!

Oya let the congrats comments begin to flow haha! This getting engaged business is not bad o! A couple of people have taken me for lunch to celebrate my being engaged! *wink!*
Hugs and kisses

Thursday, 14 May 2015

This Saturday: The Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Hi peeps!
What are you doing this Saturday? If you are a naturalista or just curious about such things or just need somewhere fun to go to this Saturday, then you may want to grab a ticket to The Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show hosted by The Kinky Apothecary.

It's gonna be at Federal Palace Hotel from 11 am - 7pm and a couple of well known bloggers and stylists such as Felicia Underwood, Ijeoma Ebo and of course Nibi Lawson will be speaking. There will be giveaways and goodie bags too so yay!

Tickets are available at (you may click the links):

If you attend and you spot me- holler at me! I think I would be wearing a turban :)


PS: Please click on the image for a clearer view.