Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Product Review: Simple Moisturising face wash


I love this face wash SO MUCH. I found it just accidentally, back in 2011 when my Clean and Clear face wash got confiscated at the airport and I had to look for a mild face wash in the UK. So I read the contents at the back, said what the heck and bought it. Within three weeks, my skin tone evened out in a very lovely way. I have been using it on and off ever since, now alternating it with Likas papaya soap. What is awesome about Simple Moisturising face wash is the fact that it is soap free, as well as perfume free. Therefore it isn’t harsh on the skin at all. Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) believers (e.g Hey Fran Hey) would absolutely love this wash for that reason. The truth of the matter is that OCM is a brilliant and effective cleansing method, as indeed, soaps are harsh on our skin. OCM would therefore be a PH-balancing, acne-clearing, deep cleansing and moisturizing way to cleanse our skin. However OCM takes time in many cases to reflect results. Also, some people might experience breakouts initially as the skin tries to adjust to this new regimen.

For me, Simple Moisturising face wash helps me achieve the mildest form of cleansing closest to the OCM method. You only need to use it for a few weeks to see what I mean. I know Shirley Beniang of the meek n mild blog uses Simple products, and her skin is flawless.

How I use it: Morning and night about 5 times a week. I wet my face, squeeze out a dollop, wash, rinse and repeat.

Product: It’s a slimy, pale liquid that foams OK but not too much. It has a flowing consistency so don’t leave the tube open.

Packaging: Sturdy squeeze tube.

Price: Very affordable. About 2-3 pounds for 150ml.

Where to buy: Any store whatsoever in the UK and US I guess. We need this face wash in Nigeria plsss!!!!! *thrashing*

I also use the Simple Deep Cleansing Face mask and yep you guessed it! I love it too. Just that I don’t remember to use it regularly.



  1. nice product!your blog is ery lovely and interesting im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. I have checked it blog. Really nice- I loved d little black dress with the black lace hem. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I used to use Simple and I loved it, I'm using Clinique at the moment but I am debating going back to the Simple products becasue they are good and affordable. Nice blog!


  3. Clinique is rily gud too. But simple is such a cheaper and mild product. x


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