Monday, 1 April 2013

Green Monster Smoothie-Bittersweet?

So I have been on the quest towards a healthier lifestyle this year, and I discovered how fruit or veggie smoothies do wonders for the health. I read about the green monster smoothie, otherwise called the green smoothie and I decided to give it a try. It is very easy to make and there are tons of variations of this smoothie but I did mine the easy way.

Spinach  (I used ugu)
One apple
One banana
One pear

I diced the apple, banana and pear and used the leaves from the vegetables. I then blended them all, starting with the apple and pear, using a blender. I added quite a lot of honey to sweeten the smoothie, and here's how it looked!

So....I poured it in a glass and tasted it. Now I am gonna be absolutely honest about my opinion about this smoothie.....i hated how it tasted! I felt guilty almost immediately after because I know it is extremely nourishing and all, I did lots of research on this and was excited about incorporating it into my diet, but....this did not quite do it for me im afraid! I read on someone's blog that it has an acquired taste, but I do not even think I can endure it long enough to get to that point, lol.
My advice is that you should give it a try, it is most definitely an individual thing. I guess I would just have to stick to pure fruity smoothies from here on!

Have you ever tried the green smoothie/green monster and what did you think? What other variations do you know of?


  1. Haha! Same here, fruity smoothies only please! Once you put the greens it's just yuck!!

    1. in fact i just dont know how these green monster fans do it!


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