Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Studio 29 Exhibition, Lagos

I was invited to the Studio 29 exhibition for African fashion as well as contemporary fashion, which was held on the 14th April, located at Opebi, Lagos. It was from 2pm to 6pm, there were about 20 vendors with displays like lovely Ankara designs-bags, shoes, dresses, jackets etc. There were also modern displays and shoes, jewelry, hats as well. There was a lot of networking going on, as a lot of media people were present. I had fun, snacks and drinks were served, there were free take-home gifts, but the main hall was super-stuffy! I was sweating non-stop. I took a few pics anyway:


fabric hats......

                                                         me and my friend

sassy shoes....

                                                        apologies for the wack picture quality!

                                                               the lighting wasn't too good!

kiyuute Ankara bags, and so affordable too

For a maiden exhibition, I believe the organizers did pretty well-it is a monthly event, and it is good to know of a monthly exhibition event taking place in Lagos other than the more popular le petit marche exhibitions.

What other exhibitions or cool events have you been to lately?

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