Monday, 30 June 2014

Word!: My sun and my moon.

Isaiah 60: 19-20

This is a little snippet from the Scripture reading in my church three Sundays ago . We started reading chapter 60 from the book of Isaiah right from the first verse, and we actually read the whole chapter. And these 2 verses meant so much to me.

It is so easy to overlook many extraordinary, uplifting, and inspiring verses in the Bible. Many times, we read it like a prose and neglect taking out time to understand what's in there, relating to it, thinking about it for a bit, and applying it to ourselves.

The Scripture reading was already quite "bombastic" from the very beginning: Verse 1 says "Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee". Folks in church were already going "Yes Lord!", "Halleluyah!" and all that. But when we got to verse 19, I knew there was some hidden truth right there and I decided to go back to that verse. When I read that the sun would not be our light by day anymore, or the moon our light in the night time, I realized that the idea was that my source and validation would not be from the usual source anymore. So, the things, people, systems that I originally would rely on to be successful in life are no longer what I really need. Something higher has come to take the place of those things, something that won't fail, betray or fizzle out. And verse 20 now changes to "Thy sun" and "Thy moon", or "Your sun" and "Your moon", meaning you now have your own "personal sun" and "personal moon", and all these are tied to the big guy-Jesus.

So, in summary, we should turn our gaze, confidence and trust to Him, and not expect too much from the systems of the world or I-will-help-you promises from friends and family for example. We can expect to be successful in life, and create our own path to success. We can begin to expect blessings from Him that are inexplicable and not tied to our pay checks. We can begin to expect ideas and innovations as well as business opportunities that would change the status quo. We can begin to live a life of fulfillment and peace, despite the challenges.

I really like this Scripture.


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review: Real Techniques make up brushes (Eye definition starter set and Travel essentials set)

I thought I should do this review as I have been using these brushes for about 4 months now, which I believe is enough time to do an objective and honest review about any product. But before I go into the review, here's a little something I thought I should share.

I was contacted by the organizers of an upcoming pageant called Miss Black and Proud. It's all about those interested in building a career in the fashion and modelling industry. The auditions will start real soon so stay tuned and watch this space because I will be back with more details in the next couple of days! 
So back to the brushes: I got two different sets: Eye definition starter set and Travel essentials set. I got each for $15.50 on Amazon. I REALLY like the fact that it comes in strong packaging with clear and detailed instructions on how to use the brushes.

Apart from the brush names inscribed on each brush, the casing gives detailed instructions on how exactly you are meant to use the brush and where in particular to use it.

Travel Essentials set: foundation brush, domed shadow brush, powder brush
This is the Travel Essentials set, and as the name implies, it is what you essentially need for travel purposes when you are going to be away for like 2 or 3 days and you want to pack lightly. It contains the foundation brush on the left, domed shadow brush and powder brush. I find the foundation brush to be great for my foundation and concealer. It's too big for smaller areas like spots though. The domed shadow brush is a quick fix option for when I am in a hurry. The powder brush is just perfect-soft, packs product lightly, and gives a great finish. It could also be used to apply blush or for highlighting.
The cases are built in such a way that it can be propped up to serve as a stand.
Eye Definition starter set: Deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush, and brow brush
This is the Eye Definition starter set. It contains the Deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush, accent brush, pixel-point eyeliner brush, and brow brush. The crease brush is intended for contouring the eyes just underneath the brow bone and this brush is PERFECT for this. The base shadow brush is what I use for my eye shadow base and it's also great for blending. The accent brush is intended for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting and smudging. I usually use it at the corner of my eyes to add a dark colour, and I also use it to smudge my gel eyeliner for a smokey look. Finally I use it to apply colour to my lower lids.
I have never used the pixel-point eyeliner brush before, because I still prefer to use the brush my gel eyeliner comes in. The brow brush is great for applying shadow lightly and evenly to the brows.

Here's the case when it's closed. Very handy.

 Pics of the brushes unwashed. Thought you might want to see how they look with some product on the bristles.
As you can see, the foundation brush has some bristles separated from the rest. Also I noticed that sometimes the foundation brush bristles feel a bit rough on my skin but that seldom happens.

Overall the Real Techniques brushes are of great quality and they are AFFORDABLE! Make up brushes are generally pricey but Real Techniques brushes will not burn a hole in your pocket. Also they are soft, come in great packaging with clear instructions. Overall rating: 9/10

If you check the Real Techniques website you would find many more brushes like stippling brushes and contour brushes. I intend to get some more brushes as well as dupes of the base shadow brush and crease brush. The website has great tutorials as well. Check it out on
Also click here and scroll down the post to see pics of my face after applying make up using these brushes.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It's never just hair

Hi guys!
I saw this funny but TRUE pic on instagram some weeks ago, titled "It's never just hair". All black ladies have probably experienced at least one of the four scenarios painted here. Well, here in Naija, we don't get much thrashing for wearing weaves or perming our hair, but we naturals definitely have gone through some form of confusion or subtle/open attacks about wearing our natural hair. And then the last scenario, about how black men turn against us and start saying ridiculous stuff- I don't even wanna get into that. OK I will- a little. The Solange and Jay-Z elevator fight. Yes she was violent-but no one knows WHY. Next thing my "brothers" started saying "Oh, she is so wild, I hear she takes drugs, Beyonce knows her sis is insane and that's why she didn't do anything...ah! if it was me I would have beaten hell out of her..." and the general tone was that hey, she was being a wild, excessively opinionated black woman who couldn't control herself. I do not condone violence. NO. But I know that some things go wrong and people react. And it has NOTHING to do with the colour of their skin!

Anyway back to the pic from instagram. It really made me laugh. Just goes to show that we can never please anyone. Just do you! Do what you want! I am a weave-wearing natural and a proud one at that! *flicks weave*
This one is for the naturals who have curl envy. Of course it's funny too! I was once guilty of this. When I did the big chop I refused to accept my 4C hair. I would look at Curly Nikki's hair, Taren Guy's hair and expect my hair to do the same thing. Then I thought, it's all about the products. But one year plus later, I don't care anymore. I'm good now. Lol

You guys may have seen this one too. Well after professional make-up and fotoshopping and filtering we may look like that girl in the magazine.

This one is soooo true! It's one of the reasons I wear weaves 70% of the time. Arm cramps when doing twists, boredom, all that jazz. It takes work to keep natural hair-I gotta admit. : )

Loool so apt! "Do you do my kind of hair?" It gets to a point where you can't do even cornrows for your weave at any salon! The stylists would go berserk when you unleash that bush! Thank God for natural hair salons springing up in this part of the world.

OK to be honest, you have to have loooong natural hair and/or looser natural curls (the one I said many naturals crave for), to get this kind of attention. But I actually got this kind of attention many times when I was relaxed and my hair was long and still behaving. This was from when I was a teenager up until my mid-twenties. It's the type of attention Hadassah or Lade get I am sure!

All in all, we should see ourselves as QUEENS. Cos that's how God sees us. Queens. Natural or relaxed, loc'd or braided, bald or transitioning, 4C or 3B hair, it don't matter. Diversity is beautiful. 

Check out my friend Chidinma-she is arguably one of the prettiest people I know. She is relaxed but had kinky twists with store-bought Kinky bulk hair done sometime ago. I just love the pic and want to do the same hair style in the next few days. I just like how it isn't too full and all over the place. What do you think?  Should I?


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nailed It! 05.....+ mini haul + review + bridal showers


Having a good week? Well my week was so busy! I worked all through the weekend. But I still had time to do my nails though! I did a mini beauty product haul last Monday on my way to work and got some new nail polish. I really like this pink colour, by NK Cosmetics in  Lavender Satchet. I could wear this everyday. I teamed it with my Dali black nail polish as you can see.

Also can you see that my nails are shorter? It seems that they get to the 5 month mark and then start splitting. So I made sure to buy a calcium base coat also by NK Cosmetics. I will start wearing that before any nail polish and see how it helps my nails in terms of strength. I got both nail polishes from Lolita Shop at Adebola Shopping Mall for N650 each. This is my 4th day of wearing the nail polish and so far so good. I had to use 2 coats though. Overall I would say it's of average quality.
So these are the items I got that day. From the right, Flori Roberts Shine Away Oil Blotting Primer (See review here). I adore this primer and this is my second bottle! It's also affordable. Then I got the nail polishes, and then on the left, Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash Eye Cream.
I am very particular about my eyes and I always want to look refreshed and since I am prone to eye puffiness and all, I guess I couldn't resist picking this up. I am still gonna get an anti-wrinkle and firming eye cream. No I don't have wrinkles at all but I want to start preventing them early and I feel my eye area could be tightened a bit more. Or maybe it's just the vain girl in me.....

Anyways I got the eye cream at the shop beside Health Plus at Adebola Shopping Mall for N6000. Gosh eye creams are so expensive. I did some research and found eye creams going for as high as 90 pounds for just 15ml! This one I got from Clarins claims to be a pick-me-up for the eyes, and it will reduce puffiness and generally brighten the eye area. I have used this a few times and well it's not a miracle product. However I would say it's OK. You can re-use it during the day, it's creamy and hydrating, you only need a very little quantity, it comes in a sturdy tube with classy packaging. I usually use my Garnier Anti-Puff eye roller (check here for review) first, then use this Clarins eye cream over it. Overall rating: 7/10.

So the main reason why I had to find time to do my nails this weekend was because I had to go for my friend's bridal shower. It was fun, she was really surprised and was crying when she walked in and we screamed "Surprise!". There were games- which was funny cos some girls were actually trying to cheat so they could win the prizes lol-, stuff to eat, music, and we all had a good time.
But I have always wondered about what's going on with this recent bridal shower craze.....I mean, it's good to have fun and all, but I know that 5 years ago, we never had bridal showers or hen's parties in Nigeria! Then suddenly, I just started hearing about bridal showers and all. In fact I hear that some ladies have picked fights because their friend's didn't throw a bridal shower for them. It's now beginning to look like some kind of compulsory affair. And then another thing I noticed is how most hen's parties in Nigeria are planned exactly the same way. And something about those masks irritate me too. I just feel there should be some kind of creativity. Why not have a sleep over, or go to the beach or just do something different. Even hire a male stripper or something (*wink). I guess what I am saying is that yes, bridal showers are a great idea, but we obviously copied this idea from other Western countries and maybe we should add our own originality and twist to it too!

What do y'all think?


Thursday, 19 June 2014

"Being Me" Blog Tag!

So Glamlushhair tagged me in her "Being Me" blog tag. It's just about letting others know more about yourself. This is my third post of this nature; the other two are Liebster Awards and I even had to lump up 3 awards into one! I am thinking I may have to lump up any future Liebster Awards, Sunshine Blogger Awards and the likes henceforth at least for now, but I felt I should do one this one today and get it out of the way.

1. Are you named after someone?

2. When was the last time you cried?
Sometime last year I think.

3. Do you have any children?

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

5. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
CHOCOLATE. I mean, anything made from the cocoa tree! I love chocolate (dark chocolate, white chocolate, milky, caramel, nutty, fruity, you name it). I like chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, chocolate brownies, chocolate iceceam, chocolate smoothies, hot chocolate, Milo, Bournvita, you see the trend? : )

6. Do you like handwriting?
I am a notes person! Stick-up notes, pieces of paper, notepads, notes on my iphone, sticky notes on my HP laptop...I like creating lists and organizing my's almost therapeutic for me sometimes. I even write lists for what I plan to do for the weekend so I don't forget.

7. What's your favourite cereal?
I have 2 answers: The healthy answer, and the oh-phuck-it answer! Healthy answer is Fruit n Fibre with milk, no sugar. The OPT answer is Cocopops and milk!

8. What's the first thing you notice about people?
  Everything everyone else notices, and well, the teeth. I find weird teeth quite distracting.

 9. What's the colour of your eyes?
Dark brown

10. Scary movies or happy endings me weird-but I like scary movies! I like a movie that will keep the adrenaline flowing but still has a good ending haha....romantic movies bore me to sleep.

11. Favourite tv show?
Devious Maids, ParentHood, So You Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor, Frasier

12. Summer or winter.
Here in Naija, it's either rainy or dry season. I def prefer the rainy season! I hate the heat; can't stand it...`

13. Hugs or kisses
Depends on who of course! My boo knows I love kissing *wink*
14. Do you have a special talent?
Haha....I think I am good at estimating time? I could be with a couple of friends, waiting for our order at the restaurant, and I would go "We've been waiting for 15mins" and someone would check and go "Were you counting?!". I know, that's a silly talent to have. I am still looking for that special talent o!

15. Where were you born?
Lagos, Nigeria

16. What are your hobbies?
Reading, blogging, listening to music.

17. Do you have any pets?

18. Favourite movie?
CrazyStupidLove, Munich, National Treasure, Lady In The Water, a few others

19. What colour is your car?

20. What do you want to do when you grow up?
Continue in Project Mgt and own or co-own a business.

So now you know a bit more about me!

So do you have a special talent?


Sunday, 15 June 2014

Healthy and Yummy snacks!


(Click on the pic for a clearer view!)

Hey guys, I guess this pic is pretty much self-explanatory. Note how over-looking some important details in the snack preparation could turn these healthy snacks that are safe to eat between meals, into not-so-low-in-calories snacks. For example: 

- Frying the omelet with vegetable oil instead of cooking spray or at least very little olive oil, or a non-stick pan.

- Using butter or sugar in making the popcorn

- Using white bread instead of wheat bread

- Not using fat-free yoghurt

- Bingeing on all the snacks and generally not watching your proportions.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps and have a great week ahead!


Friday, 13 June 2014

And the winner is.....

It's been a little over two weeks since when I did the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening LED kit giveway and a lucky winner of the whitening kit has been selected!

And the winner is......... *drum roll*

 How The Winner Was Selected
 For the sake of credibility, here's how I selected Temidayo. I used the website: You basically type the list of "applicants" and at the click of a button, randomizes the list so that the list is rearranged. The first applicant of the list would then be the winner.

The pic below shows the initial list. I typed the names according to who applied first for the giveaway.

The pic below shows what happened after did its thing.

And that's how Temidayo Adegbite was selected!

Dayo Adegbite
I will send you an email soon babe to give you the coupon code you need to claim your new kit.
Thank you Belle Dazzy, That Nigerian Girl, Freda Fro, and Chimela Steve for entering for the giveaway! Mwuah! Freda Fro, I have something for you too-you have applied for 2 of my giveaways so I wanna share a lil something with you. Expect an email from me :-)


Wednesday, 11 June 2014

No thanks trends (trends I never really liked)!

So have you ever found a popular fashion trend or movement to be just not your thing? You see it everywhere, sometimes you feel it even looks good only on other people, sometimes you just want to make it STOP for good...and you just know that even if you had to buy that item at zero cost, you would go, "Thanks, thanks!"? Well I was going through my instagram lately and I saw a couple of trends that I don't really fancy, and that inspired this post :-)
So I came up with five of such trends and here they are!

Stiletto Nails:
Four words: Hell to the no! Those claws nails are everywhere now and I really can't stand them.
I just feel it's creativity gone too far, I think it's unflattering, distracting and even dangerous lol. I don't wear falsies and I couldn't even do my natural nails such injustice. No thanks.

Flower Crown:
*Sigh* like seriously? Leave it to the garden-themed or grecian weddings and it would be alrigh' but no, someone just had to make it the new fashion statement!
I just feel it's too much to wear to any occasion other than a garden wedding, and even then, it has to be some kind of costume look- like all the ladies required to wear fascinators for example. But wearing these flower wreaths to a barbecue party or a date? No thanks.

High cuff flat sandals:
This one is different for me. The first two trends I mentioned are trends I don't like to see on ANYONE, not even Rihanna who knows how to pull off just about anything. The high cuff flats for me work this way: they cut off the length of the leg, and as such would only work on naturally long and slim legs. So for legs that have some "meat" and curvature like mine, I find that these flats just don't cut it for me. I certainly don't recommend it for plus-sized ladies!
I have seen it on very slim legs and they look good, it looks even better when worn with very short clothing like a mini or shorts.

Ankle length socks with shoes:
Remember when this was a big trend, even here in Naija? This was around 2010 I think....Well for me it's the same with the high cuff flat sandals story however, asides that I just don't fancy the school-girl look it creates. I like the typical, mini, white shirt and tie school girl look but in my opinion, leave the ankle length socks-on-shoes look to the 8-year olds.

Midi Skirts:
This is another one that looks good on certain kinds of people- those with slim legs and taller torsos. If you are petite like Chidinma or MaryKate Olsen these midi skirts would only dwarf you more, particularly if it's the flared type. Even the straight-cut ones only look good on slim and tall frames and that's why these celebs below are able to pull it off. Have Melissa McCarthy wear this type of skirt and it's a different story.

So those are the trends I currently have issues with: I can make those trends work for me though, with some adjustments and tweaks. Style isn't about wearing what's in vogue, it's about expressing yourself through pieces that flatter and send a message. So if it isn't flattering, based on your body shape and personal taste, then it's no good!
So from the pic above the lady has her nails filed into a very oval shape- very oval and slightly pointy, but still they don't look like talons!
Here, the flowers aren't too loud, they are interwoven with the hair, and even though it's still a very whimsical look, it is still workable. I could wear this to a garden wedding or any other garden event for example.
For chunkier legs, the high cuff works when supported with some height. The heels help to elongate and slim the legs and in fact I have a pair of suede shoes very much like these silver ones above, that I really like.
This is really fab in my opinion, and even though it's not common to find this trend in this part of the world, it's a very lovely way of wearing socks with shoes. The high length of the socks creates its own lengthening effect. Of course, you could play around with different colours and patterns and the shoes could be switched for knee-length boots. I can totally see myself dressing this way on a spring morning.
For larger frames or not-so-slim legs, a fitted  midi skirt would work better than a flowing one. It also makes a big difference to wear these skirts with heels like the sexy Folake Huntoon has styled hers.

So what do you think? What trends have you added to your own "no-thanks" list?