Monday, 30 December 2013

Mini makeup haul plus rant!


This is to be honest a very mini-haul post-I have decided to buy a bit of make up every month and I got some last week. Now I would have gotten more items but for some reasons-which brings me to my RANT!

I had planned to lay my paws on the Sleek BB cream as well as the brow kit from the Sleek store in VI. Now I remember sometime early this year when I went to the store to get the BB cream and it wasn’t available. I called and called but no show-I finally gave up and bought a Mary Kay foundation which I did not really like. So 3 weeks ago I popped into the store hoping to get some stuff. Neither the BB cream nor the brow kit was available. I was told that in a week’s time, they would have new stock. Now I did get their number but couldn’t find it 2 weeks after, when I decided to call them again. I figured since I had waited one EXTRA week I might as well pop in. I was even ready to buy the Sleek make up brushes. When I got there with my friend who was willing to spoil me and buy me some stuff for Xmas (yay!) I was made to wait because the MUAs weren’t around. I had to go ask what was going on before some admin lady attended to me. Later an MUA came by and they had NOTHING I asked for! I looked around to find that the place actually looked empty. I even asked for liquid eyeliner but they had only the green ones. I was so disgusted.

2 days after I went to the much raved about Gifty’s Daughter’s Store on Toyin Street. I could not even enter-the place was closed. This was a Saturday. A SATURDAY!

So I went to Brownie’s World at 4 Irewole Avenue, Awosika Bustop, Opebi and I got a bit lucky. I purchased the Maybelline Volume Express (Smoky lash effect) mascara, Elf eyeliner in black (4203) and Elf blotting sheets or shine eraser. 

I wanted concealer but the Elf one I found didn’t appeal to me. Seems I would have to check the Mac store for this.

I will do proper reviews on these items, but I tested the mascara and I was impressed. It’s really black and volumizing as it says. The blotting sheets I can’t wait to try-because it has green tea extract in each sheet and I LOVE green tea. It’s really a miracle potion lol. The eyeliner as tested on my hand was quite dark, though too “liquid” if that makes sense. Staying power was good because I rinsed my hand several times and the liner stayed put. 
Flecks of green tea extract embedded in each sheet

Like I said though, I will do a review post on all three items soon.



Friday, 27 December 2013

Seasons Greetings!

I had fun this Christmas. Maybe not MAD FUN like I’m sure many of you had, but I still had a good time. I got to hang out with friends, spent quality time with the fam, enjoyed some good food, had a lot of ice cream, watched some cool movies, danced, laughed, etc. I hope you had a good time too? I don’t take a lot of pics though I am trying to improve on that. One item I must lay my hands on next year is a good DSLR camera!

Here are a few pics of what I got up to this xmas.

Grinning happily at Elegushi beach


Feeling cool with myself-I've really missed long hair lol
Grooving at the beach

Copa Beach Soccer

Copa Beach Soccer

Chilling at the Copa Beach Soccer after party
#music lover

With a colleague at my office end-of-year dinner at Ocean Basket

I wish I had more to show you.

What did you get up to this xmas season?



Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Product Review: Simple Moisturising face wash

I love this face wash SO MUCH. I found it just accidentally, back in 2011 when my Clean and Clear face wash got confiscated at the airport and I had to look for a mild face wash in the UK. So I read the contents at the back, said what the heck and bought it. Within three weeks, my skin tone evened out in a very lovely way. I have been using it on and off ever since, now alternating it with Likas papaya soap. What is awesome about Simple Moisturising face wash is the fact that it is soap free, as well as perfume free. Therefore it isn’t harsh on the skin at all. Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) believers (e.g Hey Fran Hey) would absolutely love this wash for that reason. The truth of the matter is that OCM is a brilliant and effective cleansing method, as indeed, soaps are harsh on our skin. OCM would therefore be a PH-balancing, acne-clearing, deep cleansing and moisturizing way to cleanse our skin. However OCM takes time in many cases to reflect results. Also, some people might experience breakouts initially as the skin tries to adjust to this new regimen.

For me, Simple Moisturising face wash helps me achieve the mildest form of cleansing closest to the OCM method. You only need to use it for a few weeks to see what I mean. I know Shirley Beniang of the meek n mild blog uses Simple products, and her skin is flawless.

How I use it: Morning and night about 5 times a week. I wet my face, squeeze out a dollop, wash, rinse and repeat.

Product: It’s a slimy, pale liquid that foams OK but not too much. It has a flowing consistency so don’t leave the tube open.

Packaging: Sturdy squeeze tube.

Price: Very affordable. About 2-3 pounds for 150ml.

Where to buy: Any store whatsoever in the UK and US I guess. We need this face wash in Nigeria plsss!!!!! *thrashing*

I also use the Simple Deep Cleansing Face mask and yep you guessed it! I love it too. Just that I don’t remember to use it regularly.


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Copa Beach Soccer

Hey people,
I made a decision to have a GOOD TIME this xmas and I have started! But I have been saying that for about 6 years now lol. The last time I had a lot of fun in December-and I mean a lot-was 2009. Hopefully this year would be good.

So I went for the Copa Beach soccer event on Sunday. It was actually quite nice. I went with some friends and we got there late so I couldn't quite catch the soccer part of it-but Naija won anyways yay! There was a lot to see, and Olamide was supposed to make an appearance, and there was also a fashion parade to be held, and we waited and waited for this, until people started leaving to go for Rhythm Unplugged! But asides the wait, it wasn't bad. Here are some pics:

Tayo and I


Yep that's a giant Guinness bottle in the distance

I was ravenous! I wolfed down this N900 pack of pasta in a jiffy

At the VIP lounge later that evening

I witnessed this brawl! #lagoslookers

Getting tired of seeing these painted men at events

Lone ranger

Me goofing around-as usual

We were each handed this cute flashing ring

So I hope there are more fun events for me (and you of course) this xmas!


Friday, 20 December 2013

My first henna, plus LCO method


Just wanted to share my henna update with y'all. It was my first time trying this. I had been looking forward to doing this for months and finally got round to doing it after I took out my curly weave earlier this month. Would I be henna-ing again? Uhm....not sure. But before I get to that, here's what I did.

- Mixed 150 g of henna power (for my 9month old TWA) with ACV and water in a plastic bowl. ACV to water ratio was 3:1. Stirred thoroughly
- Sieved the henna before mixing; the henna I got was locally made and had a lot of tiny twigs and fragments in it. So sieving was ESSENTIAL.
- Covered up the mix in a plastic wrap and let it sit for about 12 hours.

I still added more liquid to this,but it just wasn't enough

- After 12 hours I added more ACV and water and stirred. This is where things went a lil wrong I suppose. I realize now that I did not add enough liquid. This stuff was so thick! 
Anyway I put old newspapers on the floor, wore an old tee, wore plastic gloves, fluffed out my detangled hair and set to it.

The application process was NOT as easy as it seemed when done by other bloggers or the henna handbook I downloaded online. It was thick so it was very difficult to coat my hair with it.

-It was messy, and the smell! Lol. My sissy thought something had gone off in the kitchen. But I expected this anyway. I actually added a bit of crushed garlic to the mix to help with the smell but I guess I did not use enough.

So, I covered my head in a plastic wrap, then a scarf and waited for almost 5 hours.

Hopped into the bathroom and began rinsing. I knew already how the rinsing part is tedious and requires plenty PATIENCE and WATER. So I rinsed. And rinsed. And rinsed. I kept seeing tiny fragments of henna-like sand- and I did not stop rinsing till they were gone. I then co-washed with VO5 conditioner and rinsed thoroughly. 

I prepared a DC of shea butter, oils, honey and a bit of conditioner and applied this, leaving it for 2 hrs. Rinsed out and twisted my hair with leave -in, oil and Ecostyler gel.

Fast forward to the next day. My twist out was so dry and crunchy. Got back home from church (church friend called me Miss Africa hmmm) and I did a cowash and quick wash and go. I wasn't comfortable taking my hair the way it was on my date! Lol. My hair still felt dry the next day. So I did a hot oil pre-poo and another co-wash. Hair felt a bit better but not quite there yet. I tried the LCO method of: on wet hair (not dripping wet though), apply water-based conditioner, then a heavy cream, then oil. I used ORS Olive oil replenishing conditioner, then Curl Junkie's Coco Coffee Creme, then jojoba and olive oil. I really like this method, maybe even better than the LOC method.

Anyway here's a summary of my deductions from my henna attempt:

1. Protein sensitive hair hates henna. My hair-type 4- is very protein sensitive. So henna will definitely create a dry feel, hence the need for a DC afterwards. But still.....

2. Indeed, henna is a dye. I got my greys stained coppery red. And I would have gotten better results if I had waited longer before rinsing, and if I had gotten better coverage during application. So yay! for grey hair coverage. Premature grey sucks though don't you think? #Le sigh.

3. If I ever try henna again I might just concentrate on the crown of my head where the greys are concentrated and where I have my loosest hair texture.

4. Thick henna paste sucks. The consistency has to be right. More like yoghurt. Also, henna reeks! A lot. So you probably need a whole clove of garlic added to the mix to help combat the smell.

In all, the experience was OK, now I can say I have tried henna. I am still unsure about whether I wanna give it another go though.

What's your henna experience like?