Thursday, 15 October 2015

Planning your pre-wedding photoshoot

I wanted to share a few tips on planning for your pre-wedding photoshoot if you choose to have one. I mean they are cool but not necessary, and if you decide to have one here are your few pointers:

Relate with your photographer
In choosing a photographer, all I can say is thank God for Instagram! It provides an easy way to quickly see what kind of work he/she has done in the past.

I think you need to schedule a meeting with your photographer- online or not, to have a feel of how he works and his ideas. You should also share your ideas with him/her at this point. What I did was to go to for some prewedding photo inspiration. I spoke to Mr. Man and he shared some of these without photographer so he could understand that we were particular about an outdoor experience. 
Checking online for inspiration
No harm in doing this, as long as you bring your own personality into it. From my little research I realized I badly wanted something outdoorsy, I knew I hated those “uniform” shots where the couple wear matching polo shirts or tops lol and I knew I wanted some casual shots, with very casual outfits. 
Decide on the theme or themes early
I like themes-we did not have one but they are fun….but if you want a pre-wedding photo theme, decide on it early as a couple, discuss with your photographer, and even start thinking of outfits and locations.
Planning outfits was fun for me- I shopped my closet, but we also did a bit of shopping. Outfit planning should come after the theme (if any) and location has been decided on. For our beach shoot I obviously wanted shorts, but got a hat and kimono jacket to add some spice to the look. I got inspiration for my Asian fabric iro and buba from a pre-wedding photoshoot I saw online, and I jumped at the idea because it showed our ethnicity. Colour matching is so important though, try not to have more than 3 colours for your outfits. But it still depends on the theme.

Be Creative
I have to give it to couples and photographers, I have seen some really cool and creative pre-wedding photo themes! I don’t think couples should shy away from creativity-if it particularly relates to the couple’s likes or professions, the better. Nothing wrong with a football pitch shoot, or a mall, or a bookstore. 

And here are a few of the images I got inspiration from- for outfits, and an outdoor perspective. I badly wanted the "forest" look but that couldn't work but oh well.
I LOVE this pic.

I wanted a tulle skirt like this so badly but couldn't find one!

Oh and if you find yourself planning to do an outdoors photoshoot in Dubai when it is the hot and humid time of the year....think again! Lol!


  1. Lol at your final tip on doing the shoot in Dubai but the pictures came out great so I guess it was worth it. I love the concept of your shoot and outfit choices, my favorite would have to be the shots at the beach.
    Princess Audu

  2. Stunning pre-wedding shoot dear!

  3. Great photos and great advice.

  4. Awwwwww, loved the photos on IG earlier. Y'all are a good-looking pair.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  5. Great tips and lovely pictures and a very big Congratulations to you.

  6. Thanks for sharing Mrs, this will help me o. Congrats again

  7. Lovely pictures! Congrats hun

  8. @ darkchild, d'journae, perez, beauty, blogoratti, tonkabelle, berry, sarah, thank you guys! mwuah!

  9. Cuteness overload, too beautiful Fola. great tips too!

    I wish you both loads of happiness. :-)

  10. Lovely photo picks!!! And lol at the Dubai advise, it can be really hot sha

  11. I love them all. Beautiful couples.

  12. Gorgeous and your photos speak a thousand words! LOVE...Congratulations and thank you for the helpful tips.

  13. Beautiful pictures...inshort, cuteness overload.

    Great advice too.

  14. thanks lara, nedoux, nerline, grace and toluwalade! kisses :)

  15. Lol. I don't think mine is soon :') but this would come in handy.
    Congrats again and God bless your home.


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