Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mini Makeup haul

Hey peeps!

I bought a bit of makeup two weekends ago and I will do reviews on them soon. Just thought I should show y'all some pictures and swatches. One of these items was a FAIL for me- in time I will do the review-probably my next post or next two posts.

So I got the LA Girl make up stick in white. I bought this to use as a base for my eyeshadow so that the colours would pop, and also to use on my waterline when I wanna go fancy.

It cost N1500 and I got it at Giftys Daughter, on Toyin Street. It does look nicely opaque and slightly creamy.

I also got a gel eyeliner from Giftys daughter, called Love Alpha. Now as expected, (rolling my eyes) I could not quite get the things I set out to get that day, and the gel eyeliner I actually wanted was the Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream liner. I was hoping Giftys Daughter would have it in stock since I know they sell Wet n Wild make up. But they didn't. They had NYX pen eyeliners but I really wanted a gel/cream one that I could apply with a brush. The sales lady showed me this and she even had a tester so I swatched it and liked it. I tried to check Google for reviews on it but I only found reviews for the mascara line.

I like the fact that it comes with a small brush for application. The brush has a cover which is definitely a plus. It cost N2000

The last item I got was the Elf Complete Coverage Concealer, from Brownies World. As can be seen from the 1st and 2nd pic above, it comes in four different shades, so that you can use the lighter shades in winter and the darker shades during the summer. It also comes with its own applicator brush and a built-in mirror. I made some swatches....

I got the one for medium skin tones. I noticed that the first two shades did not have as much coverage on my wrist as the last two. 
This concealer cost N2500, a price I think is a bit steep for an Elf product, but with Naija stores you can't always expect a price that is relative to the actual price in the UK or US I guess.

I will back soon!



  1. great review.
    love elf eye shadows.

    1. Thanks Uchenna. Never tried Elf eye shadows before.

  2. i will try one of these dear

    1. OK buITI- but wait for my reviews to be posted first! I will do all 3 reviews in Feb.

  3. Lol, Naija price tins abi? u can order from beautjoint for less n their shipping cost is reasonable.. nice haul btw :)

    1. ok i will check beautjoint now dear. thanks babe!


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