Monday, 13 January 2014

Nailed It! 01

Hey peeps, in one of my former posts I wrote about how to keep your nails long and strong. Natural long nails are beautiful, because they look natural! Lol. It is easy to grow your nails long-just read my post here- and yes they will split and break sometimes but just keep going! I usually wait till 3 of my nails break on one hand, before shortening the other two to make em all equal. At the moment, the nails on my left hand are short while those on my right are still long!

Anywho, I decided to start a new series on F.O called "Nailed it!" where I can show you my progress at keeping them nails nice, long and strong and also showcasing my nail polish, nail art, DIY nail art, where I got my nails done etc. This is not a show-off series but just a way of motivating you to keep your natural nails long and strong. I am not the type of girl who changes her nail polish weekly, I try to do it 2ce a month, and sometimes I go for weeks with no polish on.

Anyway I have some pics for y'all. This first purple one below was done at a salon called "Donna Moderna" salon at 52A Opebi. I asked the lady to do some nail art on the fourth finger.

I did not remember to get the name or brand of the polish but I promise to update you with the info wen I do! Forgive me, I am new at this : -)

This one below is my absolute fave. I am OBSESSED with this colour! I did remember to check for the actual colour of the polish BUT! the print was all worn out! I think I could make out something with "jade" in it but I'm not too sure. It was Sally Hanson's Hard As Nails. I'd call it "cyan" though. Got it done at "Body Splash" salon, 9 Ogundana Street, Allen Avenue.

This one below is my least fave. First I don't think the nail technician did a neat job, plus the polish was getting gooey and clumpy during application. : - /  To be honest, it lasted longer than the other two and that's cos its Orly. Orly polish is def one of the best out there! The colour was "Forever Crimson". Got them done at "Unisex Salon" on 21, Joel Ogunnaike Street, GRA, Ikeja, some blocks away from Oh La La. This was my New Year nail look.

Do you notice how short my nails are on my left hand? I will eventually make all my 10 nails equal but for now, I am rocking the short-long look and I don't care!

So there you have it ladies. Which one is your fave?



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