Friday, 17 January 2014

Hair, skin, Lupita and other random stuff


Just wanted to talk about stuff....first, my hair. I am over 10 months natural now journey has been OK so far. They say that the 1st year or so of "returning to natural" is all about experimenting, product junkie-ism and being a natural hair blog stalker. Guilty as charged! I think I understand my hair better now and have accepted my type 4 tresses for what they can and cannot do! I have tried twist outs and head wraps as seen in my pics above, straightened my hair once, tried a blow dry once, tried rinses, pre-poos, cowashes (love cowashes) and all sorts. I get compliments when I leave my hair out, I wonder if these people really LIKE the look, or they just admire the fact that a lady can leave her hair un-relaxed and still walk around with confidence. 

I tried henna some weeks ago more henna for me! I have come to realize that my hair is very protein sensitive and the henna gave my hair this too-strong and too-stiff quality that I hate! I have tried to deep-condition and seal and do everything to get that moisture level back but it seems I am gonna have to be VERY patient. Other than that, I like the progress my hair is making in the length retention department. The hair reaches my collar bone now when stretched. I should be looking at doing a regimen post with progress pics soon. For the most part, I do a lot of protective styling in the form of weaves and braids and only leave my hair out for about a week every month. 

It's very impressive how many Nigerians are going natural now, and the book I am currently reading- "Americanah" by Chimamanda Adichie is something every natural would be able to relate to. Here's what I mean:

Snapshot from "Americanah"

I am so grateful for the blogs and natural hair communities out there! Thank God for the internet! Lol. Meanwhile, I am loving the book and you can expect a review from me very soon and a giveaway! So stay tuned...and if you got to read the last paragraph of the page snapshot, yes that guy is a jerk and I find it very ironic that some of the weirdest comments come from fellow blacks. It excites me to know that many white people today are beginning to appreciate the black race, the colour of our skin, our features, our body shapes, out intelligence, our strength and our sense of style. 

Which brings me to Lupita Nyong'o. Like you haven't seen her pics all over TV and the internet already. But I couldn't help but notice how the presenters (particularly Guiliana Rancic and Kelly Osborne) kept going on about her hair, her skin and how beautiful she is. And the fact that she graduated from Yale. Now that Yale part kinda reminds me of how everyone was going on about how Amerie (remember her?) has a Masters degree and how Nas went back to school, and how James Franco has multiple degrees...I don't think it should even be an issue. It's almost as if people in entertainment are not supposed to do smart stuff, like go to Ivy League schools and get post graduate degrees. Like it has to be either one or the other. I totally disagree.
So wanna see some pics of this sleek, nubian, sexy, new-on-the-scene-goddess-actress? OK.
She's got great style and I'm obsessed with her skin. I always tell my friends that those with the best skin are the dark-skinned ones. Which brings me to my skin care update. I haven't done a facial in a while but my skin has improved a lot. The acne scarring of the The Great Scar event I experienced from acne last year has faded and I have just mild spots left. I also have some hyperpigmentation scars on the side of my face that I need to get rid of. Internally, I have been using Evening Primrose Oil capsules-my life saver-and probiotics supplements. I sometimes take lemon and water first thing in the mornings. Externally, I have been using sunscreen a lot though I need to increase the frequency, I have been using Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash to cleanse, sunscreen in the day time and a brightening night cream at night. I scrub once a week, I use honey as a mask for the hyperpigmentation, and I use a toner at night. Here's a progress pic below:

 So that's my third planned post coming up, with more details and pics-stay tuned!

And there's this hanging upside down chandelier cake that everyone's been raving about. I really love the idea, though it's definitely gonna be a money guzzler! Kaley Cuoco had this at her wedding, and coupled with her pink wedding dress she got the whole world buzzing about the wedding.

I am always looking for unique and creative ideas for weddings and this one should def go on my pinterest board. The funny thing is that it's not even a novel idea at all, from what I read. Many couples have had the up-side down cake at their weddings before but I guess they weren't famous enough to make the news. The designer of this particular cake started feeling so superior that she even joked about getting the design patented! Just goes to show that if you want something to really SELL, put it on a celebrity.

And speaking of selling-we really really need more retail stores for products and makeup in this country! My friend Unoma of VieveButterfly blog went to look for some makeup items just last weekend and she couldn't get nothing she wanted. She ended up buying a Sleek blush, just because. And I am still looking for where to get the Sleek BB cream. It seems I might have to try or ebay and pray someone can bring me some of these things I want soon. And then I ordered some midi rings from over 2 months ago (you can use your Mastercard and get free delivery to Naija) and haven't received my order!

My order: Love heart finger ring pack for 6pounds
Aren't they just divine! I have sent an email and hopefully will get a response soon. I'm glad I didn't spend too much, just in case I never get the delivery.

OK this is probably my most random post ever!
Have a good weekend!!



  1. Interestingly Random I must say...very interesting,.it was like my night cap. Thanx for the update...I would reaally love to meet you when I'm bak in naija in June darling sis.....I've already claimed you....looking forward to more instructional and "resultful" posts dear..stay Great

    1. Yay it would be great to meet you. Let me know wen u r back :-) thanks for ur kind words

  2. I just left Naija last week, and you're right, its very hard to find any retail stores with quality makeup and products. Also I dark-skinned women do have very lovely skin that I'm very jealous of. For your acne, you can try using acv and water 1:1 as a toner. Also, iI know a few ladies on youYouTube add conditioner as well as a deep conditioner to their henna to prevent the dryness...I think its called a henna gloss.

    1. Thnx Freda for your comment ! Aww we shud av met up wen u came :-) I just hope thins improve wit dis retail issue in Lagos tho it's def better than it used to b 5 yrs ago. Thnx for d suggestions I really shud try d acv, I have read some good reviews about it. The henna gloss is a good idea too, I'm still scared tho! I will brace myself someday and give it a go!

    2. That would have been nice, I'll definitely hyu next time :) It's really cleared up my skin (I have extremely sensitive skin, and it's helping improve my discolouration, while helping clear my acne and irritation). I'm currently using Heinz, so the 1:1 isn't too strong..but I'm switching to Braggs next week, so I'll be doing a 3W : 1ACV

    3. Wow those are 2 issues I am always working on- discoloration and acne. I started using at as a toner last night. 1:1as u suggested. Thanks Freda Fro!

  3. I'm just starting my natural hair journey and I think I'm d laziest carrier of hair. Reading all these natural hair blogs is so sweet to do but practising it eh... wish me luck

    1. Haha I know right! What kept me sane was doing protective styling like weaves and braids (I have braids on now) and once a month leaving my natural hair out for about a week. That week I do all d experimenting I can and web I get tired I go back to my weave or braids. As ur hair gets longer, thins will improve trust me. Thnx for ur comment babe

  4. Your hair is beautiful and they were not complimenting you just because o!

    Lupita has this gorgeous skin and coloring that looks divine...I cant stop staring at her pics when I see them and her smile......

    ACV is really good. Helped clear out my acne prone skin and has kept it stable for a while now....I'm so scared my skin will get used to it and it will stop! Try it first at 1:3 before gradually increasing to 1:1 because when I started at the latter dose, I noticed an increase in oil production.

    1. Thank you darling! you kno you are my mentor and i'm aspiring to have hair as long as urs lol. Lupita is everyone's sweetheart now I tell u.
      wow this ACV...I have to try it out. which brand of acv did you use tho? I have Heinz, which is the refined, diluted kind.


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