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Word!: Fight yourself...


"Men do not attract what they want, but what they are."- James Allen

I did not forget. :-) In my former Word series post last month I spoke about how I wanted to do a post periodically (I hope I can do this monthly) on the Christian walk and generally words of inspiration or motivation for my readers. I stumbled on the word "epicaricacy" weeks ago on Facebook. From Wikipedia, it is defined as "Rejoicing at or derivation of pleasure from the misfortunes of others".

The moment I read that, my mind did a run-through of the countless times I have seen this happen, most often in discussions with friends. I have experienced people talk with a sense of satisfaction when something unfortunate happens to someone else. I believe this character stems from a position of deep-rooted jealousy and insecurity. No matter how mild or fleeting the feeling is at the moment it comes, it still stems from a bigger problem. This is different from the mild sense of "serves him right!" we get when something unfortunate happens to someone who hurt us-it's not something to be condoned, but it isn't quite what I am referring to here. I am referring to plain satisfaction when something bad befalls someone else.

I did not know this was something that even existed, until I was listening to my friends gisting in the car years ago and one of them mentioned that feeling and the others agreed that they felt that way sometimes. What was strange was the "yeah it's one of those things" way that they talked about it. And that's where this post comes in.

What I am tryna say is- IT SHOULD NOT BE SEEN AS NORMAL. It should not be an accepted way of thinking. It should be realized by the person feeling it, analyzed and then fought. Why though? Because like I said, epicaricacy is a sign of a bigger problem out there. Jealousy is a feeling that could grow from a small seed of discomfort at someone's success or achievement, maybe because we are not quite there yet, to something really big, crippling and obsessive. Insecurity is also a showstopper-I have seen people with awesome lives and everything working out for them, still battling with insecurity. They feel the need to be loved at all times, and they read negative meanings to the simplest and most innocent things. We ALL have these tendencies though. I do, you do. Many times, we cannot even be blamed for sporting these issues, what with childhood experiences, inadequate parenting skills and all that. What we need to do is to work on self-improvement. We owe ourselves and our loved ones that much. It is only when we have worked on our weaknesses and started making efforts towards self-realization and self-improvement, that we can even begin to hope to have successful relationships, successful marriages, be great parents, great friends, great leaders, great followers.

Also, having a loving and positive outlook to life and others attracts positive things to us. When you CHOOSE to see the good in others and choose to be happy for others even when you have been wishing for that "same thing" for ages, when you choose to stay away from undeserved negative comments about people particularly when they are not doing so well in life or are going through hell, then you are ready to begin your journey towards a happy, peaceful and successful life.

So it's three steps: REALIZE. ANALYZE. FIGHT.

REALIZE that feeling when it comes. Do not try to make excuses for why the feeling came, or if the feeling is actually what you think it is. Just be on the alert for these feelings ie jealousy, hate, bitterness, epicaricacy and all that.

ANALYZE the feeling. Once you realize you are feeling that way again-take some time to ask yourself WHY. Am I feeling this way because she got a new car last month and I really need a car right now? Why exactly do I dislike her though? Why did I feel kinda pleased when I heard he got robbed? This I believe, is the toughest part-the part where we have to come face-to-face with our weaknesses, our hang-ups, our dark side. We are wired to shy away from our weaknesses, to ignore and overlook our faults. But once we decide to face the truth, we get to find a lot of stuff in there.

FIGHT yourself. Oh yeah cos that's why we went through the first 2 steps isn't it? We need to decide to move aside our hate, our jealousy etc. Look at it this way: if you had always wanted something badly, and it finally happened, wouldn’t you be irritated and disgusted if you find that someone else began hating on you because they felt you did not deserve it? (Envying someone’s success is synonymous with believing that person did not deserve that success). Or would you be OK with someone sniggering and being happy when something not-cool happened to you? Maybe seeing it this way would help us fight “the feeling”. Another way to look at it is: We cannot expect to be “lucky” if we do not expect others to get “lucky” sometimes too. If you feel Suzie did not deserve that boom in her restaurant business, just because, then er… probably don’t deserve that new job you applied for! It’s that simple. Fight yourself. Do away with those crazy thoughts. Think positively. See the beauty of God’s favour in the lives of others.

When you see others doing well, celebrate with them. Get your friend who just bought a new car a key-holder as a gift; be happy for him. Thank God for their good fortune and decide to fight any negative thoughts that may try to creep in. If you have issues with fighting this epicaricacy thingy and jealousy, pray about it. See this as something you desperately have to get rid of!

OK I’m gonna share a few scriptures with y’all, to back up my words and thoughts on this. I love the Word of God because what’s in it is so applicable to real life situations.

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things”- Phillippians 4:8 (KJV)

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”- Proverbs 23:7 (KJV)

And some more AWESOME QUOTES from the literary essay by James Allen:

"Every man is where he is by the law of his being; the thoughts which he has built into his character have brought him there, and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of chance, but all is the result of a law which cannot err."

"Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment, of these, if you but remain true to them your world will at last be built."

"Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves, they therefore remain bound." 



Sunday, 29 September 2013 independence day sales


I saw this yesterday and thought some of you might be interested. I love how online shopping is getting more popular in Nigeria. And with pay-on-delivery options and the option to return goods if you do not like em, it's something you do not wanna miss. My favourite Nigerian online stores are actually and the discount store- I have purchased perfumes, Bodyshop products and my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel from in the past at affordable prices and no complaints. 

The Jumia Independence Day Sales is just meh in my opinion-I think the items that are really discounted are electronics and Tara make up products. Here's a sneak peek:

I have placed an order for the Samsung TV- my mum wants a new one for the living room and she was OK with it.

Makeup lovers, give this a try-I have heard how cool Tara makeup actually is and these colours I'm seeing look really hot.
There has also been a free delivery promo within Lagos on Jumia that started on the 17th and ends on the 1st of October. So even if you buy an item as cheap as N500, you get free delivery for this.

I'll let you know how it all goes once the TV has been delivered.

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Also please go through the short list of instructions before filling the form, after which you need to send the form as an email. Here's the link:

I would really appreciate it! Drop a comment or something if you do so I can thank YOU!


Hair Crush Features: Jessica Odoh

Hello there!

It's another natural in the house and this one is just sensational! Her pics are totally hair porn for me and Jessica as you read this, just know you gotta tell me the SECRET to your gorgeous curls and styles cos I will keep bugging you till you do! lol. But seriously, she is true inspiration, and she just loves to experiment with her hair and try out new styles. I have never seen 4C hair look this good and I just had to feature her on Fola's Oasis! 

- Please introduce yourself! What do you do?

My name is Jessica Odoh, a 22 year old Nigerian American residing in Tampa, Florida. I am a senior at the University of South Florida and will be graduating in December!!

- Why did u decide to go or stay natural, and how long have you been natural for?

This is my 2nd time transitioning. My first time which lasted a year was when I was a sophomore in high school. 95% of people I knew were relaxing their hair so I was very uneducated about natural hair and had very little support. I relaxed my hair on my 18th birthday (April 30th 2009) and immediately regretted it. Fast forward to my sophomore year in college, I was looking through old pictures and could see just how damaged and thin my hair had become. February 5th 2011 I vowed to seek "treatment" for this creamy crack addiction and have been sober ever since!! I realized that the only opinion that really mattered about my hair was MINE and I was going to walk around confidently like I had an invisible crown on my head. People could either love my natural hair or stand back and watch me shine because their opinions didn't matter anymore!! Today, those very same people who ridiculed my natural hair are contemplating joining me on this natural journey! I have been natural for 31 months (2 years 7 months)

- What’s your hair type, your regimen and staple hair products?

I believe my hair type is 4c. It needs to moisturized on a daily basis or it is prone to breakage. The main products I use to prevent breakage is African Pride “Olive Miracle” Leave in conditioner.

- Please share a few tips and tricks for retaining length?

My hair has always been thick, but length has never been an important factor for me as long as my hair is healthy. The main way I keep my hair healthy is through protective styling. Any chance I get I put my hair in rope twists, marley twists, buns, anything that will keep my hands off of my hair. However, length is a genetic factor so my tip to all new naturals will be embrace your hair, no matter the length.

- What reactions did u get when u first went natural and/or what reactions do u get now?

My family always tease me about my hair but I know it's all in good fun. My friends LOVE my natural hair and I'm trying to convince every single one to join "Team Natural".

- How do you wear your hair to work or formal occasions?

Since I work in a retail store, they allow me to express myself. All the funky styles you see me wearing I wear to work! For formal occasions I like to stick to a flat twistout or a simple bun.

- What’s the best thing about going natural and what advice do you have for other wanna-be naturals out there?

VERSATILITY!!! I love how I can create my hair into almost anything and I also have a love/hate relationship with the thickness of my hair. My advice for new naturals out there is that in order to be successful in this natural journey, you must love yourself starting from the inside. If you don't love your hair, no one else will. Don't try and compare yourself to other naturals, to each their own and your hair will reach its full potential in due time. Always remember, healthiness over length!!!!!

- Where can one find and follow u on the web?

- Instagram: JessOhno_shedid

- Email:

So that's it on Jessica Odoh peeps!
This collage above is just the truth! I pasted pink kisses on the ones I like :-)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Nike Oshinowo-Fit, Forty-Five and Fabulous






Many people admire Nike Oshinowo; even her haters do. It's a cliche that she looks good for her age, is beautiful, and is a style icon. What many do not think about is WHY. Is it because she finds herself in the limelight and feels motivated to look good? Is she just trying to keep up with her former Miss Nigeria status? Is she just plain old vain and narcissistic? Who knows? But what I know is that she DECIDED to look good, she paid her dues and she did not just get that body by just laying around. Her fitness workout video "Fit, Forty and Fabulous" supports this. I guess what I'm tryna say is, how do we really wanna look when we clock 40? Are we ready to start eating healthy and being fit? Or do we just hope to get lucky? Nike Oshinowo is 45, and she aged well. If you look closely at her features, you would see that she has no botox or anything of the sort, she just aged well due to her lifestyle choices. She eats healthy and works out, hence her perfectly toned body. In this part of the world, working out is still so far-fetched. It ISN'T EASY but maybe we can begin to change our outlook. I know personally how difficult it is-I haven't done a single jumping jack in weeks. I only decided to start zumba dance sessions at home next week-at least zumba is a more fun form of cardio.

So anytime you see yourself looking fab 15 years from now, think also of how you intend to achieve that, and start making changes!


Monday, 23 September 2013

Hair Crush features: Dabs


I'm proud to feature my first relaxed head on Fola's Oasis! It Dabs of the popular and well-loved hair care blog- Almost every hair care lover,blogger or veteran in Nigeria knows about this blog. I stumbled on her blog months ago when I just started my blog, and got hooked on her posts. If you want to get reviews on many hair care products, or get reviews or hair care practices like henna treatments and bentonite clay treatments, or you just want to drool on long hair strands, you need to visit her blog as she is a confirmed product junkie! Also Dabs is really interested in helping out-she has a shopping window for ladies who need to purchase hair care products that are hard to find over here, and also organizes cool events.

So here you go!

- Please introduce yourself! What do you do?

Hiya, I'm Dabs-A Lawyer by profession, a blogger in my free time; my blog Naija Hair can Grow is all about inspiring Nigerian ladies and ladies in general to take better care of their hair and nurture it to health and length!

- Are you fully relaxed or texlaxed? How long do you stretch your relaxers for? 

I recently started texlaxing but most of my ends are relaxed. I stretch my relaxers for at least two months but this past relaxer I waited 4 months ( my longest stretch till date) and it was well worth it!

- What is your current hair length?

 I am past Arm pit length, well on my way to Bra strap Length( BSL) a length I have reached several times but always ended up cutting short because I am a sucker for blunt full ends.

- What’s your regimen and staple hair products (including relaxers)?

My regimen is pretty straight forward; moisturize and seal daily with a water based hair moisturizer and an essential oil like olive or grape seed oil. Then on weekends, I give my hair a treat either protein or moisture based to keep the protein/moisture balance of my hair. These weekend treats are very interesting for me, I have tried everything from Bananas to Palm oil on my hair!

I don't really do staples because I don't like boxing myself up but I do have a few faves; Silk elements mega silk relaxer is one( I have used this for 2 years), Mane and tail detangler is another, Hair trigger growth elixir with cayenne pepper hair treatment is also a fav of mine. Then there are great leave in treatments like Giovanni direct leave in, silk elements leave in treatment, TRESemme split remedy leave in- I just love leave ins!

- Please share a few tips and tricks for retaining length?

You will have to visit my blog for tips and tricks but because you asked I'll give you the most important tip-always moisturize and seal your hair daily or at least 3 times a week if you are busy. An important trick will be-use a comb on your hair as little as possible, I comb my hair from the roots to the tips just twice a week, the rest of the time, I smooth out with a soft bristle brush or finger comb-oh and the comb of choice for detangling must be a wide tooth comb even if your hair is just 4 inches long!

- How do you wear your hair to work or formal occasions?

I am a bun addict-I like putting my hair in buns and chignons, I also love incorporating big braids with my buns to make things more interesting.

- Do you have any foreign ancestry in your family?

 Who doesn't-LOL, well I've been told by my mum that her side of the family have foreign ancestry but it's so down the blood line that it's probably untraceable!

- Where can one find and follow you on the web?

Find me at

Her hair's just gorg isn't it? Check out her next event details below:

Click here to check for more details.


Product Review: Neutrogena dry touch sunblock - helioplex, SPF 55

Hey peeps,

Hope the weekend was a good one for you. It's product review time and this one has 5 stars from me. Now Neutrogena Dry Touch sunscreens are well known and well loved in the skin care community but I wanted to say my 2 pence. I started taking sunscreen very seriously last year when I realized that I am super-duper prone to hyperpigmentation and I burn very easily. I was using the Forever Living Products sunscreen lotion in SPF 30 and I actually finished the tube. I'd use it even when indoors-Lagosians, remember how hot January and February and part of March gets? Yea I slathered it on and it helped a lot. So when I finished it I decided to try the Neutrogena sunscreen as I have read about it on skincare forums. 

I have been using this for over a month now and I cannot think of a single minus, except for price, but even this is relative, because good sunscreens don't come cheap and the higher the SPF, the higher the cost. I went for SPF 55 for obvious reasons. If I had seen SPF 70 on the shelf I would have bought it with no hesitation. However I have read that sunscreens with SPFs higher than 30 are no better than sunscreens with SPF 30. In other words, if you use a sunscreen with SPF 30 (but not below this), you get the same protection as the person who uses a higher SPF. So sunscreen manufacturers adopted this as a marketing gimmick to make more money! Now I did not take this seriously when I read about it, but lately my sis had facials done at Priscilla's Pride at Ikoyi. The owner and beautician told her this same thing. She had a chemical peel done and the lady advised her to get sunscreen, and then told her that SPF 30 was just as good as other sunscreens with higher SPFs. Hmmm, right?

Anyway I love this product, and what does it for me is the "dry-touch technology". It's so matte on my skin and it doesnt make me sweat-and I sweat easily. Also, it leaves only a very mild whitish cast on my skin. Third, it's non-comedogenic. I did not experience breakouts while using it and still have not.

My review in summary

How I use it: I use it after using my toner and before my primer. I also wait at least 3 mins after the sunscreen before putting any other thing on my face. I use it all over my arms, my neck and on my feet too. I like to rub my body oil all over before using the sunscreen on my body. I use it every time I am stepping out and most of the time when I am indoors. Not too much, but I have to massage it well into the skin.

What it does for my skin: As I said, it's helped with sun protection a lot, also that matte look is a big plus. I can't say that enough. I don't breakout due to this product.

Do I really like it?: YES. I have found my holy grail sunscreen and until I find something better, I'm sticking to this. Also I need to get a spray/mist sunscreen lotion for touch-ups when I am out. Any recommendations?

Price: In the US it;s about 10 dollars. Convert this to Naira and it should be at least N1,600 right. I got it for N3770.

Packaging: Very OK by me. Sturdy squeeze tube. Wish it came in even bigger sizes though.

Where you can get this: Lagosians, I got mine at Healthplus. I love that store lol.

Total Score: 10/10.

Update (24th Sept): A friend told me about how oxybenzone which is 6% in this product is harmful to the skin. Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a list of safe sunscreens recommended for use on their website. I guess I have to look more seriously into this, and try to lay my hands on one these safer products soon. Because of this new discovery, I'd rate the product an 8/10.

Update (13th Oct): I just read from that the EWG research is not fully grounded and oxybenzone has not been proven to be harmful to the skin. I know that these guys are more reputable anyways. Check it out here. *sigh! I guess I can stick to my Neutrogena sunscreen for now till more research comes up!


Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to make samosas-for someone you really hate!

Hello guys,

Friday was an interesting day for me. I woke up in the morning with samosa and spring rolls on my mind. Now I had planned to make these this month as part of my "try-a-new-dish-every-month" challenge. I went grocery shopping few days ago, got my recipe locked down and I set to work, already envisaging the smiles on my friends' and colleagues' faces when I offer them some of my homemade goodies.

Disclaimer: If you are really looking to make samosas-this post is not for you! Please check  for this.

Anyway so I chopped all my veggies, brought out the minced beef, for both the samosa and springrolls:

Veggies for spring roll

Veggies for samosa, potatoes in the middle, minced beef on the left

I got these cool spring roll wrappers from the Oasis store at OPIC plaza, Ikeja. It was something I had to do cos I did not want to bother myself with making the wrappers from scratch.

Spring roll wrappers

I made the samosa filling....

Samosa filling-no issues here

I began to make the dough for the samosas. I added the thyme,salt, oil and water to the flour and kneaded. Left this in the refrigerator for 45mins, kneaded again and started trying to make the semi-circles to be formed into cones, filled, sealed and fried. But! I didn't go half that far. I could not even get to the circle part, not to talk of semi-circle! The dough was too sticky and soft! It kept sticking to the rolling pin and board. I added more flour, kneaded, it did not help much. I only managed to get some very IRREGULAR shapes out because of all the flour I kept sprinkling on my hands and the board to keep the dough from being so sticky. Later I just ditched the rolling pin (makeshift rolling pin actually as I used an old wine bottle haha-yea I don't bake and last time I saw one in our kitchen, I had no breasts yet) grabbed a knife, dipped it in water and started cutting out semi circles. 

It was just crazy, my sis came in to check on things many times and I just told her, "This won't look good, I just hope it TASTES good!". So I started filling-but that was even a worse challenge. The dough pieces were too sticky to be formed into a cone-also they were small, so I could barely scoop half a tablespoon of the filling into the "cones". Later I just started making dough patties with my hand, scooping the filing inside and folding the patty over....

Laugh all you want! :-)

When I was done, I had 90% of filling left! Not surprising, as I could scoop only very little into my "patties" and I was NOT gonna try to make some more dough! To this day I do not know where I went wrong with the dough. Anyway at this point I was not gonna throw away the rest of the filling. I knew I was gonna use this filling for my spring rolls. I did not care also because samosa and spring roll filling is almost the same-except for the absence of potatoes in spring rolls and the presence of habanero peppers to taste and some green peppers. But whatevs right?

Here's what my precious little samosas looked like after friying.....

Meatpie, puffpuff, buns, croissant all in one-I'm ingenious!

I don't think even the DOG would try them :-)
But if he did, he'd love them! They actually tasted good! You gotta believe me, they did lol. It was an AESTHETIC EPIC FAIL, but taste-wise, it was very OK. A bit too crusty for obvious reasons though.

So I started filling my spring roll wrappers. This was a much easier and less heartbreaking experience-only a few wrappers split open. They split cos I put way too much filling in them.

They turned out OK.

OK this wasn't my best batch-I made 20. This batch hasn't cooled yet and the oil 
wasn't drained in the sieve.
 Plus this is the 1st set of spring rolls, and my wrapping skills improved with time.

They tasted very very OK too-even the ones that were split :-)


Answer: STIR FRY.

I made a very good stir fry yesterday morning with the grated carrots, green peppers, spring onions, green peas, habanero peppers and minced beef. My only addition to the ingredient list was: ground fresh pepper and tomato, onions, chicken stock and soy sauce. Served with basmati rice, plantains and boiled eggs, I was able to give myself a pat on the back for not making a total mess of the recipe-for-the-month challenge.

Probably my best meal ever. It tasted goooood!

If life gives you horrible-looking samosas and spring roll filling ingredients but no spring roll wrappers, make a stir fry!

Enjoy your weekend!


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Spa Treatment Series: Lilian Collins Spa


This is my last review on spas I've visited in about a year-I'm sure you're thinking, gosh shes's a spa whore! Lol maybe I am, but it's just been me basically looking for what works for me and I think I have! I had been faithful with a spa I had been using for about 2 years-but suddenly my therapist developed this nonchalant attitude, and her treatments just weren't cutting it for me anymore-so I knew it was time to move. 

I visited Lillian Collins after I saw a discounted deal on for an LED light therapy facial treatment. This was in February I believe. It was a good deal and after doing some research I decided to go for it. LED Light therapy is supposed to help with skin rejuvenation, acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles etc.

My Experience

I got there and I remember having to wait for about 30mins for the generator set to be sorted out-there seemed to be something wrong with it. The manager then attended to me and she prescribed the kind of therapy to be carried out. I know it wasn't the acne therapy though. So I went in, my face got cleansed and the therapist put this helmet-like thingy on my face. The helmet-thingy was there for about 45mins-my eyes were closed and I had to lay still for a long time,not that I minded. I just wanted great skin at the end of the day. I remember the therapist commending me on my skin-now I was still enjoying the benefits of my Biyou spa chemical peel at this time. Afterwards, I think I got a facial massage and that was it for the day.

Now I was supposed to go for 2 other treatments, but I never did. First, I had some breakouts days after the light therapy. This sucked cos I had been breakout-free for months! My bf told me it was probably a detoxifying process. Anywho, I tried booking an appointment for the next facial treatment and I would call and get no response.When I did get a response, I was told that "madam" had not arrived from her trip and I would be contacted when she arrived. Of course, that did not happen lol. I finally gave up because I lost interest and also I wasn't too keen on going to Lekki from the Mainland.

Here are some pics:  :-)

My review in summary

1. Ambience: It was a small space but that does not really matter; it was OK. Good, clean and well arranged equipment and furnishing.

2. Facilities: They have several packages-even microdermabrasion. Massages, waxing, body treatments, mani/pedi, G5 fat reduction therapy etc.

3. Facials: Bleh in my opinion. I saw no improvement, just breakouts. It was just one treatment as opposed to the recommended three, but afterwards I noticed my skin got more sensitive and I started burning very easily. I basically wasn't impressed.

4. Price: It's average prices; the website is more detailed on this.

5. Service: Like I said I was not impressed with this either-except for when the therapist worked on my skin-at least she was nice and friendly.

6. Location: Posh Plaza, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki. Great for Island and Lekki peeps!

7. Total score: 5/10.

Contact:+234(0)7045141432 +234(0)7098741230,


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Your Wedding Budget-Stay Focused

Source: The Budget Savvy Bride


No, I am still single, not even engaged yet but that's gonna happen some day for us single ladies isn't it? : -) When Angie contacted me to write for Fola's Oasis and I saw this title I jumped at it right away cos I know how planning a wedding could be A TASK! Little wonder event managers and wedding planners are making a ton of cash these days. But what about the issue of finance? In this part of the world, even a good hall for wedding receptions is so freaking expensive-I'm talking even as high as 5000 dollars or more. So some useful tips on staying focused to help you not have to break the bank when it's time to plan your wedding is sure welcome.

"Making the visualization you have of your big day coming to life is a dream come true. Throughout the planning process, you should keep a tally of how much you are willing to spend on each item. Keep this tally in the back of your mind or use your smartphone to give you reminders when you make your wedding purchases.

Write It All Down  
You may think you will remember important numbers, such as the number of guests and the cost for catering, but it certainly never hurts to write it down in a small notebook. It will save you time and effort when you are later scrambling to remember the important numbers in your budget. Plus, seeing all of the numbers in front of you helps you compare numbers, add them all up, and figure out what you need to cut down on.

Putting It In Perspective  
One budget planning tip that all wedding planners will tell you is that you should remember that, at its very core, a wedding is a day to unite you and your loved one forever. Both brides and grooms get too caught up in creating a real-life fantasy for themselves that they forget how simple a wedding really can be. While the guests should have an enjoyable experience, you don’t need to wear a designer gown and matching heels to make your wedding amazing.

Bring Your Budget Everywhere  
When the wedding is the main thing on a groom’s or bride’s mind, he or she is prone to impulsively buying something that they think would be perfect for the wedding. Sometimes when this happens, they stop thinking about how much they can afford to pay because they are so enamored by the particular object. If he or she has the budget plan with them, then it will be a constant reminder to keep within their financial means. This is a very effective way of keeping a check on your spending prior to the wedding day.  

                                                           Source: Vitacost

Keep Calm And Bride On  

When you plan your budget and compare it with all of the expected expenses, it can come as a reality check. This often stresses out the brides and grooms because they fear not being able to have the wedding day they imagined. Eventually, the build-up of the financial stress, coupled with the stress of organizing everything, has a psychological toll and can create the dreaded “bridezilla”. To avoid going down that unflattering path, identify some cost saving strategies before calculating your expenses. Remember that there are always other options to the higher priced choices. You can also try splitting the budget planning with your significant other to lower the workload on one person.
If you do not think about your budget, you can end up paying way too much for the items you love, and while you may create that beautiful wedding day of your dreams, you will not be able to enjoy it as much, knowing the cost at which it came. Therefore, you should always know what you can pay for every item and be willing to make some compromises. Doing so will only guarantee you the happiest and most fulfilling wedding day possible without a pile of wedding debts waiting for you after your wedding."

Angie Picardo is a staff writer, financial analyst, and content manager at, a site dedicated to empowering consumers to save money and make smarter decisions about their personal finances, travel plans, or higher education.