Saturday, 29 June 2013

Something about denim.......


Timeless, casual, laid-back....elegance. Don't you just love denim? When I saw this pic on Folake Kuye Huntoon's blog,, originally from Harper’s Bazaar January 2013 issue, I went to my closet, dug out my Gloria Vanderbilt denim shirt, and put it in the laundry. I've actually had that shirt for ages and probably wore it just 4 times. Shoot me but I dug it out of a pile of clothes I planned to give away! I know right......The model in the pic makes a slouchy denim shirt look so sexy. And I'm not even being biased cos she looks like my namesake and one of my favourite musicians-Sade. Lol. Yep my full name is Folasade :) Funny thing is I had added a denim shirt to my lust list some time ago. So, denim shirt on matching denim shorts, or on non-matching denim shorts, or on a denim skirt, or a white shirt on, denim shorts, ME LIKEY. I even went on a denim frenzy and brought out my DIY kit and then made a pair of cute, large denim button earrings and a denim-clad bangle. #sigh..... I'm spontaneous that way. I'll definitely show you guys soon.

I'm thinking, denim shirt on black skinny pants or leggings and red heels sometime soon. Or denim shirt loosely and carelessly tucked into dark blue denim shorts.

In what interesting ways have you worn denim? Let me know! :)

Friday, 28 June 2013

In preparation for the BC

Hello lovelies!

I did a bit of shopping on Tuesday at the Shoprite Ikeja mall. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I am planning on doing my BC soon. From my research on BCs and TWAs (I would have been 4months natural so it's def gonna be a TWA at first!), I found out that accessories could really help to vamp up TWAs and add some confidence and jazz to the short natural look.

Therefore, I ran into an accessories store- Divas House of Accessories and picked up a few stuff: large dangly earrings and head bands. I particularly loved the bronze spirally earrings and the flowery headband :)

I hope these accessories help me look pretty decent wen I do the BC. I have also been  checking Lukalomi's fotki lately and have been getting some inspiration. Her hair is just gorgeous-was, years ago when it was just a TWA, and is still the truth now that its so much longer. Anywho, I created a list of stuff I am gonna be doing on my puff once I BC. Here they are:

-co-washing more often than shampooing cos of my dry hair
-clarifying every now and then
-silk scarf at nights
-hot oil treatments as a pre-poo maybe twice a month?
-deep conditioning as much as possible
-wash and gos
-twist outs and fingercoiling  once the length allows for this, which would be soon
-blow outs periodically to stretch the strands and achieve neater styles
-bentonite clay on hair (and skin too! I read that it gives an amazing glow to the skin)
-wigging it on bad-hair days and sew-ins sometimes

I will add to this list as I remember more stuff (suggestions are most welcome y'all). Other stuff I have already started to do are working on my skin (with short hair, your face is much more exposed-so I have started facial treatments, something I would post about later on), make up and accessories.

Oh yea and I picked up a VO5 strengthening conditioner in Pomegranate and Grapeseed extract from Poise in Shoprite, and I also bought a clarifying shampoo called Arganics Outstop This Neutralizing & Clarifying shampoo (from Casabella). I hope it's a worthy product cos the brand is not familiar to me at all. I will def review the shampoo once I use it. The other stuff I need to get are henna, indigo, hibiscus leaves, bentonite clay gloves and cling film. My good friend has promised to help me get them from a local supplier.

Well I'm off now. I caught a cold :( and the meds I used are making me so drowsy......



Monday, 24 June 2013

10 foods that clean your facial skin, by Marie Jean of


Hello people!

I found this article online and decided to share. I have very sensitive skin and I am so prone to breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Almost a year ago I decided to revise my skincare regimen and start trying out milder and more natural-based products as well as oils. It's no news that the key to true beauty is from inside out, and if we can work towards cleansing and detoxifying our bodies from the inside, this will definitely reflect on the outside i.e better skin, hair, nails etc. So I stumbled on this article on and here it is:

Everyone wants clean, healthy, and great looking skin. Although moisturizers are great, as are certain facial products you can use at home, and different makeup products you can purchase, there are also several foods that will help clear your skin, and give you that young, glowing look you are in search of. With several different ingredients, healthy oils, and essential nutrients, these are 10 Food That cleans your facial skin, and will give you that young, healthy glow, and the all natural skin appearance you are looking for.

1. Avocados – Not only are they used in many facial products, but the skin as well as the fruit of the avocado are exceptionally high in Vitamin B. Niacin (b-3), is very important to smooth, healthy skin, and can help with the appearance of irritated, red, or puffy skin. If you choose this fruit, you can either consume it in a salad, in a smoothie, or on its own; or, you can choose to use the fruit as a facial rub, with other natural ingredients, to help with the skin’s overall appearance.

2. Berries – Vitamin C is another essential for healthy skin, and berries have it. From strawberries to blackberries, the vitamins will work to help build collagen fibers, and provide younger looking skin. Antioxidants are also very high in the berries you consume, and these are essential to helping with inflammation. Whether you consume smoothies on a regular basis, or just eat a few strawberries each day, they are great resources for healthier looking skin.

 3. Cottage Cheese – Selenium and Vitamin E which are found in this food, help fight free radicals, as well as provide higher antioxidant counts for healthier looking skin. Certain reports also claim that cottage cheese can help prevent certain types of cancers, if eaten as part of a healthy diet plan.
4. Almonds (nuts) – Fatty acids found in these foods help maintain the cell membrane, and help remove harmful toxins from the body. They also help retain water, which gives the skin the plump, healthy look you want over your face and body. Plus, the healthy oils and fats in nuts are great for overall heart health, and maintaining a healthy weight, which is something everyone wants to do.

5. Potatoes – A baked potato can provide a high amount of copper the body needs, for a healthy glow. The high zinc and Vitamin C count also aid in creating more elastin in the skin, providing young, healthy, and vibrant looking skin, at all times of the day.
6. Healthy whole grains – Although grains that are low on the glycemic index cause a spike in blood sugars, whole grains are on the high end of the spectrum, meaning they are also going to help in keeping the young looking, healthy appearance you want, when you are considering skin care, and the best looking skin possible. You do have to make sure they are high in fiber (look for foods listed high by the Whole Grain Council), for the best results, and for the most benefits to your skin.
7. Flax seed – If you do not love fish, or other foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, flax seed oil is the perfect solution for you. The high omega-3 count is going to help with hydrating the body, diluting sebum levels, unclogging pores, and helping prevent and fight acne. The healthy oils found in this flax seed oil, will give the skin the natural glow, and will provide you with the health benefits you need, for young, healthy skin.
My comments: I noticed that quite a number of these foods are not too readily available in every part of the world! Berries are not too popular in this part of the world, I guess grapes would do, though they are quite pricey. Almonds too, but a good alternative are cashew nuts and peanuts. I love avocados, eaten the popular way-cut in half and with a sprinkling of salt. I should try it as a face mask though, and I am definitely gonna use it as an ingredient for a deep conditioning hair mask. Cottage cheese...I read on that cottage cheese is the same thing as "wara" popular amongst the Fulanis in Nigeria. I'm not sure I can lay my hands on this here in Lagos plus I don't think I would even like it lol.
Regarding the last option, I think a good fish oil supplement would be a great idea.
So there you have it!
10 foods that clean the facial skin. Feel free to add to the list in the comment box below anytime.

Friday, 21 June 2013

"50 ways to make water taste better" by Ann Marie

Lately my interest in other blogs has increased a lot-I saw this pic on pinterest and of course decided to learn more from the featured website: I love this website because of the household DIY projects and the interior d├ęcor projects coming from a real life experience. I decided to share on this one because I NEED TO INCREASE MY WATER INTAKE! I kinda was making a good effort when I started my fitness and weight loss journey months ago, but's not quite the same....I saw this pic and I immediately pinned it...I remember trying some squeezed lime juice with a glass of water some months ago and it was okay. I do find water quite boring and I know if I try some methods to "change" the taste of water a lil bit, it should help the situation! Some model (cant remember her name) once shared a health secret where she said she adds a lil Ribena to her water to make it less boring. So here's what Ann Marie shared on things to add to water. I decided to share the first 25 or so....You can check out more suggestions on her website under the topic: "50 ways to make water taste better".

Things to put in water

1.) lime

2.) lemon

3.) squeezed lime juice

4.) squeezed lemon juice

5.) orange

6.) cucumber slices

7.) mint leaves –wash them well

8.) basil leaves – wash them well


10.) chia seeds – good source of omega 6′s, high alkaline food, SUPER good for you. Gives you energy, helps you stay full. Doesn’t taste like anything, soak for 5 minutes in cup before drinking.

11.) ice ;)

12.) coffee

13.) strawberries – sliced

14.) pineapple

15.) blueberries

16.) tea

17.) honey

18.) grated fresh ginger

And Ann Marie's favourite combos:

19.) lemon + stevia + water = lemonade

20.) lime + stevia + water = limeade

21.) mint + lime + stevia + water = mojito

22.) lemon + cucumber

23.) vodka (this was added by one of her readers lol!)

The mojito is my fave cocktail by the way :)  Oh and I have my own addition-well, inspired by the model (whose name I can't remember :) ):

24.) Ribena and water (just enough to turn your glass or bottle of water light pink if you are watching your weight!)

Here's a pic I stumbled on, on


The post claims that Ribena (500ml) has as much sugar as 13 Oreo cookies!

Other facts: 215 calories, 0g fat, 52.6g of sugar.

So the point is: It's OK to add the 215 calorie-Ribena to water but in moderation; I'd suggest 2-3 tablespoons per glass (the tall glasses o).

The post advices readers to drink this instead: No Added Sugar Ribena: 11 calories, 0g fat, 1.3g sugar.  (This might be hard to find in this part of the world though).

Ann Marie also had some suggestions on how to make drinking more water interesting, like:
-Drinking it cold
-Using colourful straws
-Having chugging contests with the kids
-Making phone alerts to remind you to do the needful.

I kinda like these tips and I'll see how it goes over time. :-)

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Book Review: Diary of a misfit


Please don't click to look inside lol. If you wanna know about the book just check Amazon. I got the pic from Amazon via Google and the pic with the "click to look inside" tag was the only one I could find. I am not in any way a sponsored promoter of this book so I just did not feel the need to embed a link to the book. But anyhowz, the book review. I read this one a few months ago. First it's a book written by and best suited for teenagers (I know, hold on! lol). But for avid readers, it is worth reading-particularly as this teenager in question is Nigerian and you just get curious when you hear about stuff like that you know! She is a great writer though, and I can tell she would get better as she grows.

The book is centred around the life of an American teenage girl living in the US, as she deals with boy crushes, a changing body, sexuality and other deep and hard life lessons. I like the way Angel Okwuosa puts humour into almost every page of her book. That, in my opinion is not as easy as it sounds.

Oh and how come I read the book? It was when I spent some days at my aunts and I needed reading material. Her kids LOVE reading, and have tons of books. So I picked up this one amongst others.

My verdict? Good read for your younger teenage siblings, kids or friends. Or for you if you are curious, or if you are a teenager of course ;)


Monday, 17 June 2013

Celebrity crush: Nneka

I fell in love with her musical style from the moment I heard "Heartbeat" years ago. She's super talented, has unique style and of course, great hair :-)  Of course I might be a bit biased because she is half-Nigerian, but whatevs.  Nneka really has got it going on. It's cool and refreshing to know that a celebrity would have no issues with rocking her natural hair anywhere, everywhere. She does it all; wash and gos, twist outs, bantu knots like the one on the last picture. Sure she might be "lucky" to have a looser curl pattern, thereby more manageable curls for out styles, but her confidence just oozes out of her on all fronts.

Check out Nneka's music on youtube, iTunes etc, if you are not familiar with her music, or learn more about her from her website:


Images source:

Bf doesn't like short hair! helllp!

Hey guys!

Wow it's been a while. I have had tons of stuff to do and on top of that I was out of town for a wedding all through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Anyway I just wanted to quickly share on a conversation my bf and I had last week Saturday. It was the other wedding I went for and I posted about, and we were sitting next to each other. So I noticed that one the bridesmaids had on a TWA. It looked OK, I believe she's got 4C hair so it really had more of a textured and kinky look, as opposed to that much-coveted curly look that ladies with Type 3 textures have, like MahoganyCurls. You know what I mean right? So I'm staring at her and I'm thinking hmmm, I might look like this when I do the BC soon. So I asked bf what he thought about the look, and what if I looked like that when I cut my hair. Well. Here's what he said: "No babe, it don't look looks rather unkempt and rough, her hair isn't even very black which doesn't help. Don't cut your hair, you've got great hair".

I mean, I grew weak. I wanna look good for him but I have also decided to make this move. But I must admit, his comment got me quite worried. I know there are maaaany ladies who have gone through stuff like this before-ladies who got some not-too-cool comments while their natural hair was still growing out. I cant help wondering what my experience would be like :-)

But please drop a line, I need some encouragement from you guys! What was it like for you after the BC, did you get any overt disapprovals from loved ones and family? Please share!


Monday, 10 June 2013

Red and yellow looks good. Fat twists too!


I was going through one of the blogs I follow: recently and I got an idea on what to wear and particularly, how to combine stuff for a wedding I went for. I mean that's why fashion blogs are helpful isn't it? You get ideas and inspiration to try out new stuff. I had originally contemplated wearing a yellow-goldish shift dress made from French lace with a pair of black shoes. Yea good old safe black. But after seeing the picture above on the blog and all I decided to pair it up with red shoes and purse instead. It came out looking really good actually.

Check out my marley twists-inspired twists! Lol. In this part of the world, it is either very rare or outright impossible to find marley or Havana hair. I tried to improvise with the good old Expression bulk hair and asked my stylist to install really thick twists in. She was really surprised and kept trying to dissuade me from this-her reason being that the twists would not last. I didn't listen of course, and looking at the twists later I realize it still wasn't big enough :(  but I guess this would have to do.

                                                                                 I was tryna get this look!

I tried to get my edges nice and sleek with Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion and then Ecostyler gel. It worked, but just for a while. My edges have a mind of their own!

Anyway I had fun at the wedding. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Bellydancing for weight loss


So as some of you may already know, I have embarked on a weight loss and fitness journey since the beginning of this year. I have received quite a number of compliments lately- I think I am 65 percent there and this achievement has motivated me to carry on! My tummy is flatter, my thighs, hips and bum smaller, and even my face is a bit slimmer. I have been slacking a bit for almost 2 weeks though due to feeling a bit ill and all what not, but just yesterday I resumed my low-carb meal plan, and continued with the Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred DVD, Level 2.

But I was doing some usual research on the web some months ago and came across belly dancing for weight loss. I have always thought dance is a great 2-in-1 activity for everyone because you burn those calories and practice some cool dance moves as well. Belly dancing takes it to another level though, don't you think? ;-)  Those sways, hip drops, camel walks, and shimmers and all that are just super sexy and it's hard not to learn how to do it just to show off and em..... Well whatever the case I actually started learning some basic moves online and I had fun! I stumbled on a fantastic online free-classes weblog and I honestly haven't found any other online resource as cool as this one:
Tiazza Rose is so cool and she can dance! She takes you patiently through basic beginner moves and then builds you up gradually till you can perform some nice choreography- enough to show off to friends. So there I was swaying and learning cool dance moves alone in my sitting room lol. I need to get back to those lessons mann :-)  But anyway I got some info on the actual effectiveness of bellydancing for keeping fit and here are a few snippets:

("Because belly dancing involves most of the body, treating it as a serious exercise routine can benefit your health in many ways. As long as you participate in the movements for at least 20 minutes to get your heart rate up, you’ll benefit from increased cardiovascular health. Focus placed on certain movements, such as with the hips, belly or arms, can significantly increase muscle tone in those areas".

("The amount of weight lost due to bellydancing depends on a number of factors, including the workout’s frequency, length and intensity. For optimum weight loss, a bellydancing routine should include plenty of movement, with increased movement meaning more calories burned, suggests the Mayo Clinic".

(   "Belly dancing can burn 250-300 calories per hour. …Belly-dancing and other types of dance can be good exercises for weight loss. In fact, you can burn as many calories belly-dancing as you can walking, swimming or riding a bike. The reason we encourage dance class vs. aerobic class is because of the lifestyle enhancing qualities it provides,” says Moret. Exercising has to be part of your life not just a phase, if you are looking to lose weight or simply stay in shape. Sometimes, aerobic classes are very repetitious and don’t actually teach skills you can use".

So there you have it. You probably need a hip scarf (I think I might have to improvise or DIY here)and some oriental music to set the ball rolling.

So whatcha think? To bellydance or to not bellydance?  :-)


Transitioning braid-out with Curl Junkie styling products



Hello ladies,

Just wanted to share how my hair turned out when I did a braid out on Saturday. I have been transitioning since March 3 this year and I intend to do the BC in a month. I decided to do one last style with a few Curl Junkie products. I basically just prepooed my hair with coconut oil and garlic oil for about 6 hrs, washed with a Neutrogena T-Gel Therapeutic shampoo that I use once in a while for itchy scalp, deep conditioned with a cocktail of Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil conditioner, shea butter, almond and olive oil and Revlon Aquamarine Revitalizing Fresh Herb conditioner, even a little Dark & Lovely Corrective Leave-in and Dr. Miracles Relaxed Hair Potion. Yea I know right....Left this on for 3 hours. Rinsed off and used my Aphogee Provitamin Leave-in, sealed with almond oil, used the Curl Junkie Assurance Smoothing Lotion all over, divided my hair into about 14 sections, using the Hibiscus & Banana Honey Butta for each section and re-wetting too. Next day I used the Aloe Fix Gel as a finisher-it did not do much for my edges though, so I went for ecostyler gel and used a bristle brush.

After unraveling the braids, the results were pretty good. My ends are so thin though, I just cant wait to get rid of em! Second day hair was not baaad.....but I knew I had to re-twist, so I did just that yesterday. Still have the braids in. Planning to have some marley twists installed in a few days. I doubt I can get the exact kinda weave for this, but I will try to achieve the look as much as I can!