Thursday, 31 July 2014

Leo Baby

I was wondering what to title this post and I didn't want a cliche title like "How I spent my buffday" or "Birthday Tinzz" or even "DoroFola" haha, so I just settled for "Leo Baby"-which does not mean I am into horoscopes....I just got stuck on "Leo Baby".
So the birthday was on the 24th July- a Thursday, and I already knew it was gonna be laid back because it was a weekday, and my birthdays are usually laid back. Some days earlier, I had wondered whether or not I should host some kind of dinner at a restaurant the weekend after my bday and I was still undecided.
It's almost like red, brown and white was my colour theme for my bday! Lol
I got sent two beautiful cakes (chocolate and red velvet)- They looked beautiful and tasted divine! I think there is something about healthy-eating followers like me. When we decide to let go- we LET GO. The way I gobbled up chunks of these cakes was worrisome. In fact I ate way too much sugary stuff this past 4-day weekend and my tummy has been punishing me for it ever since.
Rocking that DIY ombre weave :)
Anyways by Friday I had decided to take a few friends out to dinner on Saturday-the boo had suggested a new restaurant he heard about so I decided to give it a go. I wore a textured orange summer dress from River Island and handmade jewelry from my "jewelry line" lol.
Omobo and I. We've known each other for 18 yrs!
We all had a good time and we took so many pictures. The restaurant was called Elias Restaurant at Ocean Bay Mall, Idejo Street, VI. I had had some phone conversations with the restaurant's friendly Business Devt Manager days before that Saturday, to make reservations and all that.
There were two men present at this dinner-so nah it wasn't an all-girls affair!
 We liked the feel of the place- it wasn't crowded at all- well probably because it's a new place, but still the place scored high points for me when talking of ambience.

I had their corn soup (creamy and so yummy!) and sea food fried rice and my friends had other dishes like fish and chips, club sandwiches, goat meat peppersoup, jambalaya rice, peppered snails, grilled chicken bbq etc. I found my rice to be a tad peppery and Omobo complained about her prawns being really salty. The boo didn't really like his sandwich either. Other than that, the food tasted really good. Also, I had to let the B.D Manager lady know that I felt they needed to be more transparent with their price offerings. For example the sea food fried rice was stated as a single serving on the menu, however when we were served, it came with peppered chicken by the side that we were charged an extra N2000 for. This chicken side dish was not even stated on the menu. Also the take-home packs of asun (roasted goat meat) cost an outrageous N1500 for packs that were no bigger than my fist. And I have a small fist. Lol. But she apologized for everything and in all, I would not mind going back to Elias. 
Sea food fried rice and peppered chicken
Fish n chips
My friend Bridget (far left in the first pic) was so sweet as she brought some cupcakes for us. Thanks again Bridget!
So we had such a lovely time and I am glad I hosted the dinner, because I realized, the last time I had any kind of "invitation-celebration" for my birthday was so many years ago! I am so grateful to God for His grace over me this past year- no cliche, for realz, He OVERWHELMED me with blessings in the past 12 months!

Oh by the way I saw this pic below on instagram the other day and I was like this is a perfect bbm DP for my bday, as per the whole Leo, lion, lioness thing.

But I decided not to put up the pic cos I really am not into horoscopes, plus I wasn't in the mood for answering silly questions on bbm about my DP. Lol! But if I was into horoscopes, I would be proud to be a Leo. Queen Of The Jungle, feisty, confident, all that jazz. :D


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review: Sleek Be Beautiful BB Cream

So today I am reviewing the Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm Foundation. I had been wanting this for so long because I feel like any product that would serve the purpose of acting as a foundation and also helping to improve the skin must be in my stash. I don't like the idea of wearing foundation everyday, and I feel like when I do, I might as well wear one that would not clog my pores but instead, help to fight any blemishes. 
Also I will be reviewing the Jordana retractable eye pencil in Purple Fusion.
You can have a look at what's written behind the squeeze bottle-a lot of appealing stuff there: reduction of wrinkles and skin discoloration, promotes skin suppleness, presence of peptides which I know is great for the skin...
And here are pics of me wearing this foundation, under different lighting conditions. Bottom right is a pic of me facing the sun-though it wasn't too sunny that day.

Ingredients list on the carton it comes in.
Before: No make up, note the spots
After: Make up all done
Before: No make up, note the spots
After: Make up all done
In this pic I am focusing on the eye makeup so you can see the purple shade of the eyeliner.

My Review of the Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm
General: This foundation has about 6 shades, and I custom-blend the Light 01 shade with the Dark shade. It has SPF 15, and so far it hasn't caused any break outs on my skin-it better not, as it is supposed to fight break outs! It definitely isn't "cakey"; in fact I think it is a bit too "dewy" for me, and I feel like it might look too glossy when it gets hot and humid. As for blendability, the foundation blends out very well; I use my foundation brush, and then use my Mac Studio Fix powder to set, using a powder brush. Also it has no noticeable scent.
Coverage: I would say it gives 70 percent coverage, and from the pics, it covered the small spots on my face, but if you have very dark spots, this foundation may not do a very good job of covering them. I used some concealer to cover up some discoloration.
Staying power: I used a primer as a base. I had to touch-up with loose powder about 2 hours after applying the blemish balm.
Price: N1,800.
Packaging: Good. Sturdy squeeze tube.
Would I repurchase?: Yes, because it is a blemish balm, and because I can use it when I do not want heavy coverage but still want to have a fine finish on my face. The only thing is that like I said, I worry that this product may not be able to withstand hot and humid weather or rooms!
Score: 7/10
My Review of the Jordana retractable eye pencil (Purple Fusion)
General: I used this eyepencil on the lower lid after applying black gel eye liner to the water line. It is visible and the retractable-ness of the pencil is SO convenient. Only that you would not be able to tell when you are running out of the thing. It is soft on the skin as well. I definitely like it. You can check out swatches of the eye pencil in my recent haul post.
Staying power: It lasted all day.
Price:N500 (Check Poise store at Ikeja shopping mall)
Would I repurchase?:Yes
Score: 9/10

Other make up products used for the look:
Face: Flori Roberts Shine Away Primer, Sleek BB foundation, Mary Kay concealer, Mac Studio Fix powder, Sleek Face Form contour kit for contouring the face.
Brows: Sleek eye shadow (Storm)- black and brown, Elf Complete Coverage concealer, Davis pencil in dark brown
Eyes: Sleek Face Form contour kit- highlighter for brow bone, bronzer for lid, dark shade for contouring the eyes, Love Alpha gel eye liner
Lashes:Maybelline Colossal Volume Express
Lips: Sleek Flash A Pout Lipstain in Naivety
Tools: Real Techniques foundation brush, brow brush, pixel eye liner brush, shadow brush, powder brush, spooly, small concealer brush for brows.


Friday, 25 July 2014

Hair Crush Features: Noredia

It isn't so often that you come across someone who has exceptional talent, is beautiful inside and out, is hilarious, and exudes self-confidence. I have known Noredia for years- from way back in university- and even though we lost touch for a long while, I found out that she hasn't changed one bit! I am pleased that she has focused on her passion and interests and all, and another thing- she is a naturalista and a very proud one at that. So of course I had to feature her. Check it out.

Please introduce yourself! What do you do?
I'm Noredia, an inter-galactic time-travelling Karate-fighting Delta Ninja.
No, seriously :)

Why did u decide to go or stay natural, and how long have you been natural for? 
This is my 2nd round of being natural. It's a pain, but I like looking at my hair texture and seeing my hair growth. My hair is me, I guess. I'll be 2 years natural later this year.
What’s your hair type, your regimen and staple hair products? 
I think my hair type is 4C. I moisturise and my hair likes water, so we are happy to pour water on it. I usually do a deep-condition before washing with a clay soap (shampoo sorta dries my hair). I don't know if I have any staple hair products, but I do like Olive Oil, Coconut oil, ORS Replenishing conditioner (lovely smell), Emily Millionaire (support Nigeria, buy Nigerian!), Raw Shea Butter, VO5 Conditioner. I've tried Natural Nigerian's Leave-in conditioner, it's a bit light, but gosh that scent! I wish it came in body lotion.
Please share a few tips and tricks for retaining length? 
Well, I'm still learning about my hair, but I noticed it breaks more when I comb when wet. Be patient when detangling (and I'm not a patient person). Have lots of bobby pins around you. My mum told me the more you weave, the softer your hair becomes and it seems true.

What reactions did u get when u first went natural and/or what reactions do u get now? 
I was in the US when I first went natural and it was cool. The second time though, in Nigeria, meehhnnn! Not pretty. Reactions now? Well, everyone goes "oh you look like Asa" or "well you're creative, I knew as soon as I looked at your hair". And I don't get that. But I'll be honest, a lot of people are not supportive of natural hair, I'm constantly asked "why did you do this to yourself, don't you wanna get married, does this mean you'll do dada [dreadlocks] and smoke weed, cover it up na!". But then others come up and love it, so it makes it better.
How do you wear your hair to work or formal occasions? 
If it's not in braids, I pin it up with bobby pins. I like retro styles, so I just fuss around with it until I feel I resemble a 1950s schoolteacher (yay!). I sometimes do single twists. I'm not very good at styling, so I leave the creative styles to the pros. Last year, I used some sort or shoelace thread to do "kiko" style (yoruba snake threads). I got kisses and compliments from the older generation, including the lovely Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett! I felt very elegant.

What’s the best thing about going natural and what advice do you have for other wanna-be naturals out there? 
Sweetie, start loving yourself right now and gathering all the confidence you can muster. You will need it. Dress well, natural hair has been associated with unkempt for too long. In fact, once I wear a short, clingy dress, guys start liking my natural hair, lol. Embrace your texture, this is what links you to your ancestry, love that dark, soft woollyness. African hair is akin to African society: no-one understood it, so we applied as much European practices to it in the hopes that we would figure it out. That's not going to work, you need to find your own solutions. Every time I look into the mirror, I feel happy seeing my hair (knots and all). So I pray you get to that happy place soon.
Where can one find and follow u on the web? 
When I'm not flying from galaxy to galaxy, conquering planets and slaying hearts, I'm blogging at and But most times, I'm somewhere 1000 miles from Mars in my spacecraft, mapping out new constellations in pink marker.
No, seriously!

 I laughed when I read through her responses. She really is funny. Oh and did you see her art works? And her make up jobs? Yes she paints, and is also a make up artist. On her blog are several pics and details of jobs she has done for TV, movies, fashion shows, modelling shoots etc I just had to showcase a few of them in this post. Talk of multi-talent. :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Monday, 21 July 2014

Ombre-ing your weave (lessons learnt!)
Hi guys,
I wanted to share my very "interesting" experience, when I tried to DIY-ombre three bundles of deep wavy Asian hair I recently purchased from a human hair supplier. Now this hair came in a natural dark brown shade. However I recently purchased something a bit similar in colour and curl pattern and I told myself "Hmmm how can I jazz up this hair to make it look different from the other one?...Oh of course! I could dye it! No...better still, I could ombre it! I would do it myself. I love DIY projects. This would be fun."
I remember chatting with my friend and blogger Unoma of Vieve Butterfly (you should check out her blog for great make up reviews and other cool stuff) and telling her of my plans. She warned me to avoid using bleach, and told me about her horrifying experience with it, and how the bleach over-bleached her weave and the weave was never ever the same afterwards.
I agreed with her, but I couldn't find lighter hair colour to buy, and the hair colour I had bought wasn't lightening the hair enough after I did a test on a small strip of hair. So that morning I went to a hair supplies store in my neighbourhood to check for blonde hair dye. I saw Orino bleach and I was like...."Hmmm this can't be that bad, all I need to do is to be careful. I will do a test strip. I love DIY projects. This would be fun."
So I bought Orino bleach for N600.
That's the bleach. It comes in 2 satchets of blue powder, a plastic bottle of lotion-like stuff, and plastic gloves. I got plastic bags ready for this bleaching process as well.
I wore the plastic gloves, poured the satchet contents and the lotion in a plastic bowl, used my sprush to mix it thoroughly. The instructions said the recommended timing to bleach the hair was 60 minutes.
I did a test on a small strip of hair so that I would be able to estimate the time it would take to get the bleach to lighten the hair to the desired shade. It took almost 1 hour for this to happen so I figured I would apply the bleach to the whole hair-ends for 40 mins then apply on the section above the ends for like 15mins for a graduating ombre look.
That lighter strip of hair at the middle is my test strip.
The hair immediately after applying the bleach. I wrapped each bundle up in plastic and stacked them up.
One hour later, look at what the over-bleaching process did to the hair- totally straightened it out! Here's what happened:
1. Remember that from my calculations I figured 40mins would do, so that I would apply the second stage of bleach to create a graduating ombre. Apparently the bleach gods were laughing at me and I didn't hear them.
2. Crossed my legs and started doing some work on my lappy
3. 40 mins later I stroll to the stack. Notice heat radiating from the stack. Noticed fumes, yes SMOKE, wafting from the stack. Wiped my eyes to be sure. Confirmed it was smoke. Freaked out for 10 secs.
4. Got my sh*t together and RACED to the sink with the hair like a lunatic, while thinking IT'S EXPENSIVE HAIR, IT'S EXPENSIVE HAIR!
5. Ran water from the tap on the hair and started rinsing vigorously. Noticed the ends had been FRIED. FRIED almost to a crisp.
6. Freaked out some more.
7. Continued rinsing.
8. Used Pantene shampoo to wash after rinsing and folding the hair along the weft
9. Rinsed, used Alberto Balsam conditioner, rinsed again. Applied more conditioner, oils, hair butter, every thing I could find that could moisturize hair. Concentrated these on the over-bleached ends of course. Wrapped hair in a plastic bag and placed it near the hair dryer for deep-conditioning.
10. After 30mins, rinsed hair, applied leave in and more good stuff concentrating on the ends. Left hair to air dry
11. I kept checking on the hair and sighing over the damaged ends. Yes, about 2 to 3 inches of the hair were damaged, sparse, dry, straight etc. I knew I would have to do some snipping.

Here's the hair after it was 90% dry. I arranged the 3 bundles according to decreasing degree of damage starting from the left of this pic. The snipped ends are on the far left. Even what's left is still damaged, particularly the first bundle, which of course was the very first bundle I worked on, so the bleach stayed longer on it, hence the worst damage. 
Next day, I applied some curl butter (Curl Junkie Coco-Coffee Curl Cream) that I use on my natural hair to the ends. Only then did the ends look better.

1. If it is your first time using bleach, practice on cheap hair first.
2. Better still, try a blonde hair dye first and see how that goes.
3. Test strips are not true indicators of final results and timing estimations when it comes to using bleach for hair! I figure what happened was that when I bleached the whole length of hair and covered it up, the cumulative weight of the hair generated more heat and sped up the bleaching process. Sorry, I am an engineering major so I can't help sounding scientific at this point lol. But you get my point don't you? The 1 hour test strip time was OK for a tiny strip of hair, but was WAY too much for the whole hair that I eventually dyed.
4. When using bleach, check every 10 minutes! 

1. Use quality conditioners to deep-condition the ends, using heat
2. Use quality leave-in conditioner and curl butters- at worst, use shea butter and oils
3. Always keep ends moisturized.
4. Snip off excessively damaged ends.
5. If ALL the ends are excessively damaged, too bad, you are going to lose inches of hair, and if the hair is expensive, that would just suck.

So, ladies, please be careful when trying out DIY hair bleaching. That nigga called bleach is lethal! Lol.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Review: Sleek Creme to powder foundation

Hey ladies,
This is my review of the Sleek Cream to Powder foundation. I found my shade to be "Praline", as it rhymes with my neck and doesn't look ashy or dull when applied. Thankfully the sales girl who delivered the product came with a sample set so I took my time to make the selection.
I am also reviewing the Finestra lip pencil in Rose Dust, by the side.
I have been quite ill (on and off) so I look a bit weird in the pics but just focus on the review OK? lol. I have tried to take some before and after pics, as well as pics under different lighting conditions. So here are the pics below, and afterwards, more details on how I found the product.
Before: No make up. Note the acne scarring  and my natural lip colour.
After: Make up all done.
Before: No make up. Note the acne scarring  and my natural lip colour.
After: Make up all done. I did not blend my contour powder well enough! The lighting was bad in the room I applied my make up in. There is nothing like natural light when applying make up I tell you.
This pic really shows the "barely-there"-ness of my make up look that day, which by the way is my go-to, everyday look. This was taken under the shade.

Weird pic but no worries-I just wanted to show you how it looks in bright Naija sunlight.
I realized that my hair was covering my forehead in the car on my way out so I quickly took this pic. Now there is still some acne scarring noticeable, but then again I have massive scars at the moment.
The only filtered pic in the whole of this post is of course, the bottom right section of this last pic. That one was uploaded to instagram : )

My Review of the Sleek Cream to Powder Foundation
General: This foundation has many shades, which is a big plus. I love the fact that it has SPF 15, and so far it hasn't caused any break outs on my super-sensitive skin. Also it isn't too "cakey"; it actually leaves behind a slightly glowy finish; you may have noticed that from the pics, though this Naija heat usually adds its own jazz to the whole thing. In fact I was already sweating a bit when I took the car pic lol. As for blendability, the powder falls short-even though it should be quite difficult to blend a substance that is half-cream, half-powder. Finally, it's best to apply this product with the fingers which is what I do, then I use a foundation brush to blend it all out.
Coverage: I would say it gives 80 percent coverage, and as you can see from the side-view pics, it covered the small spots on the sides of my face pretty well.
Staying power: I think it was OK, even though I used a primer as a base. I only had to touch-up with loose powder about 4 hours after applying the Sleek.
Price: N2,700.
Packaging: Good
Would I repurchase?: Yes, I am sure if you have better skin than I have, you would experience even better results -my skin has issues right now that I am working on, so if I, Miss Spotty can say "I like this powder" then it must be good :)
Score: 9/10

My Review of the Finestra lip pencil (Rose Dust, 532)
General: I did an ombre look, using a raspberry lip pencil as the darker shade. I really like this lip pencil for a nude look. My lips are naturally dark-toned (thanks mum) so I always have to line the lips to make them brighter. You can check out swatches of the lip pencil in my recent haul post. It was very easy to apply, wasn't hard on the skin, and was well pigmented.
Staying power: Because of the light shade, it did not last so long, but it would if you do not eat or drink anything all day haha!
Price:N500 (Check Poise store)
Would I repurchase?:Yes
Score: 9/10

Other make up products used for the look:
Face: Flori Roberts Shine Away Primer, Sleek cream to powder foundation, (no concealer), Mac Studio Fix powder, Sleek Face Form contour kit for contouring the face.
Brows: Sleek eye shadow (Storm)- black and brown, Elf Complete Coverage concealer
Eyes: Sleek Face Form contour kit- highlighter for brow bone, Sleek eye shadow (Storm)- rose for lid, brown for contouring the eyes, Love Alpha gel eye liner.
Lashes:Maybelline Colossal Volume Express
Lips: Finestra lip pencil in Rose dust (532), raspberry lip liner for ombre look.
Tools: Fingers for foundation, Real Techniques, foundation brush, brow brush, eye liner brush, shadow brush, powder brush, spooly, small concealer brush for brows.

PS: Yes, I partially coloured my hair! Post on that coming up laterz.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Stay Chic in the rain!

It's raining cats and dogs as I type this post. Of course it's been raining a lot here in Lagos and I was happy to feature this post on behalf of the online store, who contacted me recently. Be sure to click on the links and pictures such as the neckscarf, jelly shoes, leather skirt etc to view more details about the item, pricing etc.

"No one likes being caught in the rain, but thankfully there are great looking fashion items that can help get you through the day! Some of our favorite items for a rainy day are: jelly shoes, jackets, scarves, and of course, an umbrella.

It can definitely be tough to dress for a rainy day because there are so many things to consider. From what type of fabric you can wear (suede shoes are a no-go) to how to stay dry without sacrificing style.

Thankfully here are some outfit ideas and tips put together by Kaymu to brighten up your rainy day.

Rainy Day Fashion Tips
Add color! Don’t be scared to wear something bright and fun like a neckscarf on a rainy day. Bad weather can be depressing, so why not go out of your way to wear something non-depressing and cute?

A cute umbrella can be an accessory. There are so many adorable and cheap umbrellas available online, so there’s really no excuse to stick to basic black. Buy a couple in your favorite colors if you live in a really rainy area and use them to add color to your look.

Keep warm with stylish blazers and cardigans. Cardigans keep you warm and fuzzy against the rainy chills. The blazer is SUCH a classic & essential piece that’s perfect for all occasions and especially rainy days.
Be careful of the materials you wear in rain. I’m sure you probably know this already, but just in case… Suede is off-limits in rain because water usually ruins it, and leather that hasn’t been treated with a protectant can easily be damaged by water as well. Don’t risk ruining your clothes – go with rubber shoes in the rain or treated leather and still take your take your selfies by protecting your mobile phones with plastic or waterproof cases.

Waterproof makeup are a must have! There is nothing as unpleasant as running mascara. A smudge proof mascara is perfect for getting dolled up and looking radiant in the rain. 

Accessorize! Accessorize!! Accessorize!!! The rain might cast its shadows, but it’s up to you to bring some sparkle into your day. Layer on gorgeous statement neck pieces on your outfits, It’ll bring the sexy into your look.

Don’t sacrifice the trend just because it’s raining. Leather is big this season and so are the acid wash high waist jeans. Why not bring out those sexy bottoms and pair with a bright and trendy blazer to stay warm and trendy".

I have checked out these items and the store in general and I find the prices to be affordable. The store also has a variety of items for just about anyone- even electronics, books, health products etc. For this selection, I am obsessing over the leather skirt which costs N5500, and trust me for a leather fabric, it isn't too expensive. The umbrella costs N780 and the iphone case is N2500. I also like the jelly shoes, acid wash jeans which are in right now, and the mint green statement necklace.

I like how online stores are springing up in Nigeria- it's about time too!

Which items do you fancy from this collection?

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