Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Review: La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Ultra Light Spray.


Just a quick review on this sunscreen I absolutely love.
OK so for those who are into sunscreens, I am SURE you know how annoying it is wearing sunscreen particularly in a hot climate, because of:
1. That whitish cast it leaves on the face! You know about that right? 
2. The heat and sweat that just melts off everything when you are out in the sun!
3. Clogged pores or milia caused by some heavy sunscreens.

So to be honest for many months I just steered clear of sunscreens- I just couldn't be bothered. Then sometime in July I did an "intensive" research on sunscreens that were light as silk on the skin and still intensive. I figured a sunscreen with a lighter formulation would not leave much of the whitish cast and would not clog my pores as well.
I was ready to cough out a fair amount for the product as I knew if it was as good as it claimed, then it would be worth it. So I found a number of products with good reviews and unfamiliar names like Cocola Face SPF 30 Sunscreen, Dr Denese SPF 30, Elta MD UV Shield SPF 45 blablabla and finally settled on La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 50 Ultra Light Spray. 

So this product is not available in Nigeria but thank God for Amazon that now delivers to Nigeria. I bought mine via Boots while I was away though, for 19 pounds. 

This sunscreen is really ultra light. It isn't oily and it sits well on the skin. I was so happy to finally find a sunscreen that's not too heavy and I noticed that the whitish cast is very minimal on the skin. The trick is to pump a bit on the palm of your hand and rub it all over the face VERY QUICKLY or else you may notice some faint streaks. So rub it in quickly and thoroughly- no feathery strokes!
 It has no fragrance and I think for a 200ml bottle 19 pounds is not a bad price. It definitely has a lighter consistency than the well-loved Neutrogena Helioplex Sunblock which used to be my sunscreen. Also you don't have to wait the usual 15minutes after application before you go out in the sun- a big plus! They say French skin care products are the best. With the Bioderma review (click here) and now this, I think I agree.

What is your favourite sunscreen product?


I'd love to hear your comments, opinions, suggestions, advice, whatever! So spill :)