Saturday, 18 April 2015

Style Crush Feature: Lisa Wynter

I have a Style Crush here again and she is Lisa Wynter! Check it out :-)

Please introduce yourself! What do you do?
My name is Lisa. I'm a mom, writer, educational administrator, and social media/branding consultant.
 Tell us a bit about your blog.
My blog is actually a spin off from my youtube channel. I started blogging long before I even knew what blogging was! I would simply repost whatever I posted on my youtube channel and carry on. It was a mess! Today, my blog is much more focused.  I blog about beauty, fashion, and my life as a new and working mother.
 What are 5 fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) that describe your personal style?
I'm trendy, so this tends to change with the trends, but I would say the following: crop tops, hoop earrings, leopard print accessories (shoes, scarves, clutch), bright lipstick, and pumps.
 Please share about 2 or 3 style tips that you think would help people improve their style.
My greatest bit advice would be to find a muse. There are TONs and TONs of bloggers out there: just find one or two who seem to incorporate what you love and follow that person for inspiration. Pretty soon you'll be putting together fabulous looks of your own. Pinterest is also a great resource for finding outfit ideas. 
 Where can one find or follow you on the web?
I can be found at the following places:


I like Lisa's crop top looks (then again I am a big fan of crop tops), and how she uses colourful accessories to make her outfits pop. I also think she has such a lovely skirt collection!

What are your fave looks from Lisa's style here?

Thursday, 16 April 2015

One hour Chicken Stir Fry

Last week I decided to make a chicken stir fry and it turned out quite nice. So I decided to share the deets with you. I actually didn't mean to do a post on it and the pics were taken to be sent to someone anyway, but then I thought, why not do a post on it?
Em, please ignore the disorganized look of my kitchen!
What I liked about the dish apart from the taste was that it took only an hour to make. For a dish that serves 4, one hour isn't too bad. 
Chicken breast: Half a kilo, diced into bite-sized chunks
Red bell peppers:3. Cut 2 into strips and set 1 aside
Tomatoes: 2
Onions: 1. Dice half finely and set half aside
Green pepper: 1. Cut into strips
Carrots: 5 or 6 medium sized ones. Cut into circles or strips
Chicken casserole seasoning. You can use any other chicken dish seasoning or even chicken broth.
Knorr cube: 1
Oil: 2 cooking spoonfuls
Soy sauce: 5 tablespoonfuls
Thyme, Turmeric or curry, black pepper (optional)
Salt (if needed)
I blended the 1 red pepper, half an onion and the tomatoes in a blender (added a little water) and set that aside. Then I started by adding oil to a pot and getting it warm on low heat. I added the carrots first, stirred for a minute, then the onions went in next. Stirred for another minute.
Added the red and green peppers next. Looks so colourful doesn't it? :) Stirred for about 2 minutes.
Then I poured in the pepper-tomato-onion blend, the chicken, and all the seasoning, and also about 2 cups of water. I covered it on medium heat for 12 minutes. Result in the picture above.
Lastly I added some soy sauce to give it an oriental twist and colour! Stirred and let it simmer on low heat for 5 minutes.
And it was READY! Now I cannot for the life of me understand why I always forgot to take a picture of the soup alongside rice or flat bread- you know that picture of the final served dish that should even be used as the cover pic for this post. I had it with bread once and basmati rice other times and it tasted really good.

You really should try it with flat bread- it's da shiznit I tell you. I remember now that every time I warmed it to eat, I was always so hungry that I just forgot to take a picture before digging in. Haha! Also this stir fry is pretty "healthy", due to the veggies, protein serving and low oil content.

Ever made a stir fry?

Thursday, 9 April 2015

How I spent the Easter Holidays....

Today's post is about what to do if you have chunky thighs and a small bumbum like me! Lol just kidding today's post is about what I got up to during the Easter hols...I hope you had a good time though. I heard some workaholics saying they were itching to get back to work and I genuinely wondered if they were OK. I looove holidays and this Easter break was so much fun for me.

So on Friday, Mr. Man and I went to see Fast & Furious 7
 I really enjoyed it just like I enjoyed Fast & Furious 6, and it was quite hilarious as usual- you know the "how-unrealistic-is-this?!" scenes the Fast & Furious movies are known for. It's interesting how this particular movie can pull off those kinds of scenes and viewers don't get irritated. Like why does someone always have to jump off a fast-moving vehicle and conveniently land on another fast-moving vehicle? In fact it seems Fast & Furious has been accepted as a very good action movie with a sprinkling of very unrealistic action scenes. Oh and the Paul Walker tribute part at the end was quite touching.....
 Then on Saturday we went to Orchid Bistro for breakfast and I ordered pancakes because I had been craving them for a long while. I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual meal. Our meals took forever to arrive though :/

Later on we went to Tarzan Jetty to catch a boat ride to Tarkwa Bay. We waited for almost an hour for the boat to be prepared, and finally we set off with a group of over 25 people. And then everything just went berserk from there. It was worrying that we had exceeded the boat capacity, also the boat itself was soooo hot inside- honestly sometimes I wonder why I bother with make up in this heat....We waited again in the steamy boat for a long while before we finally set off. And then 3 minutes into the trip, the boat stalled....the driver kept fiddling with the engine, the boat started drifting towards a fence, we ladies started panicking a bit.....and then the driver managed to get us back to shore and refunded our money. The guy didn't even communicate with us, that was the annoying part- engine failure, our long wait was in vain, the trip was cancelled, and we got no apologies. 
 Anyway that was Saturday- Sunday I went to church and later that evening we went to The Blowfish Hotel for lunch at the Purple Restaurant. We had the Pineapple Fried Rice (thanks Tuke of Tukesquest for your restaurant review!) and we LOVED it. I mean I already want to go back to eat it again-it was that nice. 

The pineapple wasn't as "fleshy" as I would prefer though but other than that, that meal was da shiznit.

By the way look at the tax charges on that bill! Nawa!

So after lunch and a photo shoot (I am trying to overcome my camera shyness), we set off to Muson Centre to watch Saro The Musical 2.

Now Saro is a musical, created by Bolanle Austen-Peters. It's the first musical I ever watched in Nigeria and it's a must watch-it really is. Bolanle Austen-Peters said she was inspired to create this musical when she saw the Fela! on Broadway musical, and wondered why foreigners had to create something out of our very own roots.

This musical was golden on many fronts- the acting, the humour, the characters, the costumes, the dancing, the lighting, the songs, the direction, the music- no musical is a musical without great background instrumentalists and sometimes we forget about them but they play such a vital role and the band at Saro The Musical were fantastic!

I liked how a couple of recent and old Nigerian hit songs were redone in the musical and we even got to see 2 performances from artists. I loved how the Nigerian culture was portrayed and how there was even a slavery scene to take us back to how things were so many years ago.
Tried to capture the band here
So on Monday we decided to give Tarkwa Bay another go and this time we ruled out Tarzan Jetty and took a boat from another point. Things were definitely saner this time, the boat was airy, we didn't wait too long and in no time we were at Tarkwa Bay. It was my first time and I had so much fun...

At one point I changed into a bikini and began swimming in the water- I was like a 5 year old let loose lol; I was so happy. Of course the water was way cleaner than the water at say, Elegushi Beach so a lot of people were swimming, couples were playing "water love" and kissing endlessly in the water, and everyone was just relaxed. Mr. Man unfortunately couldn't get in for water love because he had his gigantic Canon with him and we couldn't risk leaving it under the tents. I was so sunburned afterwards and I am still recovering from my new tan! And then when it was time to go back and we got into the boat, the boat stalled-again. This time I was just so tired and I was like whatever, until the driver finally fixed things and we finally got to shore.
Look how bad the sun had battered me lol
 And that was how I spent the Easter break!

How was the Easter hols for you?

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pink Revlon Lippies: Revlon ColourStay (015) and Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter (090)

It's lippie review time again and today it's a duo review of 2 Revlon lippies- I should call them lip stains though.
The first is the Revlon ColourStay Moisture Stain (015) - Barcelona Nights. I saw it at a Boots Store months ago and what made me buy it was when I saw the lip colour on a picture of the beautiful Olivia Wilde. I didn't even think twice- I just popped one in my shopping basket.
The exact picture I saw that day :)
The second lippie for review is the Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter (090) - Sweet Tart. This one was bought because I thought I needed a light pink lip stick for an everyday make up look.
Packaging and effects: Barcelona Nights comes with a doe foot applicator while Sweet Tart comes as a simple tube lip stick. Barcelona Nights does has that glossy and wet feel when applied but like most lip stains, I find that I prefer the look when I have moisturized my lip with balm before application. 
Sweet Tart has a light glossy feel to it.
Top: Barcelona Nights, Bottom: Sweet Tart

Durability and Colour Pay off: Well Barcelona Nights is just OK- I like how it can be lightly applied or thickly applied. However I think it might be wise to layer two or three coats while waiting for the previous coat to dry before applying a new coat. Just slathering the thing on the lips might make the lippie look gooey.
Sweet Tart really disappointed me though. Fine, my natural lip colour is dark and all, but still! It does nothing for me. I had to line my lips with liner very well before I could get this lip colour to show. I guess one has to have very pink lips to rock it.
Sweet tart with lip liner as base
Barcelona Nights lightly applied
The other day I asked Mr. Man what he thought my favourite shade of lipstick was and he confidently said "red". Lol. I mean I will always love the classic red (I just ordered a Ruby Woo- huh what have you been waiting for! you might ask), but I definitely have a soft spot for pink lippies. I even read somewhere that it makes people look younger.

Score Board:
Barcelona Nights: 3/5
Sweet Tart: 1/5

What's your fave shade of lipstick? Red, wine, pink, plum, orange or nude?

Olivia Wilde image source:

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Not Just Another City-Spots to visit at Abuja

Hi guys!
Who hasn't ever visited Abuja? Very few of you I'm sure. Most people who visit Abuja do so to see family, friends, for work, events or whatever, but I wonder how many people see this city as a tourist location.
"Abuja, located in the center of the Nigeria blends nature with sophistication. Ever since it became Nigeria’s Capital in 1991, the city has witnessed high influx of people. Regarded as Nigeria’s seat of power,it is a regular host to both local and international meetings.The city houses major buildings like the Presidential Villa (Aso Rock), the National Assembly and Supreme Court.

If you are going to Abuja for business or pleasure there are some eye-catching places you can’t just help but visit. Starting from the hotels, to the rocks, parks and other exciting places, you are bound to have a swell time on your visit to Abuja.
Below are 8 wonderful places has spotted in Abuja. Enjoy!

Transcorp Hilton Hotel & Sheraton Hotel, both located in the heart of Abuja are 40 minutes’ drive from the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport. Both hotels provide moderate to expensive rooms that give you a magnificent view of the city.

You can enjoy the 24-hour room delivery service or eat out at one of the hotel’s restaurants that provide local dishes, Italian cuisines, steaks, barbequed food or you can enjoy a drink at the bar.
These hotels have amenities and provide services that include – the nightlife club, picnic area, spa, saloon, laundry service, casino, ballrooms, tour assistance, internet service, medical assistance, foreign currency exchange among others. The hotel can practically be regarded as a small community on its own.

Millennium Park, the largest public park in Abuja is located in Maitama district of the city, close to the presidential and administrative buildings in the city.

Inaugurated by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 2003, the park is segregated into two parts by a river. One part is dedicated to uncontaminated nature that preserves the vegetation and greenhouses for butterflies and tropical birds, while the other part, conceived and designed by an Italian Architect, Manfredi Nicoletti is structured in a traditional and rigid Italian style garden layout.
It has a fountain located along the walkway that refreshes passersby at the hottest of afternoons and add beauty to the park. The park is a great spot for picnics.

Arts and Crafts Village, located in the Central Business District sits in between Shehu Yar’Adua Centre and Silverbird Entertainment.
The shops, beautifully made in similar shapes from clay and thatch roofs help to buttress the place as truly a crafts and artworks village.
For lovers of artwork, some of the things you will come across at the village for sale include, traditional home decor, beaded necklaces/bracelets, African traditional masks, warrior and horse statuettes, Adire (tie and dye), among others.

National Children Park and Zoo, located off the Central Business District by Asokoro, is very close to Aso Rock.
There are quiet numerous animals that you can admire; camels, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, zebras, among others. Wild and domestic animals housed in this zoo make it a great attraction center especially for children who love to take a closer look at animals in the zoo.
There is a playground and other activities children can engage in along the Toddler’s Lane, making it an ideal place to take your children for a fun afternoon.

Two famous Rocks: Aso and Zuma Rock
Aso Rock is Abuja's most noticeable feature with the Presidential Complex, Nigerian Supreme Court and National Assembly located around it.

The Zuma Rock depicted on the 100 naira Nigerian note, popular referred to as the “gateway of Abuja” is located in the Niger State. It was used as a defensive retreat by Gbayi people during the inter-tribal war and there is a noticeable trace of a human face on the rock.

Gurara Falls is located in Niger State. Two mainstreams of waterfalls clashing off a cliff are its major attraction.
Though not fully developed, there are steps carved into the steep rocks to assist visitors descend and ascend with ease. The spot is also a great place for birds watching.

Wonderland Amusement Park& Resort, situated in the heart of Abuja is an ultra-modern world class recreation center and one of the biggest amusement parks in Nigeria.
The park has leisure gardens, games and rides for both children and adults.

With food cafes and shops scattered around the Resort, you can enjoy offerings of delicious Continental, Mediterranean and African meals.

We hope you have fun on your next visit to Abuja!"
I have visited The Transcorp Hilton, Aso Rock, Wonderland and The Millenium Park. Which of these spots do you think you would like to visit someday?