Monday, 14 September 2015

Review: Bioderma Sebium Global.

Hope the weekend was a good one! My next post will be after my traditional wedding so wish me well and say a little prayer for me that it all goes beautifully well haha!

Anyway so the acne demons wanted to spoil my face for me so that I wouldn't look good for the wedding. But thank God they did not succeed! To be frank though, I believe the acne that spattered my face in the month of July was hormonal, but really acne is acne and I was horrified. I was not happy at all, so walked into a pharmacy at a mall in Dubai, and spoke about my concerns to the pharmacist, who recommended the Bioderma Sebium Global.

It would be my first time using any Bioderma product, and I have to say I was impressed. This product claims to work by regulating and balancing the sebum or natural oil levels of the skin, which when irritated can cause overproduction of sebum, and hence cause acne. 

I would use this morning and night and in a week, I noticed a difference. It wasn't speedy, but there was a difference for sure.

I have not used it in a while as all my acne has cleared and I believe my praying about it actually has a big role to play in that. Nemi told me how she listened to a minister speak about how we should not find some things too unimportant to talk to God about, and that women go through a lot of stress about certain things unnecessarily, when they could have just prayed about it and seen results. 

 Well! I had a wedding coming up and even my make up artist told me during the make up consultation session to try to do something about those bumps before the big day. I did not hesitate to pray and within days my skin began to clear up. I used 2 other products which I will do a review on, and continued with the black soap I bought from Natural Nigerian.

And now my skin is bump free yaaay!
 But anyway, back to the review. The cream is light on the skin and not oily at all. No weird fragrance either. I am not sure if Bioderma products are sold in Nigeria, but hopefully they are, because I believe this would be a wonderful product for acne control.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Out And About: "Hotel of Lights"

 Occasion: Dinner treat with Le Fiance. City: Dubai. Location: The Address Hotel
We had heard about this hotel from our pre-wedding photographer when he was suggesting possible photo shoot locations for our pre-wedding pictures. We took his advice and shot a few shots there, and yes, the decor is just amazing. Gosh just amazing. So when we got the opportunity to go back some days later for dinner, we took it and got to see so much more lovely pieces- particularly the lighting.
 I mean from chandeliers that were so unconventional and can make you gawk for minutes, to column light lamps like the one above.
We had an assorted fruit dinner with chocolate fondue and enjoyed a beautiful view of the marina.
 This one is just BREATHTAKING. No other words.
 Chandelier. Note the walls, the structure of the whole place.
 I fell more in love with the hotel when I found that ALL their flowers were fresh and neatly groomed. This corner piece arrangement of bouquets is just a tiny tip of iceberg; there were even more awesome and grand arrangements particularly at the reception.
 Awesomeness. These hanging lamps we could not resist on pre-wedding photo shoot day.
 We used this as a backdrop as well.
We tried to capture the lighting here, which were like luminescent sea shells, but the camera caught the glow instead.
Well I've always known Dubai has beautiful hotels, but this one really took my breath away. I have quite an eye for interior decor and so does Mr. Man; he pointed this one (below) out at the Ibn Battuta Mall and I took a picture....I mean it's just a mall, and the ceiling looks this beautiful?


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Out and About: Dubai Museum

Hope you had a good weekend.
I was in Dubai about a month ago, and on my birthday, Mr. Man decided to give me a daytime treat and he took me to the Dubai Museum. I'd call that trip a journey of surprises, because for the first time, I realized that Dubai is actually rich in history. I always subconsciously thought Dubai was some kind of a man-made city, and this isn't surprising, as all the media and picture and tourist sites tell us is about this magnificent city where all the shopping, fun rides, 7-star hotels etc can be found.
So yeah, I was surprised when we got inside and found quite a lot of information on how people made their living decades ago in Dubai, it's development, strengths and all that.
Dubai Museum from the outside.
The building we mistook for the museum at first

Mr. Man aka "The Photographer" took almost a dozen pictures of this boat!

Inner courtyard of the museum
 Entry fee was dirt cheap- I think Dhs 3.
 Lots of wax? statues to help depict what life like was back then.
Jewelry maker
Info on Dubai wildlife

Souvenirs and artifacts store. Quite pricey though!

I didn't even know Dubai had a museum! I'm glad I got to visit this place and you should too if you get the chance!