Monday, 19 January 2015

Out And About: Sights and Sounds (Part 1)

Hi! Hope the weekend was a good one. I'm currently battling a nasty cold! It's so annoying cos I can't work out till I get better. Just when I was all gingered up to start the year on a roll fitness-wise haha! 
But anyway about this post. If anyone were to ask me what the best part of my time away was, I would mention amongst other things, my walks down the river at Oxford, and then the musicals I went to see.

Walks down the river: Nemi and I would take morning walks by the river and it was really refreshing because the scenery was so beautiful. We saw horses at the meadow, boathouses for the Oxford University  nearby, boats docked by the bank, ducks swimming, rowers doing their thing, we enjoyed the peaceful sounds the water created, and as we got close to town, pubs and picturesque buildings. I took so many pictures but can only share a few with you. Of course the walks were a win-win for us because we were able to achieve a good morning work out during these walks.
Taking walks back home in Lagos is something I hardly do mainly because of the hot weather and then the terrain. So when I get the opportunity to enjoy a lovely scenery, I seize it.

Musicals: I love musicals so much. If you love music, stage plays, art and creativity, you would love musicals. There are loads of musicals in the UK with ticket prices ranging from 13 pounds to over a 100 pounds. Like I mentioned before, sites like help you find great deals and cut your expenses. I went for the Stomp musical and the much loved Lion King musical. See more details as captions under the pictures below!
Boat houses
It was cold that morning, yet these folks were out on the river, rowing. Amazing how they coped.

Loved this building

Part of Oxford Uni. The Harry Potter movies were shot in some sections of this university.
Street market
The Stomp show was held at The Ambassadors Theatre. Price:£20 for the Thursday matinee option
Household items were used as musical instruments-pots and pans, garbage bins, brooms, pipes, tires, paper, plastic bags, sinks, shopping trolleys, matches, lighters etc!

The dancers/musicians were so synchronized and talented and funny, it was such a beautiful experience.

I will add some vids to Instagram soon!
This was the stage for The Lion King musical. The acting and singing was fantastic and the costumes were OK. Price: £74. Prices went as low as £35 during Christmas. Lion King tickets are very expensive  I have to say.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Have a great week ahead!


Friday, 16 January 2015

When too much becomes just too much

I don't usually make posts of this nature but in the spirit of humour, I thought I should share. I saw this the other day on Facebook on the Jezebel Facebook page and I was like "Whaaaa...??!!!" When I see surgery "accomplishments" like this I know immediately that there is a major psychological issue somewhere. I am not totally against surgery-I feel it is a tricky subject because, really, people have a right to do whatever they want with their bodies. There are very minor surgeries that make a difference, there are many corrective and infant surgeries that are even advised to help the patient breathe better for example or feel more confident. I feel like as long as you factor in the chance of having a botched surgery, or the chance of you becoming addicted to surgery (e.g the late Joan Rivers), and other factors, it really is up to you.

I am a 34B bra size. I have always wished and still sometimes wish the boobies were a little bigger-say a C-cup. But I have never thought of surgery. I just feel I can do just fine without it. However this Beshine lady has taken it to another level!
Here she is at the gym:
A little history on her in form of screenshots- from The Daily Dot via Jezebel:

I get that people love attention-but this is just stress! She can't lace her shoes, she can't lie on her belly, she must have back ache, she must spill food on her chest often when she eats, she can't ever breastfeed otherwise she would kill the child...the list is endless! lol! What would make a person do this to herself though?
Anyway if you are like me, you get your fair share of kicks from reading comments. Here are a few screenshots that tickled me:

This is how she looked on Halloween. Just gross!

More comments:

Funny comments right?! But you know men...some of them probably see her as some kind of superdiva. I read she even has a large fan base. See a tweet from one of them:
"One of a kind". Gosh.

Anyway I hope I have entertained you a bit with this post! I want to read your comments below! What do you think of Beshine's boobies?! Too much or do you find it sexy? ;)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Review: Sebamed Antibacterial Cleansing Foam

I have been wanting to do this review for so long-but just never got round to doing it. I have known about Sebamed products for a while now and have read quite good reviews about them. I was looking out for an antibacterial face wash since I realized my acne was caused by bacteria. I saw this at Healthplus and I am glad I purchased it.

How I Use It: When I just got it I used it religiously 2ce a day for about a week. Afterwards I started using it once a week or every 10 days. Instructions say it must be left on the skin for 5 minutes before rinsing off, to give the product time to work. It has a mild fragrance and is actually a foam.
My one :)
What It Does For My Skin: I must say, this wash impressed me. I saw a rapid reduction in the acne on my skin, and I noticed that for those pesky, about-to-come-out pimples that you feel under your skin, it does a good job of scaring them away. So I basically use it for keeping acne at bay, like a preventive measure.
After leaving it on for 5 minutes, I rinse off, but it leaves behind a very slight filmy residue-in other words your skin will not feel squeaky "clean". I believe this residue helps to keep the product on the face longer, for more effective results. One thing to note though, for the light skinned divas, this soap darkens. At least it darkens my skin-which is another reason why I only use it a few times a month.

Price: It cost N2000 at Healthplus for a 150ml bottle.

Packaging: As can be seen, it comes in a pump bottle with a clear cap that fits tight and firm.
What it looks like when pumped out
Summary (My Verdict): It is a great product and is effective enough that it can be used every few days or even weekly and you would still see results. It has an effective ingredient called Montaline C40 which is derived from coconuts. Coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties so no surprise there. I have also read somewhere that coconut oil attracts the sun which is maybe why this soap darkened me. But I may be wrong.

Will I recommend?: Definitely. It is affordable enough, and it is definitely worth trying if you are acne prone.

Overall Rating: 4/5- One point removed only because of the darkening effect it had on my skin :)


Monday, 12 January 2015

Out And About: Ashmolean Museum and afternoon tea

How was the Christmas and New Year for you all?! I would love to hear about it in your comments! I had such a good time it was beginning to look surreal at a point. From family dinners and raves all night to 1920s theme parties, musicals, shopping-I really had a good time.
It might be appropriate to write another inspirational article about the past year and this new year and all that but I feel it's a bit too cliche anyway, plus I am not really in the mood for it. Possibly that would come in my next "Word!" series post.
All I can say for now is that 2014 was my best year yet. Yep. For real. I was super elevated and blessed last year, and I had so many amazing moments. I look back at the supposedly "down" moments now and laugh. It definitely was a good year for me and I am looking forward to 2015!

Anyways I am continuing with my Out And About series and this one is about my time with Nemi at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford.
 Visiting museums is one of my fave things to do and Nemi and I had planned to do this ages ago. We got in and started off with the marble sculptures section.

 What gets at me about museums is that awareness of life outside of what we know now, the awareness of how innovation and creativity has always been in existence, the knowledge that I am gazing at an object or tool or artefact once used by somebody hundreds or thousands of years ago, the knowledge that I can see some form of proof of events depicted in the really gets at me.
 We saw a lot of pottery and tools, ornaments and even jewelry.

 That's Nemi by the way-who blogs at

A samurai "suit". The whole works. Looks heavy!

 This was just beautiful.
 And then the mummy section was just something else. I wondered if the mummified bodies were still in the wooden sarcophagi?
 There was a video of the mummification process. Gory.

 More mummies. Lol

 This one was of a little boy-I didn't have to wonder about this one-I was definitely looking at a corpse. It was quite spooky.
 Breast plates and then...all these objects made of real gold. Wow

 Afterwards we went to the penthouse of the building for afternoon tea. I have always wanted to try it out and you know, engage in this popular and ancient British tradition and yeah, it was worth the 12 pounds. We were served sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream (I loved those!) and some dessert which we both found to be too sweet.

So that's another vacation experience stamped down on the blog. If you find yourself out of town, and you love history and art and all that, do look out for a museum and treat yourself! Many museums are free to the public, like the Ashmolean Museum.

Cheers and Happy New Year once more! xxxx


What did you do on Christmas day and on New Year's Day?