Thursday, 9 January 2014

Last lap of fun times!

Astro Turf at Ikoyi

Top: Chicken mushroom soup, Bottom: Chicken suya. Both served with fried rice and steamed veggies

Ice cream and waffles at Oh La La. Orgasmic!

Paintings and clay? pots/vases at Terra Kulture

Random pic of peeps I don't know and the lake in the background, at Lekki Leisure Lake

Hi peeps,
I remember sharing a few pics of my xmas parolez last month. Well after xmas I fell ill :-/ but thankfully got well speedily. After which I did not hesitate to make up for the lost fun days! I realized yet again how lucky I am to have wonderful friends- hanging out with friends is just so cool, and it doesn't matter the location, just good company is so fulfilling.

I had a good time watching my friends who like to play soccer at the Astro Turf at Lekki and the other bigger one at Ikoyi. Last week my pals and I had dinner at Cactus. It was so delish! I had forgotten how much I love the food there. The day before, we had chips and some chicken sauce at Mega Plaza. Fantastic. I know I have gained 1 or 2 kg this past month!

On the evening of the 31st I went to Oh La La at Joel Ogunnaike for ice cream and waffles. #sigh...... awesome. Now I don't know which I prefer: ice cream and waffles at Oh La La or Coldstone Creamery's Chocolate Devotion with a brownie. 

Anyway, y'all know how I love art. I went with pals to Terrakulture to check out the exhibition. It was basically contemporary art and the place was pretty much scanty. We didn't see a lot of stuff that impressed us, but I spoke to one of the artists and he encouraged me to try to do some painting or drawing myself. Problem is-where can I find good art books in this country?

And the last pic-this was when we went to Lekki Leisure Lake. That place was so packed out! We watched as peeps had to queue and hustle-yes, hustle- to buy food, buy tickets for the boat rides, buy tickets for the bike rides. Queuing is OK, BUT long snakey queues? No thanks. Even the 10-passenger boat rides were not fast enough, were over too soon, and did not seem exciting. The bike rides seemed boring too cos there just wasn't enough space. The only activity that made sense to me was the jet ski (not sure if that's what it's called). But as it has to be powered by one person, it means you have to learn the ropes, build confidence, and cough out N3000 for just 10 mins or so. We looked away.
After about 30 mins, we left. My advice: don't go there during the festive season! Except you don't mind the crowd of course.

So it's back to life! Back to reality! I resumed work on the 6th and I am so swamped up with work! I only took some time to schedule some posts for you so I won't disappear, promise : - )

Hope you had plenty fun last month and during the new year!



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