Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review: Love Alpha Gel Eyeliner

Hi guys!

My post today is a review on one of the make up items I got some weeks ago. I have been looking for a good gel eyeliner for sometime, and I was actually looking out for the Wet n Wild gel eyeliner. I couldn't find it though, and the attendant lady at Gifty's Daughter, Toyin Street recommended this Love Alpha eyeliner.
I will get right to it: I like this eyeliner. What I love about it is its creaminess, ease of application, durability (very important right?), and the applicator brush it comes with.

Here are some swatches:

It's pretty much opaque, creamy and dark. I don't know if I am just obsessed with black eyeliner being as BLACK as possible, but I feel this eyeliner still needs to be a bit "black-er" for it to be just perfect for me. But it is actually very close to what I would call perfect.

OK so here are some close-shot pics of me wearing the eyeliner..... 

Durability: The very first pic was actually taken when I first applied the eyeliner while preparing to go to church. The next two pics were taken when I got back about 5 hours later. I have worn this eyeliner to work about 5 times and when I got back, it was still in place. Now I do not know how this liner performs in terms of being waterproof. I prefer to use my Mac kohl eyeliner for my lower lash line. Somehow I just feel more comfortable using a pencil eyeliner for my lower lash line. 

Ease of application: I really like the applicator brush that this eyeliner comes with. It's sturdy and the bristles are quite stiff and pointed. It makes it easy for me to apply the stuff- and by the way this is my very first gel eyeliner. I still need to perfect the winged eyeliner-as can be seen from the pics haha- but what I am saying is that I think I still prefer using this, as opposed to the pointy-tip liquid Elf eyeliner I got months ago. 

Packaging: Well, all gel/cream eyeliners  come in small pots don't they....This one is OK, actually quite pretty in my opinion, because of the embossed silver screw cap. The small carton/box it comes in does not have correct wording though. It seems this is one of those made-in-India products that might be of good quality, but not much thought was given to grammatical errors on the packaging! I actually was quite surprised at how much I like the liner, I wasn't sure what to expect at first, as I did not get any reviews online.

Price: Got it for N2000. Naija factor came into play here- I think it costs an equivalent of maybe N800 overseas.

Overall, I would rate this eyeliner an 8/10. 2 points off for blackness and the package box with the weird English on it lol.

Update (25th Apr, 2014): I wanna rate it a 10! I have been using this liner for months now and I find it to be ├╝ber durable, and I don't mind the blackness. I realize that it's a matter of contrast between my skin tone and the liner colour. The liner in itself is black enough.  It has a nice durable gel-like texture that takes a little bit of work to wash off. 

What other fab gel/cream eyeliners have you tried?

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