Friday, 12 December 2014

Lips: Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo (809) and Kiko Smart Lip Pencil (709)

This is how one of the Kiko lippies I recently purchased looks!
I am not a big fan of the glossiness of the lipstick-I should have expected it to be glossy with a name like Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo! But I just loved the colour and picked it up.

Durability is average, you do have to retouch the lipstick every now and then. Also I do not find this lipstick to be pigmented well enough, and you may even notice this from the swatch above.

I got a matching lip pencil (Kiko Smart Lip Pencil), which I find very handy, as I have dark-toned lips and may lippies never come out bright enough on me without using a lip liner first. The lip liner was well-pigmented and I really like it. It also glides on very smoothly. I definitely recommend purchasing it also, if you like the lipstick. However it is so pigmented that it can be worn on its own. 

Lipstick: 3.50 pounds
Lip pencil: 1.90 pounds

Overall score: 
Lipstick: 3/5
Lip pencil: 5/5


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Review: Benefit Boiing Industrial Strength Concealer

Thought you might want to see my quick review of the Benefit Boiing Industrial Strength concealer.
 Yep, I do think it is of industrial strength-this concealer does a beautiful job of concealing my under eye circles and other blemishes so well.
 I got it at Boots in Westfield, some weeks ago for 17 pounds. I was skeptical because of the steep price, but the MUA assured me I would love it. She got a tester, tried it on my under-eye area, and I liked what I saw. So I bought it, and now I am really obsessed with it!
It isn't too dry, gets picked up well with my concealer brush, and it blends out nicely. I sometimes use my Mac Studio Finish pressed powder to set it.


I bet you can see the difference! The left eyelid and underneath the eye is brighter than the right.
This is my first product from Benefit and now I am willing to try some other products from this brand. I was so impressed that the MUA was able to determine the right shade for me just by looking at me. She just brought it out and it was a perfect match. Can't say the same for other brands' MUAs-not even Mac!

Overall score: 5/5

What awesome concealers do you use?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Out and About: Madame Tussauds and The Shard

I wouldn't call it a vacation, it's more like attending to some family matters, taking time off to be with family, taking time off to relax and think and then, taking time off to have a good time in a different environment. So lately, and for the next couple of weeks I will be sharing with you some tourist centres or events or experiences or whatever and the main reason why is because I noticed that many people go on trips to the UK, only to get back home not having visited any place interesting. 
The UK is not an exotic tourist spot like the Bahamas or Maldives, or Mauritius, with the beautiful scenery, beaches and all that, but I feel it's a bit of a shame when people come here and all they do in the 2 or 3 weeks they were here was to visit family (almost everyone has family in the UK haha), friends, go shopping, period. There are loads of places to go here- with prices ranging from 0 pounds to a 100 pounds. Also there are great deals on websites like and even places like Amazon offer deals so it is always wise to check these places when you know where you wanna go. Just know that it is always cheaper to book tickets online. Also, week day bookings are generally cheaper. I decided to take advantage of my time here to do things that interest me and create awesome memories for me.

Anyways so my big sissy and I went off to Madame Tussauds last Saturday. Last time was probably 25 years ago so it was great to give it a go again. Madame Tussauds is the popular tourist centre located in London, known for showcasing wax statues of popular and renowned people and also celebrities.
Different sets of wax statues are usually showcased periodically, due to space constraints and you would definitely not see say, Beyonce's wax statue two times in a period of 6 months I think. I wasn't aware of this; I thought ALL the popular celebrities would be there, and I was looking forward to taking a pic with Nas-probably a pic of me kissing him (lol yeah I love Nas), taking pics with Gerard Butler, Theo Walcott, Angela Bassett etc but oh well....
Funny how it looks like Johnny Depp his rolling eyes at how this giggling fan is rubbing her boobies all over him.
Two of my fave statues-too real, just too real!
This too...
Now Obama looked too young here....
Sissy adored Michael Jackson (huh, who didn't?!)
Now look at this one. Very poor execution of Bey! So unreal, so so unreal.
Justin didn't look exactly like him too, trust me, it was even more obvious when seen live. 
I was messaging my friend the other day and I told him that one of the things I loved about the statues was that I had a real-life idea of the actual dimensions of these celebs. I was able to see that Bob Marley was actually not too tall, I saw that Obama was tall, Audrey Hepburn was very petite etc. We also saw videos of how these wax statues were actually made.
There was a Marvel Super Heroes section and I almost jumped for joy. I couldn't find my sis so I was pained that I could not get anyone to take a pic of me with Wolverine! Anyway there was short 4-D film of the superheroes-SpiderMan, Hulk, Captain America etc and even though the storyline was so normal and expected, I enjoyed the 4-D effect; felt the vibrations and water droplets on my skin-not bad.
One very interesting section was the early London history section, where we saw statues and props that re-enacted the war, gory and disturbing executions, murder scenes, even more disturbing statues and plaque accounts of offenders in those days. We saw the dungeons, and we got on a slow-ride that was really eerie and disturbing to watch because it was dark and it showed how things were hard and difficult for the average joe to get by in those early days.
Oh and there was the Scream Tunnel-it was meant to be scary but for me...nah. :)

In all I had fun!
Ticket price: 26 pounds when booked online, and it gets cheaper at later hours.
There were deals like combining 2 or 3 tourist centres e.g The London Eye, The Aquarium and Madame Tussauds at a reduced price.

My good friend Dee planned a meet-up with another friend of ours at The Shard, in London. The Shard is the tallest building in Europe-68 floors, and the key attraction is to get to the uppermost floor and then have a view of the whole of London.
There were telescopes for closer viewing, with captions to show you each structure you are looking at. I would call this a sort of London Eye experience but classier!
That's The Shard from outside, doesn't look so tall in this pic but it really is!

There were souvenirs in one of the other floors. Oh and I look pregnant in this pic don't I? :)

Ticket price: Online- 25 pounds, and 32 pounds if you want a glass of champagne.


Thursday, 4 December 2014

What else is there to do anyway?

When I am confused, frustrated and tired, I pray. This is my own way of using my blog as a medium to make a call to prayer, not for America, or black people, but for mankind.
I usually abstain from watching videos that I can tell I would find disturbing, but I decided to watch this one about Eric Garner, because I wanted to see for myself how a man would choke another man to death and then be allowed to go free about a year later. I wanted to see for myself, because it was hard to believe or understand what I had read.
If I were to be shown videos of such things happening to the white folk, I would not call it a racial matter. I do not care for street protests when they get riotous and violent, or when blacks begin to loot and cause a nuisance, but I certainly feel that raw anger that must be flowing through their veins.
When I get the chance, I will make me a tee shirt with the caption in this picture. It would be my way of telling everyone how I feel in a language that may be raw and vulgar, but TRUE. I am tired, hurt and angry about all this; I really am.

It is refreshing to see some white folk getting on the streets to join in the protests-it shows that we should not hate them. Many of them are good people, who understand that God made us EQUAL. We only need to tackle the matter from a wiser perspective.
The wisest perspective I know of right now is to pray. What else is there to do anyway? I feel like it's the prayers of many, that got us to where we are today, to the point where we are no more slaves, where we can sit on the same bus with a Caucasian, where we can openly fall in love and marry one, where we can walk and work hand-in-hand with one. Maybe things will get better a 100 years from now, and kids would look at these photos in history lessons and say to themselves "Lucky me", the way I say the same words to myself when I look at photos of black slavery, oppression, hangings etc in the past.
It is tiring just thinking about it all, but at least we can pray, because what else is there to do anyway?

*photos courtesy @wash_news on Instagram*

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Make up haul-plus a few reviews

I am not much of a makeup freak but I go crazy sometimes, and this time I bought a lot of stuff from the Kiko Store at Westfield before heading over to Boots for more "candy"!

At Kiko, I bought lipsticks and lip pencils (plum and pink shades) and a skin tone corrector-so reviews are coming up on those. At Boots I was just moonwalking through the aisles and filling my shopping basket! I got some Revlon lipsticks in different colours-dark brown and pink shades, some No 7 makeup- eye shadow in purple shades, Beautifully Matte primer that promises to prevent shine, and brow and lash gel/mascara. At the Benefits stand, I asked for concealer for my dark under-eye circles and the MUA found a perfect match for me from their Boiing concealer line. 
I got hair colour spray in dark brown and some eye makeup brushes from EcoTools.
About a week ago I got this lovely lipstick by Seventeen, named "Make an entrance" from the Stay Pout line.
It is an orangey-peachy colour and I like using it as a light stain on my dark lips. But sometimes I layer it up also to give the look in the picture below, and in my former post as well.
Swatch on my wrist
Staying power is just average. Got it for about 4.50 pounds.
And the Ecotools eye makeup brushes have been serving me well to be honest. I was looking for a concealer brush and some dupes for my other Real Techniques makeup brushes so when I saw these I jumped at them. I particularly love how they are double-ended.
The 2 brushes have got an angle brush, shadow brush, one for smudging, and a concealer brush.
And my new found love. Bitter-sweet new found love. DIY wax strips from Veet. Saw this and decided to try it. I had to try it because I know that waxing is still the best and relatively affordable form of hair removal, though quite painful. Shaving causes bumps and all that, but waxing gives way longer results, with no bumps. Depilatory creams could be too harsh on the skin, not effective enough, or cause skin rash in some cases. The cons of waxing is of course the fact that it is not as cheap as shaving or depilatory creams, you may have to go to the salon to get it done (this product obviously solves that problem), some salons do not practice good hygiene (this product also obviously solves that problem) and the one most women talk about- it hurts!
Well I have a relatively high pain threshold so it wasn't so bad for me. But it did sting-no denying that. However I love the results so far. I used almost all the strips though. I hope I find this product in Nigeria-I really do. For now I will just have to stock up on it (about 8 pounds)-maybe get three. That should do for 4 or 5 uses.


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review: Sleek Brow Kit

Eyebrows are like a major part of the face because they frame the eyes and the face, and well-groomed brows are a must for the proper lady! There are thousands of make up products out there for grooming the eyebrows, and in as much as I love my dark brown Davis brow pencil for filling my brows, I have always craved the Sleek Brow Kit because I wanted to try out a different method (gel and powder).
Here is a quick review of the Sleek Brow Kit I recently got, in dark. I would basically try to compare this kit with the famous dark brown Davis brow pencil and show you what I feel about both methods in terms of results and application.

It comes in a two-palette case that contains the gel on the left, the setting powder on the right, a mirror, and a small tweezer, angled application brush and setting brush.

Application: What I like to do with both the Sleek Brow kit and the brow pencil is to draw an outline of the shape I am aiming for first, then filling in that line. Because my brow isn't naturally arched, I have to draw an artificial arch- sort of. I find that the application brush for the kit which like I said is an angled brush doesn't give me as much of a precise line as the Davis brow pencil. Also, I can create more of a "hair effect" with the pencil when filling in the line, by making small strokes from the base of the line to the top of the line. 
I hoped that the Sleek Brow Kit would save me some few minutes when doing my brows, but really, it takes just the same amount of time for me. 

Price: In Lagos it goes for about N1800. I got this for about 8.50 pounds at Superdrug.

Packaging: The kit comes in a sturdy, cute case with a mirror. It is small and not bulky at all.

Results: Because of the setting powder in the kit, my brows do look darker and fuller when I use the kit. The Davis brow pencil gives me a less bold look (not noticeable in the pictures), which is my preference actually.

The brow kit was used for the reader's left view (my right eyebrow) while the Davis brow pencil was used for the reader's right view. (my left eyebrow).
Note how my artificial upper arch for the Sleek Brow kit eyebrow was obvious (sort of lighter), unlike that of the Davis brow pencil eyebrow.

Also the eyebrow "tail" for the Sleek Brow kit eyebrow was not as defined and as smooth as the Davis brow pencil eyebrow.

Make it work for you: For me, I prefer to use the Davis pencil to draw the outline, and then use the Sleek brow kit for filling in, using the setting powder when I want a bolder look. Or you could even use the Davis pencil or any other pencil to fill in and use the setting powder to set. It all depends on what you feel happy with.

Summary: Overall, I like this product as it isn't expensive, has a powder and gives me more options for filling my brows.

Overall score: 4/5

 Have you tried the Sleek Brow Kit and did you like it?