Monday, 15 September 2014

3-Hit Style Combo: Miss Sole-Jennifer Noir-Edwige!

It's been too long I know :) But hey it's 3-hit combo time again peeps, and I can not even "deal", with these ladies' style. They are Miss Sole, Jennifer Noir and Edwige. Let's check out their bio first shall we?

Hi there, I'm Ms. Sole, a Tax Consultant, you know, the boring numbers stuff... Hence why I run a fashion blog to express myself creatively in fashion. I recently opened an exquisite online jewelry boutique. You can check it out at

Tell us a bit about your blog.
Lovelifepearls is a fashion and lifestyle blog that caters to the chic and sophisticated woman; who isn't afraid to splash in a little color.

What are 5 fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) that describe your personal style?
-Blazers: Completes any look
-Heels: Defines sexuality
-Statement accessories: Makes a statement
-Headpiece: Adds an extra oomph!
-Colorful pieces: Brings outfit to life.

Please share about 2 or 3 style tips that you think would help people improve their style
Dress for your body type. Follow a style that suits you, not trends.

Where can one find or follow you on the web?
YouTube: Miss Sole
Instagram: @lovelifepearls
Twitter: @lovelifepearls
Facebook Page: Love, Life & Pearls

Hello! I’m Jennifer and I’m a fashion designer and blogger based in London. I really enjoy what I do... I think it’s amazing to be able to design something in my head and actually make it come to life! Seeing the finished product of my designs is always a very special and fulfilling moment. I’m also launching a store called JEN NOIR ( where my designs will be available for purchase.

Tell us a bit about your blog.
My blog mainly consists of Style posts put together by me which sometimes include my own designs. I like to keep those who follow my blog updated on the journey towards the launch of JEN NOIR. I occasionally share personal posts which could be anything from holiday pictures to ‘Get Ready with Me’ step by step photos.

What are 5 fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) that describe your personal style?  
-My red Michael Kors bag for its boldness and statement qualities, I think it shares a lot of characteristics with my overall style
-My studded belt. While it’s very chic, it’s also quite sexy.
-My masculine Zara coat - I think it’s very ‘sharp’ and clean cut.
-My Aldo necklace, similar to the Kors bag, it’s a very bold statement piece.
-My red sun hat for its flamboyance and fierceness.

Please share about 2 or 3 style tips that you think would help people improve their style. 
Although it might sound cliché, I believe the only way to truly improve your style is to completely be yourself and grow as yourself. A lot of people become over invested in up-ing their game in terms of brands rather than actually improving their personal style. Lady Gaga once said ‘the real couture creation comes from the inside’ and I totally agree – I think being yourself and unafraid to take risks is the first step towards improving your style

Where can one find or follow you on the web?
My Store -
My Instagram – @Jennifer_Noir
My Twitter - @Jennifer_Noir
My Blog –

I am Edwige-a fashion and style blogger from London. I've been interested in fashion since I was little; putting outfits together was always my hobby. I'm a very bubbly character, I love to have a good time with friends. Also I love meeting new people. Apart from blogging I love food! Where there's food I guarantee you will find me there lol. Lately I'm really into writing poetry and self notes as I find it therapeutic.

Tell us a bit about your blog.
I had been contemplating to start blogging from when I was 21. I was scared of putting myself out in the open to be judged and criticized by others. On February 2013 I finally decided I was going to create a blog so I went ahead. I'm so glad that I did because I'm enjoying every moment of it. My blog features fashion tips and my personal styling.

What are 5 fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) that describe your personal style?
The 5 fashion items I couldn't live without are heels. A girl can never have too many shoes! Heels make any outfit stand out. I feel super sexy when I wear heels. I don't really accessorize much but I never go a day without wearing my gold watch. It's my go-to staple.
Basics t-shirts are my go-to tops, they are very comfy, and pretty much goes well with everything.
I love tote bags; they makes me feel glam. I like to fit a lot in my hand bag. I never know what I will need so I tend to carry my whole house in my bag.
My overall favourite fashion item is denim (jeans). I love that it's so comfy and I love that I can dress it up and down.
I've chosen these 5 items because they describe my personal style. I like very simple items with a touch of sophistication.

Please share about 2 or 3 style tips that you think would help people improve their style.
When building your wardrobe don't worry about what's in trend, first get to know your body. Understand your body and your shape. This will allow you shop according to your body type. Also learn to mix high street and night fashion- most people worry about designers way too much that they forget about style. When you think of style think simplicity.

Where can one find or follow you on the web?
You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook under the name of Edwige Ala mode.

So we are starting with the stripes movement and I like all three looks-Edwige combines an otherwise simple, casual loose top with an eye-catching skirt and nude shoes. Miss Sole combines her stripes with neutral white pants, as opposed to the normal black pants many ladies wear with black and white stripes. And Jen Noir has on a dress quite alright, but her dress made me see it from the mixed prints angle- black and white stripes with a flowery item actually looks good! The neutrals of the stripes helps balance it all out.

Over here, Miss Sole adds creativity by combining two different shades of the same colour, and accessories-it creates the monochrome effect but still looks different, Jen Noir has on a cropped top and skirt in the same peach tone, and Edwige has on a one-toned dress, but wears some killer heels to make it all stand out! Who says monochrome outfits are boring?

Nowadays, no one wants to look too stiff and boring when dressed for work. You could balance out neutral greys by combining two shades, or having a side-slit to add some sexy to the look like Edwige did. You could create a silhouette by adding a belt to a blazer and playing with prints and colour like Jen Noir. You could also go androgynous like Miss Sole with a masculine-like blazer, shirt and then balance it out with fitted pants and bright heels.

Black & White:
I love how Jen Noir added a brown belt to cinch her waist line and also add colour to the look, how Edwige used metallic shoes, jewelry and even eye wear to take the outfit to the next level, and how Miss Sole just kills it with those pants and the undone bow tie!

Edwige looks so posh in that skirt and jumper. She really knows how to make casuals work! I like how she goes for a different colour of leather. Jen Noir wears a leather jacket that's so chic because of the shoulders, and I like Miss Sole's jacket because it is not all leather!

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. However you can easily look uninteresting, and all three ladies show us how to fix it by either adding a bright-coloured jacket or coat, or playing with texture and bright accessories.

Overalls are back in vogue right? Also, denim shirts are usually underestimated and can work with a flared skirt instead of pants or jeans.

 I think one striking thing about my three divas today is that they know how to accessorize. Be it with a sun hat, a fedora, or strategically selected jewelry and shoes, you can add a lot of oomph to your outfit very easily, and I think these ladies have shown us how.

So there you have it! What do you think? What are your favourite outfits from this collection?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Gift cards-gifting made easy!

Hope the weekend was a good one. Mine was meh......... This is a time I need comfort food like icecream or chocolate- but I like to eat healthy when I can, so lemme see...a vacation?  I definitely need that but that is not gonna happen till later this year hopefully. So...comfort,comfort,comfort..... Yeah. SHOPPING. Some good old retail therapy to take the blues away! But anyways my post today has to do with shopping. Shopping for a gift for a loved one or friend could be quite stressful right? I mean, unless you know exactly what the person wants or likes, and can afford it, it is a chore finding the perfect gift! There are so many people out there who are difficult to buy gifts for- either they are too picky, or they seem like they need nothing, yet you feel a responsibility to show them appreciation and love by giving them a gift.

Enter gift cards. I am particularly pleased that gift cards are becoming more and more popular amongst Nigerian physical and online stores. I know that and have a gift card section. But what about an online store solely dedicated to gift cards? A store that can help you shop for a gift card according to store, price, category, gender etc? 

Well I know of 2 stores you would love. One is Nigerian-based and the other is US-based. So my Naija readers as well as readers who don't live here would benefit from this post !

Sure Gifts (

I have browsed through this store and I like what I saw. The pic above is what you see when you click on the Denaki Lingerie tab. The prices have a large range, giving you many options. Also there are several categories to choose from e.g graduation gifts, anniversaries, bridal showers, Easter, even retirement gifts.

As you can see, I went straight to the women's section and saw gift cards from stores like,, Fashpa, bookstores, restaurants etc, with prices as low as N1000. Really impressive.

Raise (

Raise is a gift card store for US-based people. Two things I love about this online store apart from the fact that it features so many stores (even Starbucks) and has a user-friendly interface are: One, you get gift cards at a discount. And we all love discounts don't we? Discounts as high as even 30% or maybe more. Another thing I like is that you have the option of selling your old gift cards if you wish. I expect that you may have received a gift card you do not need and selling them may just be what you need.

You can also search for cards by brand, price ($25 or lower), category (electronics, flowers and gifts, sports etc). If I had a wish list for this website I would go for the Victoria's Secret or Macy's cards for sure!

What do you think about the gift card concept? Great idea or just an escape route for lazy people?


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Warby Parker Fall Collection!

Back in 2009 I realized I may be short-sighted, so I went to see the optician, who confirmed I would need glasses. When I accepted that I may need to wear glasses every now and then, the next thought that entered my head was "My frames had better look good!" I made sure I selected the perfect frames for my face and my personality, and I am still very pleased with my selection.

Of course, prescribed or not, glasses have become a staple fashion accessory that has come to stay. There is something about a good pair of frames that almost always catches people's attention. Hence I am pleased to bring Warby Parker's Fall collection of eye wear to you!
 Click here to see more details of their fall collection. For more options check here.
Warby Parker glasses retail from $95 and shipping is free. Also, for every pair sold, a free pair is donated to someone in need.
What I love about Warby Parker is that you can try the Virtual Try-on app, where you simply upload your photo and the app "tries on" several frames on you so you can see how they fit before making a purchase. With this tool, you don't have to worry about making an online purchase you will later regret! Also you have an option of Home Try-on, where you select 5 pairs of glasses, and they ship them to you for free. You then have 5 days to make a selection, return the frames at no shipping cost, and purchase a pair.

My top 3 fave frames from this collection are the Hardy Striped Pacific, the Nash Crystal and the Chandler Ti English Oak.
Be sure to check for other collections, store locations, more info on home and virtual try-on, donations, their blog and other cool stuff!
Unfortunately Warby Parker does not deliver overseas yet so we Nigerian peeps are not too lucky right? I am trying to find out if they deliver to the UK.

Do you like or wear trendy eye wear? Which ones are your faves from this collection?


Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Nailed It!: 07- Lazy Hues

So my nails are growing back to long lengths.
What is it about the world's obsession with long/slender body parts anyways? Long nails, long legs, long nose, long neck...
Anywayz back to my nails. A few of the nails have chipped, but they all still look good collectively. I still can't tell if the calcium base coat I got is helping.
Lately I have been SO LAZY with my nails. I just can't be bothered right now. Hence my opting for what I tag the "lazy hues" for nail colour options. Easy to apply, and "chip-friendly" lol-you know how the lighter colours don't look too obvious when they are chipped as opposed to darker colours.

The pink one is a cheapie polish my friend gave to me. The other nude-looking one is from L.A Colours, in "Vibrant Violet". This polish was so long-lasting it was amazing.

So let's see how far along I can get my nails to this time. Click here for my post on how to get your nails long and strong.


What are your fave nail polish tones? Dark tones or light, nude and pastel tones?

Friday, 29 August 2014

The REAL secret to Killer Abs!

Okay guys,

I have been slacking on fitness lately, hence the absence of fitness posts in recent times. As always, I get back on track, and I am at it again. This time I wanna have the perfect tummy, toned tush (oh yea mama!) and toned inner thighs. I have been doing strength training workouts and toning workouts for the body parts I just mentioned. This aspect of exercising is great, although it takes a longer time to see results, as opposed to just plain aerobics.
Anywho, I will get to me in another post, but I wanted to share this video with you. It's by Jayme Bales who lost a lot of weight years ago and is now helping others look fit. Now why I LOVE this YouTube video is because she hits the nail on the head. I have done a lot of research on how to lose tummy fat and I find her points to be spot on. I KNOW that if we follow all her 5 tips to getting great abs, we would get great abs eventually.

For the lazybones, or those who cannot watch the video on their phones, here is a summary of her 5 points (in my own words):

1. Reduce body-fat percentage: When you have more lean muscle, your abs will show. You do this by: NOT starving urself. Eat the right foods. You will look lean if you starve yourselves but tummy fat is stubborn, so you need a strategy to make the abs show.

2. Strength training!: Lift weights! Do body weight strength training! This strengthens your core and also displaces fat and redistributes the fat in your body to the right places. Women will not bulk up by lifting weights! So apart from aerobics, do strength training. In fact strength training helps you lose weight much faster-it really is amazing.

3. Abs are made in the kitchen: Eat right-work out healthy meals that will work for you- stick to a diet lifestyle that you can stick to forever. It's better this way even if it takes longer to get your results. Start small-reduce white sugar, white bread, vegetable oil and white rice. Eat more fruits and veggies, and work your way up from there at your pace.

4. Genetics: I personally took after my mum's issue with carrying weight on the mid-section and lower body. Some women carry weight on their upper bodies, the lucky ones only on their lower bodies. So genetics will play a role only in how soon your abs begin to show, not in whether they would show or not.

5. Time, patience and determination: Yes it takes a long time. You have to be CONSISTENT and PATIENT! If you fall off the track like I do, get right back on and CONTINUE.

Jayme ends her video by saying "You guys, go get you some abs".

So guys this is how we can ensure we look great even when we clock forty and have had 3 kids. It takes work but it's totally worth it. How it works is that if you can get to the point where you begin to see results, you will be motivated to keep at it to see even better results. So hang in there!

Personally, I surround myself with a lot of motivation: I follow fitness gurus on instagram, watch YouTube videos of workouts to see what I can adopt, and I motivate myself as well.
Soon I will do a post on a summary of my fitness inspirational materials but for now if you need me to share some stuff with you, let me know in the comments below!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Woman Crush List

This is actually an old performance (2008) by Sunni Patterson, a well known poet and speaker. Her poems are not the ordinary same old stuff. She speaks with passion and confidence, and to me, her poems are not mere poems. You need to listen to this one, "We know this place". The poem speaks of a world where there is no real care or love for the next person, so much pretense even from so-called men of God (she mentioned the priests who even molest the altar boys as an example) etc. But she always ends it all with a message of hope, a word of encouragement to keep fighting for what is right.
And that's why I have added Sunni Patterson to my Woman Crush List.
Oh and I love her nose piercing too haha. Still considering if I want to get one or not! What do you think?
And who are those in your Woman Crush List? For me...hmmm lemme see: (In no particular order)-
Beyonce: Because she is so strong, so disciplined, sexy, so talented. And all these "Beyonce church" jokes just get me cracking lol!
Queen Latifah: Because she is beautiful in her own skin, and because she was able to get out of the "thug life" and make a difference.
Jillian Michaels: Because her weight loss program helped me kickstart my weight loss journey last year. And because she adopted an African baby haha.
Chimamanda Adichie: This video (click here) sums up why I love her, plus I love all her books!
Lupita Nyong'o: She is just so different and likeable. (video)
Alek Wek: She is also just so different and likeable. And humanitarian too. (video)
Ellen Degeneres: Anyone who doesn't love this woman is a weirdo in my opinion.
Melissa McCarthy: Super-funny. My goodness! Her roles in Bridesmaids, The Heat and Identity Thief were priceless!
Kylie Minogue, J-Lo, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Madonna: J-Lo is my birthday twin haha, but other than that, these women have one thing in common- they look great at over forty!
Joyce Meyer: Great woman of God who had an extremely tough life as a young woman, was a victim of sexual abuse and is now touching lives worldwide.
Clockwise from top left: Kylie Minoque, Queen Latifah, Zooey Deschanel, Alek Wek

Clockwise from top left: Nikisha Brunson, Melissa McCarthy, Madonna, Lupita Nyong'o
Other women I adore are: Nikisha Brunson of I am inspired by her life and  her blog posts and I just like her-particularly because she is a strong Christian! A hot, sexy, Christian.  Zooey Deschanel because she reminds me of me in a way- she is so playful and down-to-earth...., Wendy Nguyen because not only does she have great everyday style, particularly in her earlier Youtube videos, but she laughs a lot and is likeable, and as a foster kid, she turned out great! Sharon Osbourne because I like her views on many things. She just says it as it is!

I am sure there are several others but this is my list for now. Two other women crushes that are not on public media, but they do inspire me (I am not just saying this) are my elder sis-Kemi and then my mom! For the most part of my life, my dad and mum were separated (they reunited a few months before he passed on due to a stroke in 2011) and I was raised, along with my 3 sisters, solely by my mom. The strength and resilience she showed all these years amazes me. Products of broken homes are usually known to be wayward and ungrounded. Well when I look at my life and that of my other sisters, I know my mom did a fantastic job. Her outlook to life, her optimism, her caring dad and mum were separated for longer than they were together, but still, when he eventually came around and got saved, and showed regret, she welcomed him with open arms.

And my sis, well she is just superhuman. From enduring the struggle of having very limited support all through university in the UK, to going through the rigors of a divorce, making ends meet in a harsh world, finding love again...and still holding her head up to encourage us all. Yep they are definitely in my Woman Crush List!

I like the Proverbs 31:10-31 scripture because it makes me see how the Word of God encourages women to be whoever they want to be, and be exceptional. Even a stay-at-home mom is meant be an exceptional stay-at-home mum. I think God wants women to realize how special they are, and continually work at self-improvement and goal actualization. Not everyone will be famous, but we can make our own impact in whatever way we can.

So who are in your Woman Crush List?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Managing "Bed Head"
I was contacted by Lindsay of Casper (, a company that designs and makes high quality mattresses and pillows, about joining their "Own your bed head" project where people share their tips on dealing with bed head. The thing is, bed head cannot be avoided, except you plan to sleep standing up! Bed head is an issue every lady experiences, whether you have straight hair, curly hair, bought hair, relaxed or natural hair. I think the issue is not the messy or tousled look we get when we wake up, (a slightly tousled look is actually deemed to be sexy right?) it's actually the tangles, knots that come with it, and the extra time it takes to get rid of those tangles! So I decided to share a few tips to combat bed head. With these tips, you can save a lot of time, save a lot of your hair or your weave from shedding or breaking off, look presentable when you wake up, retain moisture, or rock wavy or curly hair for the day!

 Tip 1- Wrapping your hair in satin or silk scarves or bonnets: This one is not news. There are even pre-made hooded bonnets available in stores-I bought one at Casabella Store. The silk/satin protects the hair, retains moisture, and prevents tangling. I never use those hair nets -you know the black ones that look like fishing nets- anymore. I don't even think ladies use it anymore or do they?
My favourite method for tying my scarf is the one shown above. The scarf still protects the back of the head as well as the sides. I find my scarf to stay on longer when tied this way, plus it looks prettier in my opinion :)
 Tip 2- Do your hair up: It's called the "pineapple method" in the natural hair community. I do this for my weaves as well. This method simply involves gathering ALL the hair up LOOSELY. It has to be loose so as to be comfy enough for the night and mostly so as not to mess up any curly styles. Also this method keeps the ends of the hair away since it's piled up on top of the head. It's always best to also tie a scarf around the lower region like the lady in the pic is doing.
 Tip 3- Moisturize before hitting the sack: Even if it's just a few drops of oil or moisturizer, it's always a great idea to add some moisture to the hair before going to bed. This keeps it soft all night- and also is beneficial when you decide to do chunky twists or braid-outs at night, which brings us to the next tip.
 Tip 4- Do chunky twists/braids/bantu knots: This is such a fave tip of mine for two reasons: It is, in my opinion, the most effective way to avoid tangles, knots and matted hair, and also, it gives you wavy hair if that's what you desire. Chunky twists are quick because they are chunky-trust me even only two twists or braid outs will make a difference! When you do any of the three options, you are stretching the hair, and sealing in moisture, and also protecting most of the hair and the ends. All you need to do is to (optional but recommended) moisturize the hair first, then comb or brush out, then do whatever style you choose. When you wake up, you can take your hair down to reveal loose waves too.

 Tip 5- Wear a bun: You can just wear your hair up in a simple bun and call it a day. Just stay away from rubber bands or bands with metal strips.

In summary, I think that the first three tips when combined together will definitely greatly reduce knots and tangles, and help you look more presentable when you wake up. When I get married I wanna look alrigh' when the hubby wakes up and looks at me! Haha.

What do you do to prevent bed head?


PS: You can also check for awesome mattresses by Casper here.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Review: Sleek Flash "a" Pout Lipstain in Naivety

Here's the last of my recent Sleek haul review- this one is the Sleek Flash "a" Pout Lipstain and the colour I chose was "Naivety". I had watched the review and video on Sisi Yemmie's blog and decided I just had to have the "Naivety" and the "Duke". The "Duke" is a lovely purple/plum colour and I have been ACHING to get me a lip colour that shade for so long! When I made the Sleek haul purchase, the "Duke" was already sold out (no surprise there huh). Now that I have tested and tried the "Naivety", I am not so sure I still want the "Duke" and I will tell you why soon.
That's the Duke on Yemmie. LOVE that colour!
 Packaging: As for packaging, it's OK, and it comes with a doe-foot applicator or wand. As can be seen, it has a cute little mirror on the side and the "peel off" sticker is just there to protect the glass before purchase. It comes in a glass tube so at least you get to monitor the product level at all times :)
How I use it: Because my lips are dark toned, it takes two coats to get that full coverage. I suppose if I find a matching lip liner, that would help things. I tried lining my lips with my red lip pencil but it made the lip stain look too red. The product says you should keep the lip moisturized before using it. Well let me tell you, your lips MUST be moisturized with something really slippery before you use this product. If not, it begins to dry out and flake out immediately!

What I think of the product itself: I have used this lip stain several times. I love the colour. I really do. However as mentioned earlier, you really need moisturized lips when using this product. Even then, it still has an annoying tendency to flake. This happened on my birthday dinner and I had to wipe everything off at the bathroom, and reapply. Because I don't carry vaseline or oil around, the application was not too successful. Durability is fair, but I feel that the best thing to do to enjoy the lip stain is to have a tube of vaseline around you at all times. Sounds like work but at least now you see why I may not repurchase this lip stain! Also, I feel like the product may dry out before it's used up.
Swatches in the pic above. Of course the lip stain is the first swatch from the top, without camera flash on the left. It claims to have LED lights...not sure what that means....glows in the dark?

Price: N1500.

Will I repurchase?: I don't think so. I know that if I shop around I would find something similar in colour and less cumbersome to apply. I expect that in colder regions it would be really dreadful. I could even layer red and pink lipstick to get something similar. I hear and have seen pics that prove that Mac Ruby Woo combined with Candy Yum Yum equals perfection.

Overall score: 6/10

That's me wearing it on my way out 2 Sundays ago. For more pics of me wearing this lip stain, check out my posts- Leo Baby and Sleek BB Cream review.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on affordable lipsticks with similar colours to Naivety and Duke. Not sure I am ready to cough out N4000 on Mac lipsticks just yet. I know Wet n' Wild has a plum lipstick similar to Duke, that is so lovely and is called Sugar Plum. Been on the hunt for it for ages. #Le sigh.


Friday, 15 August 2014

Hair Crush Features: Dephne Madyara

Hi guys, thank God it's Friday innit?! So let's get to business. This hot lady is Dephne Madyara, from Zimbabwe. Found her on YouTube and I was drooling for about 30 minutes at not just her face, or gorgeous hair, but her relationship with God. See you at the end of this interview- for now just delve in!

Please introduce yourself! What do you do?
My name is Dephne Madyara, I'm Zimbabwean-born but living in the UK. I'm an author, fashion designer and vlogger.
Why did u decide to go or stay natural, and how long have you been natural for?
I have been natural for 3 years 10 months to date. When I was in high school in Zimbabwe, we weren't allowed to put chemicals in our hair so I was natural for the most part of high school and then put a relaxer in my hair soon after. I began to experiment with relaxers and hair colour and as a result, this thinned and broke my hair. My hair was so damaged that it would literally fall off when combing it, I had split ends everywhere from the chemical and colour damage. Unlike nowadays where there are vast resources of information about caring for African /American hair, this was not the case 5/6 years ago so I didn't have a clue about managing my relaxed hair not to mention my natural hair.
My hair remained the same length for years, which was arm pit length, it just never grew longer than that.
I spontaneously decided one day in October 2010 to cut off all my hair till I was nearly bald. It looked really strange and I vowed to never go out looking like that so immediately I wore wigs as I grew out my natural hair. Only my family members and close friends saw my real hair. I planned to grow out my hair and then relax it on my wedding day as a symbol of our first kiss and becoming one. However I have now decided to remain natural because I don't want to go back to having damaged hair and relaxer re-touches.
What’s your hair type, your regimen and staple hair products?
I'm a 4C and have a bit of 4B in the front section/temples of my head. I'm in between products and at a stage where I'm discovering what really works for my hair and what doesn't. I've established that Pantene and VO5 products don't work for me and I'm currently in love with Shea Moisture products. I wash my hair once a week, then do african threading to stretch it out. Throughout the week I do twist outs and wear it out or simply tie it up in a classic Audrey hepburn kind of style. When I'm going somewhere fancy I stretch it out with no heat and do two twist out Bantu knots and wear it out.

Please share a few tips and tricks for retaining length?
I believe the best way to retain length is to take care of your scalp, making sure your scalp is moisturized. You can do this by spraying water on your scalp before bed as oils may end up blocking your scalp from breathing. Also I believe oiling your ends with Shea butter or olive oil makes them stronger. Another way to retain length is by African threading your hair, this works best when you are wearing protective styles such as wigs. Also the African threading technique plays a big part in retaining length.
What reactions did u get when u first went natural and/or what reactions do u get now?
My family members were shocked and they would laugh at me (lol) coz it was a very different look, they were so used to seeing me with long hair up to my shoulders. Most people never knew anything because I always wore wigs with my own hair plaited inside and the wigs I wore looked very natural so most people were clueless. My family and best friend were very supportive thoughout my journey, especially my mum. She kept telling that I needed to thread my hair and always checked that I was taking care of it properly! Mums always know best hey...

How do you wear your hair to work or formal occasions?
I wear my hair mostly in up dos like Audrey Hepburn, I really like classic up dos or I wear it in twist outs when I go to work.
What’s the best thing about going natural and what advice do you have for other wanna-be naturals out there?
The best thing about going natural is discovering the beauty of what God gave you, it's very personal and such a beautiful learning curve and it's worth not giving up because of society or expected standards. Also natural hair is very easy to maintain when the correct products are used. The only downside is using heat with caution. Otherwise, You don't have to worry about chemical damage and doing retouches and getting scalp burns. My encouragement is to be very patient and to have a distinct goal and plan when you begin your journey because you may face a few distractions that may sway you out of course. Whatever your hair type, it is beautiful!
Where can one find and follow u on the web?
I'm available on youtube, twitter and Instagram. You can connect with me via:-
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Hope you enjoyed this feature guys! Dephne inspires me in SO many ways. She has Youtube videos on hair care and I have already practiced what I learnt from her video on African threading natural hair to stretch it. I have extracted two of her videos below. Dephne shows us that African 4C hair can grow to waist length! My stylist told me weeks ago that my natural hair could never grow that long and I just smiled. Told him to say that again three years from now!
Also Dephne periodically posts inspirational videos on the Word of God, addressing issues like relationships, sexual purity, patience, marriage, self worth etc. She also has written some awesome books that you can find more info on, on her blog!