Saturday, 28 March 2015

Pink Revlon Lippies: Revlon ColourStay (015) and Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter (090)

It's lippie review time again and today it's a duo review of 2 Revlon lippies- I should call them lip stains though.
The first is the Revlon ColourStay Moisture Stain (015) - Barcelona Nights. I saw it at a Boots Store months ago and what made me buy it was when I saw the lip colour on a picture of the beautiful Olivia Wilde. I didn't even think twice- I just popped one in my shopping basket.
The exact picture I saw that day :)
The second lippie for review is the Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter (090) - Sweet Tart. This one was bought because I thought I needed a light pink lip stick for an everyday make up look.
Packaging and effects: Barcelona Nights comes with a doe foot applicator while Sweet Tart comes as a simple tube lip stick. Barcelona Nights does has that glossy and wet feel when applied but like most lip stains, I find that I prefer the look when I have moisturized my lip with balm before application. 
Sweet Tart has a light glossy feel to it.
Top: Barcelona Nights, Bottom: Sweet Tart

Durability and Colour Pay off: Well Barcelona Nights is just OK- I like how it can be lightly applied or thickly applied. However I think it might be wise to layer two or three coats while waiting for the previous coat to dry before applying a new coat. Just slathering the thing on the lips might make the lippie look gooey.
Sweet Tart really disappointed me though. Fine, my natural lip colour is dark and all, but still! It does nothing for me. I had to line my lips with liner very well before I could get this lip colour to show. I guess one has to have very pink lips to rock it.
Sweet tart with lip liner as base
Barcelona Nights lightly applied
The other day I asked Mr. Man what he thought my favourite shade of lipstick was and he confidently said "red". Lol. I mean I will always love the classic red (I just ordered a Ruby Woo- huh what have you been waiting for! you might ask), but I definitely have a soft spot for pink lippies. I even read somewhere that it makes people look younger.

Score Board:
Barcelona Nights: 3/5
Sweet Tart: 1/5

What's your fave shade of lipstick? Red, wine, pink, plum, orange or nude?

Olivia Wilde image source:

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Not Just Another City-Spots to visit at Abuja

Hi guys!
Who hasn't ever visited Abuja? Very few of you I'm sure. Most people who visit Abuja do so to see family, friends, for work, events or whatever, but I wonder how many people see this city as a tourist location.
"Abuja, located in the center of the Nigeria blends nature with sophistication. Ever since it became Nigeria’s Capital in 1991, the city has witnessed high influx of people. Regarded as Nigeria’s seat of power,it is a regular host to both local and international meetings.The city houses major buildings like the Presidential Villa (Aso Rock), the National Assembly and Supreme Court.

If you are going to Abuja for business or pleasure there are some eye-catching places you can’t just help but visit. Starting from the hotels, to the rocks, parks and other exciting places, you are bound to have a swell time on your visit to Abuja.
Below are 8 wonderful places has spotted in Abuja. Enjoy!

Transcorp Hilton Hotel & Sheraton Hotel, both located in the heart of Abuja are 40 minutes’ drive from the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport. Both hotels provide moderate to expensive rooms that give you a magnificent view of the city.

You can enjoy the 24-hour room delivery service or eat out at one of the hotel’s restaurants that provide local dishes, Italian cuisines, steaks, barbequed food or you can enjoy a drink at the bar.
These hotels have amenities and provide services that include – the nightlife club, picnic area, spa, saloon, laundry service, casino, ballrooms, tour assistance, internet service, medical assistance, foreign currency exchange among others. The hotel can practically be regarded as a small community on its own.

Millennium Park, the largest public park in Abuja is located in Maitama district of the city, close to the presidential and administrative buildings in the city.

Inaugurated by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 2003, the park is segregated into two parts by a river. One part is dedicated to uncontaminated nature that preserves the vegetation and greenhouses for butterflies and tropical birds, while the other part, conceived and designed by an Italian Architect, Manfredi Nicoletti is structured in a traditional and rigid Italian style garden layout.
It has a fountain located along the walkway that refreshes passersby at the hottest of afternoons and add beauty to the park. The park is a great spot for picnics.

Arts and Crafts Village, located in the Central Business District sits in between Shehu Yar’Adua Centre and Silverbird Entertainment.
The shops, beautifully made in similar shapes from clay and thatch roofs help to buttress the place as truly a crafts and artworks village.
For lovers of artwork, some of the things you will come across at the village for sale include, traditional home decor, beaded necklaces/bracelets, African traditional masks, warrior and horse statuettes, Adire (tie and dye), among others.

National Children Park and Zoo, located off the Central Business District by Asokoro, is very close to Aso Rock.
There are quiet numerous animals that you can admire; camels, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, zebras, among others. Wild and domestic animals housed in this zoo make it a great attraction center especially for children who love to take a closer look at animals in the zoo.
There is a playground and other activities children can engage in along the Toddler’s Lane, making it an ideal place to take your children for a fun afternoon.

Two famous Rocks: Aso and Zuma Rock
Aso Rock is Abuja's most noticeable feature with the Presidential Complex, Nigerian Supreme Court and National Assembly located around it.

The Zuma Rock depicted on the 100 naira Nigerian note, popular referred to as the “gateway of Abuja” is located in the Niger State. It was used as a defensive retreat by Gbayi people during the inter-tribal war and there is a noticeable trace of a human face on the rock.

Gurara Falls is located in Niger State. Two mainstreams of waterfalls clashing off a cliff are its major attraction.
Though not fully developed, there are steps carved into the steep rocks to assist visitors descend and ascend with ease. The spot is also a great place for birds watching.

Wonderland Amusement Park& Resort, situated in the heart of Abuja is an ultra-modern world class recreation center and one of the biggest amusement parks in Nigeria.
The park has leisure gardens, games and rides for both children and adults.

With food cafes and shops scattered around the Resort, you can enjoy offerings of delicious Continental, Mediterranean and African meals.

We hope you have fun on your next visit to Abuja!"
I have visited The Transcorp Hilton, Aso Rock, Wonderland and The Millenium Park. Which of these spots do you think you would like to visit someday?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Foodie Crush: Sharon Pearl


Today's feature post is very different and exciting- I haven't ever featured a Foodie Crush on the blog after all, and this chick is so inspiring! I found her on Instagram and have been hooked on her account ever since.
It's really just the combo of her great food shots, the variety of ingredients she uses, and most importantly the healthy-eating factor. Yeah Sharon is a serious member of the fitfam community, and if you are looking for more exciting ways to whip up healthy dishes then you want to check out her Instagram account.

Anyway I decided to feature her right here and also showcase a few of her recipes. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself? What do you do?
"My name is Sharon Pearl and I am self employed".

What inspires you to create these dishes?
"Well for me the inspiration comes from everything, the food I eat, colours, food shows, my imagination and of course my inquisitive nature. I can think of a particular food and try to recreate new foods from it.. Am not one to really follow rules. (Laughs)"
 Plantain salad
Ingredients: Salad veggies of your choice e.g lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber etc,
Method: Throw in some fried plantain, boiled eggs and even avocado and add your favourite salad dressing.

How do you manage to mix up healthy eating with tasty dishes?
"I like to think that Healthy Eating is quite simple for instance, vegetable soup is very nutritious however , I think what matters is the method of preparing. the veggies are often over cooked and loose a large amount of nutrients in the process. Healthy Eating is about what to combine to get the best nutrition."
 Stirfry vegetables with chicken wings
Ingredients: Carrots, tomatoes, green beans and/or asparagus and/or spring onions, peppers etc. and chicken wings
Method: Chop and team vegetables and set aside. Add veggies to a pan of 2 tablespoons of olive oil, season as desired, add the boiled and seasoned chicken wings and serve.

What advice do you have for those in say, Naija who find it difficult to buy certain foods and ingredients?
"I think it all depends on the individual, their amount of income (If they are on a tight budget or have enough to spend) and their willingness to try out new foods. I have heard you can buy things like asparagus and broccoli in Shop Rite, Park n Shops, Fig store in Lekki and similar shops.  Lagos is so cosmopolitan that I think sourcing for healthy options or ingredients are not that hard. One just has to look in the right places."
 Green smoothie
Ingredients: Coconut water, spinach, 2 mangoes, 1 avocado, half a lemon
Method: Blend them all up and chill if preferred.

When you are not cooking, what do you do as a hobby?
 "Besides cooking, I love reading, travelling exploring new things, culture and people.  For me it is the most exciting form of self development. I am a very curious person,  I always want to learn and know more things about various topics".
 Plantain pancakes (topped in fried egg whites)
Ingredients: 2 ripe plantains, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 2 eggs, 1 cup pf oats, 1/4 flour, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 3 teaspoons of coconut oil, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1/2 teaspoon of salt.
Method: Peel plantains, chop into cubes, put all above ingredients into a blender. If it's too thick, add some water. Cook in drops of oil  of your choice. Garnish and enjoy.

What advice do you have for those who want to begin eating healthy but have no idea where to start?
 "The first thing I will say is READ HEALTH RELATED BOOKS... I think back in Nigeria we love food so much and don't seem to know about the consumption of the right foods. Back in Nigeria, the education system does not really offer much except you are in the science field ( biology, dietetics and the rest). The whole concept of healthy eating is relatively new in Nigeria so I can understand why it might be hard for some people. A lot of the Information I know is accumulated knowledge over the years. 

After reading, try out new foods especially the ones with good nutritional value. Explore with food. There is no restriction with food".
 Yam porridge with mushroom sauce topped with chives
Method: Make yam porridge as normal. For the mushroom sauce, cut onions, ginger, garlic and mushrooms and set aside. Saute the onions, then add the ingredients and cook. Mix with yam porridge or serve seperately and top with chives.

"Follow people who have the knowledge and share recipes, try them out. put your own modifications to your liking. 

Be consistent, healthy eating is just the start of rediscovering a whole new life.. you will be begin to look, feel different as you continue to improve".
 Stirfry Beans
Ingredients: Beans, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, , 2 tablespoons of palm oil, vegetables of your choice, shredded turkey.
Method: Boil beans, make stirfry, using ingredients except for palm oil. (Fry them all up). Add beans and all palm oil, then season.

Home made protein bars
Ingredients: 2 cups of oatmeal flour, 1 cup of protein powder, 1 cup of peanuts, 1 cup of pumpkin seeds, a handful of raisins, 1/2 a cup of honey, 1/2 a cup of coconut oil (you can add more sweetening ingredients).
Method: Mix up all the ingredients and then transfer into your preferred mould, store overnight in the fridge. Cut to desired shape.

I actually selected these recipes out of her large inventory of yummy recipes because I wanted you to see recipes for breakfast, lunch/dinner, a smoothie, her protein bars, and I also tried to choose recipes with ingredients that are readily available and/or affordable here in Nigeria. I really think eating healthy takes a lot of work and determination, but we can definitely make efforts to make our meals tasty and exciting in addition to being healthy.

So what do you think? Which recipe would you like to try?

For more exciting and healthy recipes, visit Sharon's Instagram page: @naturaljunkie

Friday, 13 March 2015

My last weekend- Naturals In The City and "The Sisters" at Terrakulture

Thank God it's Friday, even though it's the 13th lol!
Anyway one of my goals for this year is to go out more, and be more involved in events, and also promote my blog brand a bit more. So I just had to be at the Naturals In The City (NITC) event last Saturday and I am really glad I made it.

I hooked up with the lovely Liz (here's her blog), and we got there and because the event was yet to begin, we browsed through the gallery and checked out the hair and skin products on display.
I met a few bloggers- I really hoped to meet more, but I wasn't that lucky- I met Ekene, Natural Nigerian, Naija Girl Next Door and the quirky Titi of Postarant!

Saw many new Nigerian brands on display......
I even saw some natural-based nail polish (also water-based), also Nigerian made! Very impressive.

I enjoyed some of the talks-there was a talk by Naija Girl Next Door, about transitioning, a talk by another lady about homemade skin care, a talk by detox and nutrition specialist-Sherese Ijewere and another lady spoke about being confident rocking your natural hair.
I was very surprised at how my hair turned out that day (and I got a lot of compliments) because I honestly had no clue what to do with it earlier that morning. It's funny how you manage to pull something off so well when you didn't even expect to, or when you are in a big rush and can't be bothered! I basically wet the hair thoroughly, blotted it dry just a tiny bit with an old tee, slathered on my two newest bestie conditioners (Tresemme and Aussie Moist), sealed with a little oil, combed it, brushed it, then I just let my inner "goddess" (haha) do her thing and I came up with a coiffed look inspired by my cousin- Janelle Monae. Yes in Berry Dakara fashion, I have claimed Janelle Monae as my cousin. She is my cousin. Just accept it.
Natures Gentle Touch, Titi goofing around at the photo booth, Liz and I
I had fun, though the event started a bit too late for my liking and I wanted giveawaaaaays!, but it was still fun. There was even a photo booth where Titi really enjoyed herself posing and making us laugh. Nature's Gentle Touch gave free hair and scalp health checks, and there was a product swap section. Liz got some really nice products from her swap.
Namaste Organics (met the CEO-lovely lady), Titi&Liz, Sahara Sunrise
So on Sunday, Mr. Man (boo's name on the blog henceforth) took me to see a play at Terrakulture titled "The Sisters". If you read one of my former posts (here) about the play I watched at Terrakulture you would remember I really enjoyed it. "The Sisters" was OK, but I didn't really enjoy it. I guess I am just a sucker for big-time humour and wit when it comes to plays and this particular one was quite lacking.
I liked the Naija concept of the small chops I got for us from a vendor outside- quite different from the same old same old don't you think?


Got any fun plans for this weekend? :)

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Giveaway Winner Announcement!


Hope the week has been good for you all. Mine has been kinda busy but let me get right to it!

I have selected my 2nd Blogiversary Winner and it is.......MARY ONYEKA!
 OK as usual, because I am free and fair (wink), I have taken snapshots of my selection process.

1. I put down each name starting with the first entry from the comments on the Giveaway post

2. Then I pressed the randomizer button and this happened....
Mary moved from number 8 to number 1 and she became the winner of my twin purse!

Congrats Mary, I hope the purse "serves you well", and may you pass it on from generation to generation lol!
For my other contestants, THANK YOU for entering for the giveaway! I know you entered to support me and all that, and not only because of the purse :)


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hello Food, and an "interesting" party experience

How have you been coping with the fuel scarcity crisis though?! I really hope it boils over soon because I have had to minimize my outings and all that due to lack of fuel and unwillingness to queue for a long so long just to get fuel. Even the generator has been resting a lot lately. Thankfully the power situation has not been so bad, it's been quite bearable.

So because I felt like eating out but could not drive out, I decided to give the online meals delivery website, Hello Food a try. I had read about Hello Food from another blogger over a year ago and I have always wanted to give it a try-particularly as there are now some restaurant options for Mainlanders like me.
Hello Food is basically an online restaurant aggregator or hub where you can order whatever you want from the restaurants available and the website acts as a middle man. You get a call and email from the restaurant to confirm your order and you are all set.
 So I placed my order with Savoury at Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja for me, my boo and my sis and as a confirmed Amala fan, I ordered this....

And yam pottage...

There are many restaurants to choose from and I found many restaurants I wasn't even familiar with- for the Mainlanders  you can order from Magrellos, Kobis, Yanga Buka, Spicy Pot etc
and Islanders can order from Cactus, Goodies, KFC, Johnny Rockets etc. You can even download the mobile app here

OK on to other "news", when was your last most embarrasing moment?   
OK I honestly haven't had one in a while, and I guess I must be very lucky, or very "careful", but I sure had one last Saturday at a one-year old birthday party! OK let me give you the gist. 

My boo's friend's daughter was celebrating her first birthday, so he asked me to come with him. He also asked his 8 year old younger brother to come along so we got there, and everything was going fine...and then his brother went out to dance with the other kids. You know how these children MCs (I think they are called party pushers :\) organize games and dancing competitions for the kids at parties and then the winners win prizes? Well this young man danced so well that he got into the top three best dancers. 
AND THEN IT HAPPENED. The MC asked the first kid, "Where's your mummy? Oya go and call her". The kid scampered off to get her mum.That was when my heart stopped beating. He asked the second kid "Go and call your mummy". That one too ran off. 
And then he turned to my boo's brother. "Where is your mummy?" My eyes widened. When the poor boy told the MC his mum wasn't at the party, he replied "OK....go and borrow a mummy." I started sweating. I knew the boy would ask me to represent his mum "on stage". I also knew there would be a "Mummys Dance Off" competition. Of course there would be.

Now for me the terror of the situation lay in the fact that I do have a shy side (number one), AND number two, I have two left feet! I don't know how it happened, but I can't dance the typical "Naija babe dancefloor dance". You know the waist winding, booty grinding, sexy dancing moves we are known for?! I try but I guess my shyness gets the better of me and once upon a time, back in high school and uni, I was a pretty good dancer, if I may say so myself, but I just don't know how I lost my powers.....

So anyway, this boy comes to me (of course), and I am begging him, pleading with him to ask someone else, explaining my "disability" to him. But of course I knew I was wasting my time, I had to represent him and I couldn't let him down so I dragged myself to the "stage".
 It was just ridiculous.

The first game for the three "mothers" was some silly "balloon game" where we had to blow the balloons till they burst. And the first balloon-burster wins the game. Well I tried my best but I think my balloon was retarded and I came second. The winner won a prize for her kid. Thankfully I won the second game- a tongue-twister game where we all had to say "Tasty Fried Chicken" forward and backward 5 times without blabbing. SMH
I don't understand why the MC wasn't satisfied with the "results", because suddenly he decided to declare a dancing competition to decide who should win the third prize! Just when I thought I wouldn't have to dance. I felt so sad, lonely and distressed......

My bf's friends were laughing/smiling at me, I think my bf was a little embarrassed FOR me because he kept typing some things on his phone, and I was sweating even more-hiding behind the sunglasses I wore, and begging God for some major distraction, like maybe snow, or an earthquake or something.

Then the DJ started playing some song, and I accepted my fate. So I shuffled and smiled and giggled and later started using my eyes to beg the DJ to stop (the DJ actually found this hilarious and burst into laughter, silly man)- the winner was obviously not going to be me, I mean it wasn't like the other "mummy" was dancing a lot, she was shuffling as well, but she was definitely a better shuffler, and finally it all ended.

At least I won a prize for my little "son". :-) I walked back to our table and spent the next 15 minutes wiping off the sweat and trying to look party-pretty again.

28th February, 2015. The day of my most embarrassing moment. I now have a phobia for kiddie parties. Never again.

Haha just kidding (no pun intend), if there is food, I will be there, trust me ;-)

Want to share your most embarrassing moment with me?
Also have you tried ordering from Hello Food before?