Saturday, 28 February 2015

Maximizing space in a small bedroom- by Jane Blanchard of

Hi guys,
Modernize in collaboration with Fola's Oasis is bringing you some brilliant ideas on how to make good use of a small bedroom space. I know that many of us wish our rooms were a bit bigger-or a lot bigger. I for one wish my room was WAY bigger than it actually is. But since there isn't much we can do about such situations in the short term, we can find ways to maximize that small space and Jane Blanchard of Modernize has come up with some tips that would help. Enjoy!

"Having a small bedroom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style and function. Using the right furniture pieces and decor can make any space feel comfortable, not cramped. Let's look at a few ways to achieve the perfect small bedroom design.

Utilize Built-Ins
via Houzz
Finding the right place for several pieces of furniture in a small bedroom can be daunting. You will need storage options, however, and an excellent way to achieve this is by installing built-ins. This example has incorporated night stands and a headboard area into the storage built-in. The look is neat, orderly and very functional.

Lovely Reflection
via Houzz
 Adding mirrors to a small space can give the illusion of more square footage. In a bedroom, you might not want to fall asleep staring at yourself, so a good option is mirrors with a decorative finish like the one pictured above. It is placed above the headboard creating visual interest, an open feeling and great light reflection without being a plain, boring piece of glass.

Look Up
Via Houzz
 Floor to ceiling curtains are a wonderful way to bring the eye up and create the look of a larger space. This room also has simple, yet dramatic furnishings which coordinate well, keep the room looking clean and put together. Making sure that storage is included in the night stands helps keep the space functional despite its smaller size.

Via Houzz
Maximizing space often means creating a single room with more than one use. This bright and beautiful bedroom is very well planned with built in storage and a desk area. This may be a home office or vanity area and is certainly very functional. The bright, simple color scheme is essential for maintaining the clean, pi-together look. The lovely view through a well-dressed window helps as well.

From the Top
Via Houzz
 Sometimes finding extra rooms for guests or multiple children can be a challenge. This modern take on the old-fashioned bunk bed is stylish and fun to use. The loft bed is a big hit with kids having friends over or the grown up guest, still young at heart. Either way, this arrangement makes the best of the small space, without creating a cluttered mess.

Keep in mind that your small bedroom should be designed in such a way that maximizes how it is suited to your household's needs. As long as there is a little forethought, any space can find its purpose in your home.

For more design inspiration, head to"

Here's hoping that you learned a thing or two from this article! Let me know if you have any other useful tips in your comments below.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Fola's Oasis is 2! (Giveaway enclosed!)

It's been 24 months since Fola's Oasis was born, and this is my 240th post lol! It wasn't planned trust me (would have been too cute if today was the 24th of February and not the 25th)-but yay! Fola's Oasis is 2!

2 years since I went over to to start this blog. 2 years since I wondered what to call the blog, 2 years since I started a very beautiful and fulfilling journey...
I have had so much fun being a lifestyle blogger and I wanna thank ALL my readers for your support and comments and love!

I can't reach this milestone without giving something away, so today I am giving away something I actually own a replica of-I bought two identical purses so that me and a lucky reader would be purse twins :)
So this purse is by New Look and I LOVE the colours on it.

 The purse has dimensions 7.3 inches by 11 inches. (It's a big purse)
It's great as a clutch or carried using the chain strap, and I think the colours make it great to go with almost any outfit. 
 So Who Will Be My Purse Twin?
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THANK YOU guys once again!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Almost 2 years natural- length check

Just wanted to share my hair length progress with you and how I gained about 3 inches in the past 11 months since my last length check. In my last hair progress post (click here), I wrote about my goals and plans for the hair. Well here is what my hair has been up to since then:

1. I finally coloured my hair! I have always wanted to and I got it done at a salon, and coloured it a burgundy-wine colour. I had tried to colour it myself with a Dark&Lovely kit but it was a total fail! The wine dying was not professionally done, so it wasn't exactly how I wanted it to look. Also, some parts of my hair did not take in the colour at all. 
Blow-dried hair, about 4 months ago
Blow-dried hair, about 4 months ago
2. I trimmed my hair and took off almost an inch-the tips were frazzled and weak so it was necessary.

3. I kept my hair under weaves or wigs for the most part of the year and deep conditioned monthly.

Length Check: Almost a year ago, this was my length check pic:

This is how long my hair is now:

My regimen:  Most times, my hair is under a weave. I wash every 4 weeks with Pantene Repair & Protect shampoo, or co-wash with either VO5 Herbal Escapes Strengthening conditioner or Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Anti-Breakage conditioner.
I deep condition after washing using a mix of any conditioner, shea butter, olive/jojoba/almond oil and coconut oil , for at least 1 hour. I rinse off and use a light hair moisturizer like the Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion. I seal with any oil I like.

When my hair is out, I style by doing twist outs or wash-n-gos. Every few days, I moisturize with water or a leave-in product, and then seal with an oil. Every night I use a silk scarf, and sometimes I moisturize at night too. (I moisturized much more often when I was in the UK and it was very cold and dry).
My recent buys: I used Tresemme Cleanse & Replenish conditioner and Aussie Moist Conditioner as a leave in some days ago after washing and deep-conditioning my hair and it was wonderful! These are actually rinse-out conditioners but I used them as leave-ins. I sealed with jojoba oil. My hair was soft for days! I could not take a pic of my hair unfortunately, but I promise to do so soon and do a post! Also, I bought perm rods, which have really helped my keep the twists tight and the ends frizz-free.

My hair goals for the next year and how I plan to get there: I feel like my hair should be healthier and longer-I definitely did not take care of it as much as I did in my first year of going natural. So I have decided that in addition to co-washing and deep-conditioning every month, after 2 months, I will leave my hair out for 2 weeks and deep-condition weekly, and moisturize and seal often. This way I can give the hair a bit more TLC.
For the naturalistas, how has the natural hair journey been for you in the past year? Any length-retention tips you would like to share?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Shop affordable and rare health and beauty products here!

Hi guys!
I hope the week is going OK for you. So this post is about health and beauty products. I have always been passionate about eating healthy and looking good and I noticed that there are so many health and beauty products out there that are either very rare to find in Lagos, or are outright super-expensive. I know things are improving, but we still have a long way to go as regards making these products accessible and affordable for customers.

This is why Fola's Oasis in collaboration with Renew 360 (a weight management and meal planning consultancy) is giving you the opportunity to purchase some of the bestselling health and beauty products, at affordable prices. You only need to head over to the "Shop" tab on top of this page and see for yourself.

 Diana Stalder Glutathione Soap, Kojie San Soap, Maximum Strength Glutathione Soap are some of the soaps in stock, and you wouldn't believe the prices! Other soaps in stock are Likas Papaya Soap (I use this) and Simple Moisturizing Face Wash. These soaps are a safe way to brighten up the skin and remove that pesky tan caused by this Naija sun!
They have dandelion tea which is great for clear and smooth skin as it cleanses the liver, and also Fry Light oil that's incredibly low in calories. So if you are watching your weight, or need a detox, or you have decided to eat healthier this year, you will definitely find something for you.
They stock products like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, healthy snack bars and stevia-which I have tried and is a fantastic alternative to sugar, to be used for tea or coffee.

How to order:
1. Click on the "Shop" tab on this page or click here
2. Decide on what item(s) you require
3. Email stating the item(s) required and the quantity
4. You will be contacted shortly, and you can decide when you wish to pick up the item(s).

*Items are available for pick up only, however, special arrangements like meet-ups or deliveries can be made*


*Renew 360 ( is a weight management consultancy, based in Lagos*

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lips: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Choco-Liscious)

Hi guys!
And how was Valentines Day for you? Mine was very good, and I hope you had a good time or at least got some weekend rest-the mad heat coupled with worsened power supply issues in Lagos has been very draining.
I love this Revlon lippie for 2 reasons: Staying power and the colour. Yes, the reds, pinks, nudes and plums are beautiful, no doubt, but sometimes its lovely when you wear a different-from-the-norm lipstick colour, like the oranges, lilacs, and browns.
I have to say that Revlon lippies have really impressed me lately-they now come in very trendy colours. I got a plum one as well and will do a review soon.
The staying power is impressive, and it is well pigmented. I only lined my lips at the edges-not all over. I also like how this lipstick can be built upon by layering, to give a darker and richer hue.
It isn't drying at all, it has a faint glossy feel to it, so it isn't a matte lipstick, and it is very easy to apply because of it's creamy consistency. Revlon makeup is sold in many stores in Nigeria-including Casabella.
For my signature "barely-there" look, I used Benefits Boiing Concealer under my eyes and my brown patches. I skipped foundation and used Mac Studio Finish powder. Contoured with Sleek's Face Form contour kit, and used the colours in the contour kit as eyeshadow, using the highlighter under the eyebrows, the light brown all over the lid and the dark brown at the outer corner of the lid. I used my trusty Davis pencil for my brows, used my Love Alpha gel eyeliner on my eyes including the waterline, used Maybelline Colossal Express mascara and that was it!

Do you wear brown lippies sometimes? And how did you spend Vals Day? xxx


Friday, 13 February 2015

Bridal inspirations: Eva Franco collection for Loverly

For those of you who are engaged, or looking forward to walking down the aisle some day with that special someone, I bet you already have an idea of what you want that special day to look like, don't you? You know what colour theme you want, how many bridesmaids you want on the train, what style your dress would be and all that. But I know sometimes, you see something in a magazine, or on a wedding website (#bellanaijafanclub) and you go "Wow, that's different! I would like that!".
Well allow me wet your appetites today with some lovely bridal train inspirations as Fola's Oasis and Loverly are collaborating to introduce to you Eva Franco's latest wedding designs!

 It's not only this lovely shade of (jade or mint?) green that I love, but the BEAUTIFUL fabric the dresses are made of! Tulle, satin, organza and silk fabrics for bridal wear just bore me. This one right here is just so different and eye-catching.
 Pantsuits. Just lovely. When will I begin to see such things in Nigerian bridal trains? I love the one with the lace cropped "top" and also I like how flowy the pants are. A nice bridal train idea would be to have some of the bridesmaids in pantsuits and others in long flowy dresses-same fabric and colour.
 You may have noticed already that Eva Franco keeps her silhouettes and designs as simple and comfy as possible, and she focuses her creativity on the fabric.
I love how these two dresses are similar, yet different. That's another thing I would love to see more of in bridal trains in this part of the world- a bit of individuality and character. Not every bridesmaid has to wear the exact same kind of dress.

My faves from this collection are the pantsuits of course, the cover picture dresses and the cropped top and skirt. The dresses can be worn for other occasions-another big plus in my opinion. Click here to see other dresses in the Loverly bridesmaids dresses shop.

Which ones are your faves?


* is a wedding inspiration and e-commerce engine that allows brides, grooms, and enthusiasts to discover wedding ideas, receive tips, purchase wedding products, evaluate who to hire for their weddings, and share their findings*

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Out And About: Sights and Sounds (Part 2)

This is the last of my Out and About series. I think I have shoved enough pics into your faces over the past 2 months or so, but at least I hope you learnt a thing or two about where to go, when to go, why to go, pricing, discounts etc when away on vacation in the UK.
This post is really just about walking the streets of Oxford and taking pics of cathedrals, libraries, museums and schools. Nemi took me to the Oxford Prayer Room & Youth Centre. I also had a good time at the Christmas carol service hosted by St Aldates church. And most of the other pics are just shots of the Christ Chapel Church.

They say that's real gold! Hmm who knows?!