Monday, 22 April 2013

Ego- Bia nulu

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Young Onyeka Onwenu.  Source:


I just heard the recent Ego album, “Firsteps” and I thought it was awesome! I have always thought she has got a beautiful voice right from her collabo days with Lagbaja. The CD features soulful songs with even a track that was sort of a modified version of Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s “Palaver”. There were also a few gospel-oriented tracks. It was produced by Cobhams Asuquo. I mean what more can I say….. My faves though were “Bia nulu”, “Fall in Love” and “I believe”. Bia nulu is an Ibo spiritual folklore song that was originally sung by Onyeka Onwenu yeeaaars ago. But what Ego did to the song was beyond amazing. Onyeka Onwenu would be proud in my opinion. I heard the song, and I updated my bbm status and said the song just makes me wanna be held and slow- danced with, haha. But really, it's such a soothing song. I encourage you to get the album if you can will you?

If you have listened to the album what do you think? Also if you can send the lyrics and possibly, an English translation in the comments below, it would be much appreciated!

Friday, 19 April 2013

My trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch and Resort!

Hi people!

It's been a while, I have been a little occupied and I have also FINALLY started my diet and daily workouts! I have been following the Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred DVD for 5 days and I cannot wait to share my results with you in a few days!

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to share with you my experience at the Obudu cattle ranch and resort. Obudu cattle ranch and resort is one of the foremost tourist spots in Nigeria. It is strategically located at the Obudu Hills in Cross River State, and it is indeed a beauty to behold! One striking thing about the resort is the awesome cool weather. I was there in January (one of the hottest months in Nigeria) and I even noticed there was a heater in the bedroom I was in! We did not need any form of air conditioning AT ALL. It was a wonderful experience; there are several activities lined up for tourists- like the popular cable rides, hiking, bird watching, the "monkey face view", the "love garden" (lol), the inifinity pool, an awesome landscape, my goodness it was just beautiful. I was there for 3 days. My friend and I shared a room and we picked the hut-like suite (hut-like on the outside but very modern on the inside!). There are other living facilities, large enough for a family of 6 or more. To get to the resort you would have to travel by road from the city of Calabar-now this is actually a long trip-5hrs! But at the end of the day, the trip is way worth it. Tourist fees are quite moderate; you have to pay for every activity and it costs an average of 1500 naira per activity. However, it gets reasonably cheaper when you are part of group, which was how it was for me. The restaurant, in my opinion was a bit spendy though-about 2000 per meal. The larger house-y suites have kitchens anyway so it might be a good idea to do some minor cooking of your own. Of course, a pair of hiking shoes and a jacket and/or scarf are needed for the trip.
There is a tennis court, a gym of course, and free wifi for half the day at the rooms. Obudu Resort is all about energy conservation, so the power is turned off from 10am to 6pm, turned back on from 6pm to 10pm or 12am at night, turned off again from 12am to 10am the next day. This encourages tourists to step out and tour the resort during the day.

 What else? hmmm I think I'll just leave the rest of the story-telling to the pics!

 View from my suite-the other "modern huts". It was about 3pm. It felt like 7pm and way cooler

Me chilling later at night-all wrapped up!

View from the lobby/reception area. The cable cars terminate cable rides around here
Modern hut

Bedroom view from the bed

 Cable car right above me

I was getting tired here, we had just come back from some hikes and were back in the bus

Look at that view! Notice how foggy and misty it is

I think they call this the "cataract view" . That's some waterfall in the distance

View from the President's Villa patio. Awesome. The villa is completely bulletproof by the way, hehe.

The crew

Another waterfall in the distance. One of the hikes takes us right to THE VERY BORDER of Nigeria and Cameroun! The tourist guide told us how some villagers from Cameroon hike from Obudu right to their country. We saw a few of these villagers in the distance.

A beautiful lake, or brook just by the "love garden"

 The larger, family living quarters

 Living quarters

The interior

Yes, there is some farming done by the locals all around the resort

Conference room at the resort. There were quite a number of these as well as a banquet hall

This is where the cable cars commence the cable ride.

The pics don't do the whole trip and experience enough justice lol. Some pics are not here, like the cattle and their rearers, the garden, the pool....but it was mad fun, and I would encourage friends to go-it needs some planning, particularly financially, but it isn't a back-breaking venture if you catch my drift.

Let me know if you wanna know more about the trip, and please drop a comment about your experience as well if you have been there!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Green Monster Smoothie-Bittersweet?

So I have been on the quest towards a healthier lifestyle this year, and I discovered how fruit or veggie smoothies do wonders for the health. I read about the green monster smoothie, otherwise called the green smoothie and I decided to give it a try. It is very easy to make and there are tons of variations of this smoothie but I did mine the easy way.

Spinach  (I used ugu)
One apple
One banana
One pear

I diced the apple, banana and pear and used the leaves from the vegetables. I then blended them all, starting with the apple and pear, using a blender. I added quite a lot of honey to sweeten the smoothie, and here's how it looked!

So....I poured it in a glass and tasted it. Now I am gonna be absolutely honest about my opinion about this smoothie.....i hated how it tasted! I felt guilty almost immediately after because I know it is extremely nourishing and all, I did lots of research on this and was excited about incorporating it into my diet, but....this did not quite do it for me im afraid! I read on someone's blog that it has an acquired taste, but I do not even think I can endure it long enough to get to that point, lol.
My advice is that you should give it a try, it is most definitely an individual thing. I guess I would just have to stick to pure fruity smoothies from here on!

Have you ever tried the green smoothie/green monster and what did you think? What other variations do you know of?