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Thursday, 9 April 2015

How I spent the Easter Holidays....

Today's post is about what to do if you have chunky thighs and a small bumbum like me! Lol just kidding today's post is about what I got up to during the Easter hols...I hope you had a good time though. I heard some workaholics saying they were itching to get back to work and I genuinely wondered if they were OK. I looove holidays and this Easter break was so much fun for me.

So on Friday, Mr. Man and I went to see Fast & Furious 7
 I really enjoyed it just like I enjoyed Fast & Furious 6, and it was quite hilarious as usual- you know the "how-unrealistic-is-this?!" scenes the Fast & Furious movies are known for. It's interesting how this particular movie can pull off those kinds of scenes and viewers don't get irritated. Like why does someone always have to jump off a fast-moving vehicle and conveniently land on another fast-moving vehicle? In fact it seems Fast & Furious has been accepted as a very good action movie with a sprinkling of very unrealistic action scenes. Oh and the Paul Walker tribute part at the end was quite touching.....
 Then on Saturday we went to Orchid Bistro for breakfast and I ordered pancakes because I had been craving them for a long while. I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual meal. Our meals took forever to arrive though :/

Later on we went to Tarzan Jetty to catch a boat ride to Tarkwa Bay. We waited for almost an hour for the boat to be prepared, and finally we set off with a group of over 25 people. And then everything just went berserk from there. It was worrying that we had exceeded the boat capacity, also the boat itself was soooo hot inside- honestly sometimes I wonder why I bother with make up in this heat....We waited again in the steamy boat for a long while before we finally set off. And then 3 minutes into the trip, the boat stalled....the driver kept fiddling with the engine, the boat started drifting towards a fence, we ladies started panicking a bit.....and then the driver managed to get us back to shore and refunded our money. The guy didn't even communicate with us, that was the annoying part- engine failure, our long wait was in vain, the trip was cancelled, and we got no apologies. 
 Anyway that was Saturday- Sunday I went to church and later that evening we went to The Blowfish Hotel for lunch at the Purple Restaurant. We had the Pineapple Fried Rice (thanks Tuke of Tukesquest for your restaurant review!) and we LOVED it. I mean I already want to go back to eat it again-it was that nice. 

The pineapple wasn't as "fleshy" as I would prefer though but other than that, that meal was da shiznit.

By the way look at the tax charges on that bill! Nawa!

So after lunch and a photo shoot (I am trying to overcome my camera shyness), we set off to Muson Centre to watch Saro The Musical 2.

Now Saro is a musical, created by Bolanle Austen-Peters. It's the first musical I ever watched in Nigeria and it's a must watch-it really is. Bolanle Austen-Peters said she was inspired to create this musical when she saw the Fela! on Broadway musical, and wondered why foreigners had to create something out of our very own roots.

This musical was golden on many fronts- the acting, the humour, the characters, the costumes, the dancing, the lighting, the songs, the direction, the music- no musical is a musical without great background instrumentalists and sometimes we forget about them but they play such a vital role and the band at Saro The Musical were fantastic!

I liked how a couple of recent and old Nigerian hit songs were redone in the musical and we even got to see 2 performances from artists. I loved how the Nigerian culture was portrayed and how there was even a slavery scene to take us back to how things were so many years ago.
Tried to capture the band here
So on Monday we decided to give Tarkwa Bay another go and this time we ruled out Tarzan Jetty and took a boat from another point. Things were definitely saner this time, the boat was airy, we didn't wait too long and in no time we were at Tarkwa Bay. It was my first time and I had so much fun...

At one point I changed into a bikini and began swimming in the water- I was like a 5 year old let loose lol; I was so happy. Of course the water was way cleaner than the water at say, Elegushi Beach so a lot of people were swimming, couples were playing "water love" and kissing endlessly in the water, and everyone was just relaxed. Mr. Man unfortunately couldn't get in for water love because he had his gigantic Canon with him and we couldn't risk leaving it under the tents. I was so sunburned afterwards and I am still recovering from my new tan! And then when it was time to go back and we got into the boat, the boat stalled-again. This time I was just so tired and I was like whatever, until the driver finally fixed things and we finally got to shore.
Look how bad the sun had battered me lol
 And that was how I spent the Easter break!

How was the Easter hols for you?

Friday, 13 March 2015

My last weekend- Naturals In The City and "The Sisters" at Terrakulture

Thank God it's Friday, even though it's the 13th lol!
Anyway one of my goals for this year is to go out more, and be more involved in events, and also promote my blog brand a bit more. So I just had to be at the Naturals In The City (NITC) event last Saturday and I am really glad I made it.

I hooked up with the lovely Liz (here's her blog), and we got there and because the event was yet to begin, we browsed through the gallery and checked out the hair and skin products on display.
I met a few bloggers- I really hoped to meet more, but I wasn't that lucky- I met Ekene, Natural Nigerian, Naija Girl Next Door and the quirky Titi of Postarant!

Saw many new Nigerian brands on display......
I even saw some natural-based nail polish (also water-based), also Nigerian made! Very impressive.

I enjoyed some of the talks-there was a talk by Naija Girl Next Door, about transitioning, a talk by another lady about homemade skin care, a talk by detox and nutrition specialist-Sherese Ijewere and another lady spoke about being confident rocking your natural hair.
I was very surprised at how my hair turned out that day (and I got a lot of compliments) because I honestly had no clue what to do with it earlier that morning. It's funny how you manage to pull something off so well when you didn't even expect to, or when you are in a big rush and can't be bothered! I basically wet the hair thoroughly, blotted it dry just a tiny bit with an old tee, slathered on my two newest bestie conditioners (Tresemme and Aussie Moist), sealed with a little oil, combed it, brushed it, then I just let my inner "goddess" (haha) do her thing and I came up with a coiffed look inspired by my cousin- Janelle Monae. Yes in Berry Dakara fashion, I have claimed Janelle Monae as my cousin. She is my cousin. Just accept it.
Natures Gentle Touch, Titi goofing around at the photo booth, Liz and I
I had fun, though the event started a bit too late for my liking and I wanted giveawaaaaays!, but it was still fun. There was even a photo booth where Titi really enjoyed herself posing and making us laugh. Nature's Gentle Touch gave free hair and scalp health checks, and there was a product swap section. Liz got some really nice products from her swap.
Namaste Organics (met the CEO-lovely lady), Titi&Liz, Sahara Sunrise
So on Sunday, Mr. Man (boo's name on the blog henceforth) took me to see a play at Terrakulture titled "The Sisters". If you read one of my former posts (here) about the play I watched at Terrakulture you would remember I really enjoyed it. "The Sisters" was OK, but I didn't really enjoy it. I guess I am just a sucker for big-time humour and wit when it comes to plays and this particular one was quite lacking.
I liked the Naija concept of the small chops I got for us from a vendor outside- quite different from the same old same old don't you think?


Got any fun plans for this weekend? :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Outing post: Pool party, photobombing, and Spur Restaurant review

Hey guys!
So this is kinda random again, though not so much because I have a casual review on the Spur restaurant later on in this post. And yes I love the place. I have been eating a bit more lately actually (no weight gain though), because I have been going out a bit more. Lagos night life could be a chore, and I feel like the only thing that makes it all worthwhile is the company I am with. The day time activities I like to go for in Lagos, like resorts, stage plays, museums, exhibitions, private beaches etc all seemed to elude me these past few weeks even though I had planned to go to these places.

So it’s been more of the night scene for me:
Ciroc pool party at the Lilygate Hotel at Lekki. At least nowadays you get to see a few people actually SWIM at pool parties which is good-unlike years ago when the water would be absolutely still throughout the so-called “pool” party lol.
Is this picture hilarious or what?! I mean this is not photo bombing, it’s like photo assault, rape, kidnapping, everything all in one! What cracks me up is the way my cuz tried to squeeze her face in at all costs; I didn’t even bother trying, when George came along I just looked away -at least my collar bone and ring made the cut!

Oh and that night I met Ghost of ShowDemCamp! I really love that rap duo and have never met Ghost before. There aren’t too many Naija artists that have impressed me with their lyrical content and SDC is one of em so yea my first with-a-celebrity pic was with Ghost so yay!

My friend took me to Spur some days ago. It was the one at Ikeja GRA, Isaac John Street. When we walked in 2 things struck me, the décor and the friendly staff.
I really like the décor - the cow-print leather seats, the cow-themed lamps, the African and Red Indian art. Not bad.
Spur prices vary-I mean you could have a good meal for as low as N1500, depending on what you want. I found their menu to be very enticing-I mean where else will you get such a large variety of unique burgers, pork ribs, steak, different platters, waffles for dessert etc.
I decided to take a few pics of the menu so you can see for yourself and have a peep at the prices too.
Steak prices are not too clear here sadly.

I ordered their mushroom burger (the mushroom sauce was heavenly) and it came with chips and onion rings. My friend ordered their Surf and Turf which was steak, queen prawns and calamari rings.
Mushroom burger: N1900
Surf and turf: N4000 excluding rice order
Then the Spur platter-pork ribs, chicken wings, queen prawns, calamari, and sole. And the ribs were awesome! I was quite surprised actually. Sadly because I was already stuffed I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted. And that’s why I am going back soon to really get into those ribs :-) My friend thought the jollof rice side order was bland though. And I think the steak was just average.
Spur platter: N6000

And the milkshake was so good. At N440 the chocolate milkshake I had is definitely giving Johnny Rockets milkshakes a run for their money if you ask me.

I think I would give Spur 4 stars out of 5. It’s not the everyday lunch spot unless you can afford it, but it isn’t a formal, prim-and-proper and stiff restaurant either. I’m glad this South African franchise came to Nigeria, and I hope they stay for good (as long as they keep up with the quality), unlike Nandos! I would recommend the ribs, and the burgers. And don’t even miss out on the milkshakes! 

Have you ever been to Spur and do you like the place?