Sunday, 30 March 2014

Nailed It! 03


I decided to try some tribal-themed nail design some days ago. Really like it! I only wish the yellow was brighter though. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I bought that shade. It looks kinda sickly. I can use it only in combination  with another colour. In fact 2 of the 3 bottles of nail polish I bought that day at Ebeano Supermarket were just crappy. You see, I was being a cheapskate. I bought all 3 bottles from the N300 stand. There was a N500 stand and a N1200 stand (Orly nail polishes). The only polish I was very happy with was the Wet n Wild clear coat- fast dry polish. It def dries fast and gives my polish a very shiny coat. I bought this mucus-yellow one which I found to be semi-transparent, and I bought this dark wine one. Both polishes were of course not popular brands but had names like "Fashion Beauty", you know what I mean. The wine one was a complete disaster. It didn't have a smooth finish, took forever to dry, and even when I thought it was finally dry and I applied the clear top coat, it started rubbing off and when I dipped the top coat applicator back in the bottle to get more polish, the wine colour that rubbed off stained my top coat, so now my clear top coat nail polish is near pinkish-clear. *sigh. Another thing-it took a miracle to clean off. I rubbed and rubbed and it just wasn't coming off completely. 

Moral of the gist: If it's too damn cheap, think again! I have a couple of cheapie nail polish that are OK though.

Anyway back to my tribal nails. I really like it. I used a liquid eyeliner brush to draw the lines, using black nail polish. The mauve polish is a beautiful colour from Wet n Wild, named "Wet Cement". I got it at Gifty's Daughter  for N700. Of course, the polish is of great quality.


Below is the look I worked with few weeks ago, using the horrible wine nail polish and a pale pink cheapie nail polish I already had at home.


So my nails are growing back! Yay! I lost some length on both thumb nails though- they split...but I'm moving on. I def need to get me a new bottle of calcium base coat polish. Any ideas where I can get that?


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Closet Wish List for next quarter

Wish List for next quarter

Just a quick post on my closet wish list for the next quarter.

A quick glance at the collection makes it obvious that I am craving a look that's casual, fun, trendy, vibrant and comfy! The details on pricing and stores are available; do you see my romper-obsession? Lol. I really like the blue one with the neck and sleeve detail. The floral one actually features the braided belt not the actual romper but I added it anywayz. I also really need a striped top that I can wear with coloured pants or a coloured skirt. Then that black pair of pants is just gorgeous. And the aztec-like print flats. I am also still craving midi rings!

Because it's my first wishlist post, I didn't pay too much attention to affordability and labels. I certainly wouldn't purchase a pair of denim dungarees for $834 even if it's Stella McCartney! But most of the items in my collection are OK-priced finds- e.g the  $14 skater skirt from Amazon, the black and white romper and the shoes.

Which items do you fancy?


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

From scalp to collarbone in 1 year, plus a moisture-retention tip that works!


I promised a one year-natural hair length check and here it is! Three posts ago or so, I spoke of how I tried straightening my hair and it was a total WASTE of time as the hair started reverting and gave me this "don't gimme none o' that!" attitude. I had to make do with pulling my hair towards my collarbone, as seen in the pic above. I also tried to measure my hair with a tape rule and found it to be between 6 and 6.5 inches. Not bad. I know that it's easier for naturals to retain length, but I also know that some naturals don't retain length the way they are supposed to. I will give you a very brief summary of my hair journey and regimen, goals and stuff as well as a tip that's been working great for my type 4 hair. I won't bore y'all-promise!

Damp hair, I was relaxed here. Note the thin, limp ends
My story is not quite like the usual you know, "my relaxed hair never grew past my neck" story. I had "good" hair when relaxed, but as the years went by, I kept going back and forth from arm-pit length to a shorter length. My hair also started looking limp, the ends were always thin and it just wasn't behaving. I started a healthy hair journey when I started this blog (I still have a few posts on relaxed hair care- around February and March 2013) but I grew impatient and decided to try the natural route. I transitioned for four months and chopped of the relaxed ends myself in July.

My hair at 5 months, sorry about the blurry pic!

I was intrigued with my Type 4C hair, didn't quite know what to make of it, was almost always covering it in wigs and weaves, and had one or two moments of "what the heck did I do!". However,as is experienced by every new natural, I experimented with products and techniques, with natural stuff, and started getting used to it. Now I wear weaves as a form of protective styling, but I definitely rock my natural locks with much more confidence.

My regimen: Wash every 3 weeks (sometimes 2 weeks- though this would mean I am washing my scalp under a weave) with Pantene Repair & Protect shampoo, or co-wash with either VO5 Herbal Escapes Strengthening conditioner or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Anti-Breakage conditioner. Once in a while I clarify with Arganics Neutralizing and Clarifying shampoo.

I deep condition after washing using a mix of any conditioner, shea butter, olive/jojoba/almond oil and coconut oil and some honey, for at least 2 hours. I rinse off and use either Aphogee Provitamin leave-in conditioner, or ORS Olive oil replenishing conditioner. I seal with any oil I like. I also use hair creams/butters-particularly loving the Curl Junkie line.

I style by doing twist outs or wash-n-gos. Every day, when my hair is out, I moisturize with water or a leave-in product, and then seal with an oil. Every night I use a silk scarf, and sometimes I moisturize too. When I am in braids or a weave, I try to wash and moisturize my hair/scalp as best as I can. I do rinses (green tea rinse, ACV rinse, sorrel rinse) every now and then. Other products I love are: Sof n Free curl activator lotion (really love it), Fantasia heat protector straightening serum for when I blow-dry/straighten and CatWalk Tigi Oatmeal & Honey conditioner.

My beloved holy grail products: Sof n Free curl activator lotion, Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Cream, Curl Junkie Aloe Fix Gel, Aphogee Provitamin leave-in conditioner, all my oils.
Now for that TIP I spoke of. The pic above says it all! Yep, HEAT and ICE. OK here's what I mean. Now many of you may already know how heat is great for deep conditioning because it opens the cuticles. Many however, neglect to close the cuticles back, and on time too. Now I realize that products won't do much for Type 4C hair- it's more of a PROCESS thing, not a product thing. Type 4C hair is so low in porosity, meaning it takes a LOT for moisture to get in and stay in. That's why our hair always craves moisture. So no matter how awesome the product claims to be, 4C hair just always has issues. That is why the PROCESS of adding moisture needs to be addressed. If there is a way we can safely open our tight hair cuticles so that the good stuff can get in, and then quickly seal the cuticle back to lock in that good stuff, then WHAM BAM! We get softer hair. 
Some of you may have tried the trick: use heat to deep condition, then use cold water to rinse off. But there's usually a bit of a difference required to make things really work eh? Here's what I do- precisely.

1. I only use heat for a few minutes- then I yank off the shower camp and use heat DIRECTLY on the hair for just 3-5 mins- the hair saturated with product and oils and all that of course. 
The logic behind it: Staying under a dryer or steamer for an hour is good, but you don't need to use heat for that long to get your cuticles to open up and "drink" the moisture. Also, direct heat to the hair for just 5 mins goes a long way, as long as you finish up the process the right way, which brings me to the next point.

2. I immediately get COLD, ICY water. Not cold water from the tap, not chilled water from the fridge. I mean veeery cold water. Don't worry, the "brrrrrr" moment only lasts a few seconds. Also you want to dunk your head in the sink or tub. This is not the time to splash the icy water on your head while standing! Lol! Anyways, so I rinse off quickly with the icy water.
The logic behind it: The colder the water, the better. We want to quickly close those cuticles as tight as we can. Also do this bit immediately you are done with the heat bit. We don't want any moisture evaporating away.

3. I don't rinse off completely. I leave some stuff in there. Many naturals already do this. I also rinse in smooth, gentle, raking motions, not vigorously.
The logic behind it: Rinsing everything out wastes product and time. Also vigorous rinsing could disturb the cuticles. 

When I am done with these steps, I use a T-shirt to dry, then I add a leave in, seal with oil, then add a styler if I want to do a twist-out or something. My spray bottle also has very cold water, mixed with a bit of ACV. Ladies, I get SOFT hair for days. My stylist was surprised at how soft my hair was when she wanted to install my weave. The only other thing that gets my hair super soft is a sorrel DC and rinse. But that's a lot of work.

This is my goal length in the next 3 years! Yep! I can't wait till I reach bra-strap length. I need to reach lengths I could never attain when I was relaxed, and at a healthy state too- unless, I went natural in vain! I am not one of those naturals who don't care about length. I CARE about length. Period.

One thing I am so gonna do in the nearest future is dye my hair. That would be when it gets longer- probably in a year's time. I am obsessed with dyed hair!

One thing I have learnt this past year is to love my own hair. I still drool over 3C curls often-but I guess I have accepted my curl pattern for whadiddizz.

I am really looking for relaxed heads to feature on Fola's Oasis though! As you may know, I want relaxed heads on this blog- I don't have anything against relaxed hair. If you know any ladies with healthy and at least, Arm Pit Length relaxed hair, please let me know! I will beg them if that's what it takes, to be featured here. I saw Lade's relaxed hair recently and I was stupefied for

So before I peace out, I thought I should share some direct links to former posts I wrote about my hair, that may interest you. Of course you could just click on the "hair" tab under "My lifestyle labels" on the right side of this page to see all my hair-related experiences, reviews and features.

My relaxed hair:
My big chop:
One of my relaxed hair features, Unoma:
Sorrel rinse results:
More pics of my natural hair at the 'mo:    and


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Product and make up haul!


I was lucky to have a friend help me order and even pay for some stuff I wanted from Amazon and eBay and then get it shipped downI still have a looong list of products and make up I would love to get, and does the list ever end? Nope, it keeps growing haha. But hey, that's the way it goezzz.

The stuff I ordered were all very affordable, as expected when shopping at Amazon or eBay and I will be doing reviews on each item soon. 

So I got Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm, which I have been hunting for for months here in Lagos. Sadly, the colour available on Amazon was Light 01 which is too light for me, but my plan is to blend  it with some darker foundation and see how that goes. 

I also got this Garnier Skin Renew Anti-puff eye roller to soothe and decongest my puffy eyes. 

Puffy eyes have been a big issue for me for a couple of years and I really hope this product works for me!

I'm so amped about this buy. Been wanting a set of make up brushes for ages and Real Techniques brushes have been praised by many for their quality and affordability. Can't wait to launch 'em! I got the Travel Essentials set (on the left) and the Starter Set for eye make up (on the right). 

Another product I was excited about getting was the Crest Whitestrips- 3D White for teeth whitening. I used Crest Whitestrips years ago and was really impressed. I will not be reviewing this yet though as I was sent another teeth whitening kit recently for review and would love to review that first. 

On the right is my beloved Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash, which I have reviewed before. It's entirely soap-free, paraben-free and perfume-free, and my skin really loves it. 

My brushes, out of their packs. The cases are really convenient and the box cases have brief descriptions of what each brush should be used for. 

Prices (minus shipping costs)
Real Techniques Travel Essentials: $15.50
Real Techniques Starter Set: $15.45
Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm: $9
Garnier Anti-puff eye roller: $17
Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash: $5
Crest Whitestrips: $42

Stay tuned for reviews! 


Thursday, 20 March 2014

DIY: Cropped top

Wanna make a simple and casual cropped top from a T-shirt? Cropped tops are in vogue at the moment and if you have no qualms about showing some midriff, AND you have a reasonably flat tummy, then this DIY might be good for you! Simply follow the instructions on the image above-photo credit to

I had tried this with three of my old tees, though I didn't bother modifying the sleeves. I drew a curved line at the back and an inverted curve at the front as shown and then I cut it out. It's usually best to measure the length you want and make it longer at first so you can make adjustments.

The abs still need some work! :-)

I wore one of cropped tops I DIY'ed to the beach back in December.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Trends and looks I am loving!


I have recently added some new pins to my pinterest account and thought I should share my Fashion & Style board pics with y'all. I like a va-va-voom outfit every now and then, but looks that really catch my attention are the under-stated, yet stylish and classy looks. It's also nice when you can wear an outfit in different ways or change the look by experimenting with accessories.

This playsuit or romper above is so pretty, flirty and fun! What I love about it is the lace sleeve detail. I am seriously thinking of going fabric shopping and recreating this look.

This one really works for me because of the monochrome effect, and also the balance created between a corporate, modest look at the top and then boom!- plenty skin below.

Sometimes it gets tiring when I see colour-blocking all the time-sometimes the good old pairing of a bright colour with black just does it for me. I adore this neon pink blazer with the turn-up cuffs, and the way the lady breaks the silhouette with fitted pants.

What makes this one work for me is the leather? leggings, the shoes and the silhouette-breaking technique again applied here.

Cropped tops are still in- my next post will be on a DIY simple technique for making a cropped top from a T-shirt. I love the skirt and the casual oh-I-just-threw-this-on-this-morning feel of the cropped top.

I have to own a fitted pair of dungarees! I am obsessed with this look. The casual breton-like tee, the rolled up hem, the  heels and then that envelope-purse. Perfection.

I've had this in my pinterest board for a long time. This just shouts one word: Vintage. The pleated blouse and maroon skirt are great for church or even work.

Another trend I really liked and still do- the flowery print pants. Lovely. These pants really look great with heels. Heels really do something to outfits!

Statement houndstooth heels. And I will take those denim pants. Great splash of colour too, with the sweater.

I have always loved tops with cut-out backs. There was a time Kourtney Kardashian wore a lot of these and I always drooled when I saw them on her. Of course the necklace effect gives it a very nice edge!


I feel like there is a big resemblance between the fabric used to make this romper, and our African indigo print!
I'm sure by now you can tell I love rompers lol! It's really great for wearing to go visit a friend, go out on the weekend, to the beach etc. Rompers or playsuits are trending right now. It'll also be great to use chiffon, silk, ankara, indigo, batik or tie-n-dye (adire), to make your own. Just get a good tailor!

Another big trend right now is the palazzo pants. I remember yeaaarsss ago when they were in vogue. I had a pair or two. Now they are back and in very bright prints and colours too!

My fave palazzo is the leopard print one and the chevron-patterned one just above.

So which looks are your fave?


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