Thursday, 27 August 2015

7- Week Faux Locs Diary: My personal experience, advice, maintenance tips and what to expect.

I promised to share with you all my faux locs experience. Let's just say this style helped me grow some more PATIENCE! I guess I had seen enough pictures of faux locs on ladies (see some examples below) and they looked amazeballs. I had some Noir kinky hair with me but the stylists had to use more. It also took about 5 hours in total even though 2 ladies were working on my hair. I had done a mild protein treatment some days before to strengthen my hair a bit. A scary part was when the girls began running a flame through my locs to burn off the hairs sticking out. I kept telling them I didn't think it was necessary but they wouldn't listen (#eyeroll) so I just told them to stick to the lower half of the locs where my actual hair did not reach.

So here is my "Faux Locs Diary" and some maintenance tips and observations.

Day 1 of installation:
Tight. Stiff. Painful. Difficult to sleep. Regret.
I mean from the looks of it, it looked like I had African threading on which was DEFINITELY not the look I was going  for! Someone even asked me if it was threading I had on. I really hated the way it looked and if not for the pain I may have taken it all out. And yeah because the girls had to grasp the hair really tight, it felt painful to touch my scalp and style the hair. For 2 weeks all I could do was pull it loosely to the back. Even sleeping was difficult for days.
Day 3 of installation:
Sleeping is easier now. Still tight and uncomfortable on my head. Oh and it is heavy! Not surprising with 7 packs of bulk weave eh? I had to go online to do research. This was when I learnt that I was not the only one who freaked out at the beginning due to the stiffness of the locs, but that it would soften over time. I doubted that very much every time I felt through a loc. It felt as rigid as steel! Online some ladies had dipped the locs in water to soften it, but I was scared the water would make the hair even heavier and Berry seconded this (yes I panicked so much that I had to ask her how her faux locs experience went, though hers were the "instant" ones that come pre-loc'd).
Then the burnt hair that was still attached to the locs kept shedding on my pillow case.

Week 1 of installation: Still shedding tiny burnt hairs. Doesn't hurt anymore but I still can't style the hair at all. Hair is still stiff and I still hate it.

Week 2 of installation: I can now push some strands about gently and the locs are a bit softer. Shedding has really reduced.
Week 3 of installation: I'm beginning to finally see the beauty of this hair. Locs are softer and I can do more styles now. It looks more like dread locs every day and less like African threading praise God!

Week 5 of installation: I love my faux locs! No more shedding. It's soft and malleable now too. I can do ANY style with it, even high buns. It thrives when wet and dries quickly.
Week 7 of installation: Still in love! Now I see why they say faux locs should stay on for as long as even 4 months. I can't do that though because I have a wedding to prepare for soon and I am honestly worried about my natural hair locing or getting matted when I take out the weave. But we'll see. Apart from the cover pic here's another pic of me styling the locs. There are about 2 other pics of me wearing the locs on my IG page.
Me again
I don't even make a bun when I get into the shower, the locs seem to love water and once I blot it dry it's fine. I also co-washed it once and all went well. I use a leave in moisturizer, and sometimes oil my scalp.

The hair generally looks nicer and softer the older it gets. It could be styled anyhow at all and I hardly use bobby pins, just a thick, strong rubber band. The hair likes to pick up lint though! So you may find yourself picking out tiny bits from the hair particularly from the burnt ends.
 Note that white speck right there!
In summary, I think every African lady who isn't already on dreadlocks should try the faux locs at least once in a lifetime. Just be ready for some weirdness for the first 2 weeks!

Ever tried the faux locs? What was your experience like?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Everything Must Go Sales..... (40% off all items!)

Hi peeps!

Just a quick one- Renew 360- the weight loss consultancy I am a part of is doing a MEGA SALES on a couple of beauty and health items! Check them out:

Likas Papaya Soap
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Kojie Sans Kojic Acid Soap
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Diana Stalder Glutathione Soap (2 left)
N2000. Now N1200

Pumpkin Seeds
N700. Now 420

Sesame Seeds
N570. Now N312

Fry Light Sunflower Oil Spray
N580. Now N348

Stevia natural sweeteners
N300. Now N180

Maximum Strength Glutathione
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Red Cherry 704 (2 left)
N1200. Now N720

Duo Lash Eyelash glue (1 left)
N1500. Now N900

Abra High Strength Enzyme Brightening Peel
N2000. Now 1200

How to order?
Send an email to either:

OFFER LASTS FOR 2 WEEKS AND ENDS 7th of September, 2015.
ITEMS AVAILABLE PICK UP ONLY (Location: Lagos Mainland-Maryland) 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sleek Blush Palette in Pumpkin

Check out the Sleek Blush by 3 (3-in-one) palette in Pumpkin.
Sorry I have no pics of me modelling the colours-one, I'm not exactly a make up pro (I'm even considering taking a make up class soon), and two, my face is very spotty at the moment and I'm quite self-conscious about it haha!

So I bought 2 palettes and this Pumpkin one is the bright one of the two, with bright shades.

I think orange-toned and coral blushes are so pretty and vibrant on the skin, particularly medium-toned skin.

My fave of all three is the Lantern shade and I find myself reaching for it when I'm wearing bright clothing.

As usual with Sleek makeup, it is well pigmented and easy to apply-I use my Black Opal blush brush to apply it.

It cost N2500 and I bought it online from makeupng. Delivery was delayed and so unprofessional by the way.

But anyway if you are looking for coral blush options anytime, give this a try!

PS: Thanks to Vieve for suggesting the blush palette!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Out and About: Museum of Natural History

So some of you may already know that I'm a SUCKER for museums. So when Nemi of 's hubby suggested that we check out the Oxford Museum of Natural History it was only a matter of when.
I had a great time and learnt more about fossils, early creatures, wildlife, rocks and stones, dinosaurs, insects etc.

 Dinosaur fans would love it at this museum.
 I put this picture on instagram. It's a python's skeleton.
 There was a gallery upstairs and one of the most fascinating things we saw was this skeleton of a man found buried years and years ago.
From the upstairs gallery
They look so real don't they?
More eyecandy for the dinosaur fans
 Believe it or not, that's a whale skeleton! Like who would have thought! Hands up if you are surprised like me at how strong and rigid the bones are!

So much to little time
Those are dinosaur eggs-not sure if they are fossilised or models

Had some throwback Physical Geography classes that day and Nemi and I decided that many of the stones were good enough to make jewelry pieces with as they were.
There were also actual diamond pieces and other precious stones like emeralds, sapphires etc. Safely secure behind the glass showcases of course!

So that's it on the Oxford museum tour and hope you enjoyed the pictures. London is not the only fun place in the UK, there are so many fun things to do in other cities or towns as well!

Are you a museum rat like me?


Monday, 10 August 2015

New frames that will perfectly suit your face shape.

Do these new frames look good on me? I think they look great on me haha! I am shortsighted and need to wear glasses sometimes so I decided to buy me a new pair-well 2 pairs of new frames. I wanted something good and basic and something mildly fun or flirty and on, I was able to find frames that fit into both categories.

Before I go on about the frames, here is a quick guide on how to choose the best frames for you. Most people do not know this but your face shape has a big role to play in choice making. Also consider your personality, colour preferences, if you like big or small frames etc.

Let that image show you how to make a good choice-I have a heart-shaped face so boxy frames and the cat eye can look good on me.

So yea I bought these online. Which is why it is best to have an idea of what you want already since you don't get to try them on. The site is and delivery was fast. Both frames cost £45 in total though delivery cost was high because it had to be delivered from the US to the UK. The site has many choices to choose from!

Sexy Geek

It came in its own case and has a very deep burgundy undertone that would only show in bright light.Wish it was a brighter burgundy though. It is sturdy and super comfy.


Oh by the way I named them myself lol. The actual order names and numbers I'm too lazy to check, but I will definitely let you know if you need it from the comments. CatWoman I absolutely love because of the subtle cat-eye shape, and the gold bars. Also it is comfy, and has a dark brown undertone.

Both came with cloth bags and tightening screws.

Do you wear glasses? How do choose which ones suit you best?