Monday, 29 September 2014

Where the heck are they?!: Craig David

Hi guys!
Honestly this post was completely written on a whim! I was listening to my all-time favourite tracks on my phone recently. By the way, I LOVE music. I can't even begin to explain. So anyway, I was listening, and I got to Craig David's "Rise and Fall" featuring Sting, and I was like, "Where the heck is Craig David!" I even put it on twitter. I am one of those people who get intrigued by the "no-longer-happening-ness" of life. Businesses that fold up, TV shows that get cancelled (not the ones that suck though), singers who are no longer famous, you know, stuff like that make me want to find out why.
So I wondered, maybe I should start a new series on the blog about this-to be honest I will leave that decision to you guys.
But back to Craig David: My goodness. 2000 to 2006 I think? People LOVED that guy. "Fill me in, "Walking Away", "Rendezvous"...people were really feeling him! My fave tracks were "Rise and Fall", "Once In a Lifetime" and "Unbelievable". I think the video for "Unbelievable" is just so sweet, if you are patient enough to watch him walk miles for the most part of the video, just to get his lady who is still snoozing away in bed, some coffee-which is the sweet part of course. :-)

Nostalgia time!
Check out the videos below if you like:
Or click here
"Rise and fall"
Or click here
"Once in a lifetime" (no video, just audio)
Or click here

OK so he released an album -"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" in 2010....
But I am not into plagiarism, so here is an excerpt from,

"David’s debut album, Born To Do It, released in the US in July 2001 and has since went on to sell over 7 million copies, and Slicker Than Your Average, David’s follow up album, has sold over 3 million copies since its 2002 release.

David’s album, The Story Goes…, released in the UK in 2005, and in the United States in 2007,only was well received in the UK. That followed by lack luster American sales and record label changes impacted DAVID’s fourth and fifth projects, Trust Me and Signed Sealed Delivered resulting in a brief musical hiatus.

During his departure from music, David began focusing on leading people to a healthier lifestyle and went on to spread his knowledge through Twitter.

With a new found health consciousness and personal confidence, Craig David is currently gearing up to go on a UK and release a garage inspired album later this year."-Mar, 2013  [source]

So that's the deets on what happened with him. Still doesn't clarify much for me though. But I guess life is all about changes.
And he really has been spending a lot of time at the gym!

I like a man who looks built and trim-but this kind is a little bit too much for me! Lol.

Did you ever like Craig David? If you did, what were your fave tracks?
Also let me know if you would like to see more "Where the heck are they?!" posts! 


Friday, 26 September 2014

I was featured!-Anti-aging tricks for 20 and 30-somethings

I hope the week was a good one and you are planning to have a good time this weekend. Mine would be quite busy-I can tell already!
Anywho, I wanted to do a link-up post to a recent feature I did on Nemi's blog- that's I shared on anti-aging tricks for young women. You know they say one of the greatest compliments you could give a lady is to tell her she looks way younger than her age? Well if you want to know more about my tips on this, just click here!

I hope you enjoy the post!
Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Weight loss-friendly Nigerian recipe-plus free easy-to-follow meal plan!

Hi guys!
I am so excited about this post because I have a guest blogger right here, someone who has become my friend, and someone whose fitness tips and healthy recipes always inspire me! Her name is Nemi (once featured under a Style Crush post here), and she was kind enough to stop by Fola's Oasis again to share two things: 1. A simple, quick-to-make Nigerian recipe for weight loss, and 2. A sample weekly meal plan for those on a diet. So here goes!

"My not so little baby brother came to visit this summer, he realized after stepping on the scale that he had gained over 10kgs in the last 6months (university stress) and asked me to help him shed some weight. He stayed with us (husband and me) for a month and after 3 weeks on a program I put him on he lost 8kg! I was shocked and was not expecting this result as there was no exercising involved or dieting, in fact his staple meal was fried rice and chicken! We just identified the foods his body responded well to and fed him. The best part of the story is that not only has he sustained the weight loss, but he has carried on losing weight since.

Many people try different diet programs and fail because they try generic fad diets that their bodies don’t respond to or can’t sustain. Most people that have lost a substantial amount of weight have identified the foods that their body responds to. I believe tailoring a diet to your individual needs is a key to successful weight loss. Another key to sustainable weight loss is tweaking your favourite meals and making them healthier so you are still satisfied, you enjoy your food and you don’t feel deprived.
(One reader will receive a free evaluation and a customized weight loss meal plan based their body type, likes and physical goals more details later in the article).

Rice and Stew is a staple Nigerian meal and tweaking the stew recipe can make a huge difference on your waistline. This Chicken stew is a healthier and tasty alternative to the typical Nigerian stew. It is also very easy to prepare and can be ready in less than 20mins-yes 20mins.

Here are the ingredients you will need
2 Chicken breast or any meat you have
1 Onion- chopped
1 can of Chopped tomatoes or 5 large tomatoes- cubed
1 tablespoon of Tomato puree
2 Scotch bonnet (habanero)
1 Red Bell Pepper (Tatashe)
1 tablespoon of vegetable oil
I clove of garlic (optional)
Curry and Thyme
2 stock cubes
Salt to taste


        Chop bell peppers and onions into cubes
        Finely chop 2 Habanero peppers

        Then using a different chopping board cut the chicken breast into bite sized chunks
        Heat up the vegetable oil in a large pan (you need as little oil as possible-just enough to stop the chicken from sticking to the pan)

        When the pan gets hot, fry the chicken for 3 minutes

        Then add the peppers, onions and garlic and continue to cook till the chicken is golden brown

        Then add the scotch bonnet, curry, thyme and stock cubes

        Then add the tomato puree and dry fry 
        After 1 minute of stirring,  add the can of chopped tomatoes and salt to taste, then simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes or  till the tomatoes are cooked.

        Serve on white or brown rice

Bon Appetito!


For someone who has unintentionally done loads of research on the best and most efficient ways to lose weight and stay fit, I find Nemi's recipe to be on point. As long as you use a little oil you would be fine. Also, you can even try basmati or ofada rice which are healthier options. As for the sample meal plan, I just love how it has in-between snacks and is healthy in terms of nutrients. I learnt the hard way that starving yourself or doing the no-carbs-at-all diet is a no-no. Nemi's meal plan works because it takes advantage of quantity/portions, quality, timing, availability of food items, personal tastes and personal goals. Thankfully, she is willing to give out a customized meal plan to a lucky Fola's Oasis reader! She would ask you relevant questions, and design a meal plan that would be useful to you, and you can also work with her so she designs something you would be able to stick to.

Giveaway Rules:
We made it simple: 1. Follow Fola's Oasis and Anemistyle on Facebook and Instagram! If you do not have an instagram page, you can still enter. 2. Write a comment below stating your Facebook name and Instagram name.
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I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something from Nemi's recipe and meal plan. Don't forget to download the link and/or share with a friend who may need it -you can follow the meal plan for just 3 weeks and see results.Also check out Nemi's blog- for great healthy recipes and other cool stuff!