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Monday, 23 November 2015

American Music Awards- What they wore...

My first "What They Wore" post right here!
It's the American Music Awards and thanks to BuzzFeed and Cosmopolitan I was able to compile these pics for you:

Fifth Harmony


Carrie Underwood


Chloe Grace Moretz

Demi Lovato

Ellie Goulding

Giuliana Rancic

Gwen Stephani

Hannah Davis

Jenny McCarthy

Julianne Hough

Kylie and Kendall K.

Meghan Trainor

Nick Jonas

Nina Dobrev

Rebel Wilson

Selena Gomez


So there you have it. Zendaya's lace dress fabric seems like something you would find as "aso ebi" at a Nigerian wedding lol. My faves here are: Nina Dobrev- I can see myself wearing this as church wedding dress!, Carrie Underwood, Giuliana Rancic and Hannah Davis. Julianne Hough's dress would have made it if the slits weren't so high. My least faves are Gwen Stephani and Jenny McCarthy's dresses.
Hair and makeup fave? Definitely Demi Lovato.

And the hostess of the day-my birthday mate J-Lo wore these outfits:

Doesn't her sparkly fuschia and white ombre dress remind you of something Adele wore on the red carpet or something she would wear?
My faves are the black see-through dress with the black stars, the yellow dress and the red dress with lips on it. I also like her performance jumpsuit for...performances and things of that sort. 

Which outfits are your favourites and your worst?!


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Retail Therapy- Yay or nay?

Just thought I should show you a few clothes I bought off a seller on the Depop website. Depop is sort of small-scale Ebay for clothes- new or used- and sellers and buyers can make transactions with ease.
But really what do you think of retail therapy?
Would you go shopping to make you feel better about something you are going through? Well, I am not sure- I think it works differently for different people. Some may think it doesn’t make sense, while some are OK with that momentary satisfaction and distraction from the problem being faced. I reckon the shopaholics fall prey to retail therapy so often! In fact I believe there is a theory that many people engage in retail therapy without even knowing it!

Well for me, my first retail therapy stint (and only conscious one so far) took place months ago when I got some shocking news and was feeling down- so when I found out about the Depop sale, I jumped on it and purchased a few items.

Have a look!

 My 2 faves are the fluffy cream skirt and the shiny one. I found the leopard print and black dress and even the blue dress to be too short and I would have to relegate them to the party wear section of my closet, in addition to the skirts, lol. That’s the thing with purchases like this. No model available to display it on the human frame, and no adequate information about the item in terms of lengths and all. In fact the only item I wear at the moment is the top I was given by the seller as a free gift (not shown here). It has an interesting cut-open detail at the back.

Did I feel better after buying these? Yes. For how long? Maybe 1 day. Did the problem go away? Course not. Do I hate retail therapy now? No. Do I think everyone should try it? No. Listen to your pocket!

Yes, I never advice foolish spending, although I think a treat sometimes is very good and even wise! So if retail therapy makes you happy, and you won’t regret it later, please do so by all means. You may just be in need of a distraction to clear your head and mind a bit of clutter and worry so that you would be able to come back to tackle the issue at hand more efficiently.

What do you think of retail therapy? Yea or nay?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Thoughts, plans, buys....

I hope you are having a good week- despite the latest fuel crisis!
Anyway I just wanted to share a few things I have been thinking about lately- well some of them are items I want to buy, plans for the wedding of course and etc etc!

Traditional Wedding Makeup: Well before the advent of Instagram I am sure brides-to-be were not so confused about how they wanted to look on their big day. But now, it's like eye candy every minute! It takes discipline and a determined mind to avoid being overwhelmed or confused with choices.
I have decided on a make up artist for that day and she recently asked me to send her pictures of bridal looks I like. I find that I am tending more towards the sultry, smokey eye, but I am not sure whether to go with a nude lip, a berry lip, or a bright lip colour!

Ombre bluish-green hair: I know it was kinda in vogue before Kylie Jenner brought it to limelight, but I admit she made the look spread like wildfire. So much that I thought hmmm this won't be bad....I was hoping to get something in ombre braids done but I am still trying to figure out how that will work.

Wide-brimmed hats: Finally, something I decided on, and even purchased! I am planning a trip soon to a hot climate (surprise!) and I know I would need all the sun protection I can get! Besides this hat is a trendy fashion item so it's a win-win. Ordered it from Naija Affordables on Instagram.
 Pre-wedding photo shoots: Back to wedding planning, Mr. Man and I are planning to take pre-wedding shots soon. Gets me thinking about how 6 years ago there was nothing of the sort in Naija! Anyway so I have been looking up ideas and inspiration on the internet- just in case our photographer isn't "equipped" enough. Also it helps to be able to bring in your own ideas every now and then.

Curly wigs: I bought one months ago, but it was a cheap, synthetic one that lasted just one month before it became a big frizz ball. My eye is on a good quality, curly wig that I can wear to change my look every now and then. Also one with a  fringe helps me rock the fringe look only when I want to, without risking getting plenty acne on my forehead as is always the case when I rock a fringe.

Bare Lifts: Well, this is another purchase from Naija Affordables. The bare lifts did not look as nicely packaged as the picture above when it came lol! I am yet to try it to see if it really works. It claims to lift the breasts and cover the nipples, without the need for straps or fabric.
 So those are some of the things I have been thinking of, or buying this past week or so.

What do you think of my collage? Any comments on curly wigs or blue-green hair etc?

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Style Crush Feature: Leslie Anne Ikpe

And welcome to the month of March! Today I am featuring my first feature for 2015 and it's Leslie Anne Ikpe, a lovely lady whose style I totally adore! You may have noticed her former fashion blog is one of my favourites as it is even in my "Blogs I Heart" widget on the blog! I love her creativity, her talent, fashion sense and her passion for justice and I'd better stop now and allow you guys enjoy the feature!

-Please introduce yourself! What do you do?
Hey! I’m Leslie Anne Ikpe. I’m an artist, activist, and former fashion blogger. 
-Tell us a bit about your blog and why you started blogging. 
I started my blog The Pretty Mustache about 3 years ago, because I’ve always been passionate about the art of style and fashion. It was a place to showcase my personal style and other interesting fashion news. I decided recently to stop fashion blogging and instead use my Instagram to post OOTD’s. After Mike Brown was killed, I decided to devote more of my time to promoting social justice and developing my art. 
 -What are 5 fashion items (clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) that describe your personal style?
A black faux-leather moto jacket from H&M, big chunky scarf, hoop earrings, Indian-inspired septum ring, bold lipstick.
 -Please share about 2 or 3 style tips that you think would help people improve their style. 
First of all, only wear things that are flattering to your body type. Figure out what looks good on you and get different versions of that. Also, not everything that is trendy deserves your attention. Pick trendy items wisely. Focus more on timeless items and get trendy things here and there. Get things that make you happy, and wear your clothes with confidence. 
-What advice do you have for low-budget fashion lovers?
Shop at thrift stores. Not only will you find all types of brands at really low prices, but you’re able to choose items from different decades and get really unique pieces.
-What are your top 3 fave fashion stores or brands? 
Marshalls, H&M, Forever 21 (and thrift stores)
-What else would you like us to know about you?
I’m a visual artist. I paint using acrylics and make pencil-drawn portraits. I have art for sale on my Etsy shop:

-Where can one find or follow you on the web?
 Instagram & Twitter: @myleslieanne
 To check out my former blog:
I love how she uses statement jewelry to subtly jazz up her style, how she mixes prints so beautifully and how she rocks vintage pieces with so much confidence.
Also her statement that "Not everything that is trendy deserves your attention" and "Get things that make you happy, and wear your clothes with confidence" is SO TRUE!

Which of the outfits shown is your favourite?

Friday, 13 February 2015

Bridal inspirations: Eva Franco collection for Loverly

For those of you who are engaged, or looking forward to walking down the aisle some day with that special someone, I bet you already have an idea of what you want that special day to look like, don't you? You know what colour theme you want, how many bridesmaids you want on the train, what style your dress would be and all that. But I know sometimes, you see something in a magazine, or on a wedding website (#bellanaijafanclub) and you go "Wow, that's different! I would like that!".
Well allow me wet your appetites today with some lovely bridal train inspirations as Fola's Oasis and Loverly are collaborating to introduce to you Eva Franco's latest wedding designs!

 It's not only this lovely shade of (jade or mint?) green that I love, but the BEAUTIFUL fabric the dresses are made of! Tulle, satin, organza and silk fabrics for bridal wear just bore me. This one right here is just so different and eye-catching.
 Pantsuits. Just lovely. When will I begin to see such things in Nigerian bridal trains? I love the one with the lace cropped "top" and also I like how flowy the pants are. A nice bridal train idea would be to have some of the bridesmaids in pantsuits and others in long flowy dresses-same fabric and colour.
 You may have noticed already that Eva Franco keeps her silhouettes and designs as simple and comfy as possible, and she focuses her creativity on the fabric.
I love how these two dresses are similar, yet different. That's another thing I would love to see more of in bridal trains in this part of the world- a bit of individuality and character. Not every bridesmaid has to wear the exact same kind of dress.

My faves from this collection are the pantsuits of course, the cover picture dresses and the cropped top and skirt. The dresses can be worn for other occasions-another big plus in my opinion. Click here to see other dresses in the Loverly bridesmaids dresses shop.

Which ones are your faves?


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