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Thursday, 4 December 2014

What else is there to do anyway?

When I am confused, frustrated and tired, I pray. This is my own way of using my blog as a medium to make a call to prayer, not for America, or black people, but for mankind.
I usually abstain from watching videos that I can tell I would find disturbing, but I decided to watch this one about Eric Garner, because I wanted to see for myself how a man would choke another man to death and then be allowed to go free about a year later. I wanted to see for myself, because it was hard to believe or understand what I had read.
If I were to be shown videos of such things happening to the white folk, I would not call it a racial matter. I do not care for street protests when they get riotous and violent, or when blacks begin to loot and cause a nuisance, but I certainly feel that raw anger that must be flowing through their veins.
When I get the chance, I will make me a tee shirt with the caption in this picture. It would be my way of telling everyone how I feel in a language that may be raw and vulgar, but TRUE. I am tired, hurt and angry about all this; I really am.

It is refreshing to see some white folk getting on the streets to join in the protests-it shows that we should not hate them. Many of them are good people, who understand that God made us EQUAL. We only need to tackle the matter from a wiser perspective.
The wisest perspective I know of right now is to pray. What else is there to do anyway? I feel like it's the prayers of many, that got us to where we are today, to the point where we are no more slaves, where we can sit on the same bus with a Caucasian, where we can openly fall in love and marry one, where we can walk and work hand-in-hand with one. Maybe things will get better a 100 years from now, and kids would look at these photos in history lessons and say to themselves "Lucky me", the way I say the same words to myself when I look at photos of black slavery, oppression, hangings etc in the past.
It is tiring just thinking about it all, but at least we can pray, because what else is there to do anyway?

*photos courtesy @wash_news on Instagram*

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Woman Crush List

This is actually an old performance (2008) by Sunni Patterson, a well known poet and speaker. Her poems are not the ordinary same old stuff. She speaks with passion and confidence, and to me, her poems are not mere poems. You need to listen to this one, "We know this place". The poem speaks of a world where there is no real care or love for the next person, so much pretense even from so-called men of God (she mentioned the priests who even molest the altar boys as an example) etc. But she always ends it all with a message of hope, a word of encouragement to keep fighting for what is right.
And that's why I have added Sunni Patterson to my Woman Crush List.
Oh and I love her nose piercing too haha. Still considering if I want to get one or not! What do you think?
And who are those in your Woman Crush List? For me...hmmm lemme see: (In no particular order)-
Beyonce: Because she is so strong, so disciplined, sexy, so talented. And all these "Beyonce church" jokes just get me cracking lol!
Queen Latifah: Because she is beautiful in her own skin, and because she was able to get out of the "thug life" and make a difference.
Jillian Michaels: Because her weight loss program helped me kickstart my weight loss journey last year. And because she adopted an African baby haha.
Chimamanda Adichie: This video (click here) sums up why I love her, plus I love all her books!
Lupita Nyong'o: She is just so different and likeable. (video)
Alek Wek: She is also just so different and likeable. And humanitarian too. (video)
Ellen Degeneres: Anyone who doesn't love this woman is a weirdo in my opinion.
Melissa McCarthy: Super-funny. My goodness! Her roles in Bridesmaids, The Heat and Identity Thief were priceless!
Kylie Minogue, J-Lo, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Madonna: J-Lo is my birthday twin haha, but other than that, these women have one thing in common- they look great at over forty!
Joyce Meyer: Great woman of God who had an extremely tough life as a young woman, was a victim of sexual abuse and is now touching lives worldwide.
Clockwise from top left: Kylie Minoque, Queen Latifah, Zooey Deschanel, Alek Wek

Clockwise from top left: Nikisha Brunson, Melissa McCarthy, Madonna, Lupita Nyong'o
Other women I adore are: Nikisha Brunson of I am inspired by her life and  her blog posts and I just like her-particularly because she is a strong Christian! A hot, sexy, Christian.  Zooey Deschanel because she reminds me of me in a way- she is so playful and down-to-earth...., Wendy Nguyen because not only does she have great everyday style, particularly in her earlier Youtube videos, but she laughs a lot and is likeable, and as a foster kid, she turned out great! Sharon Osbourne because I like her views on many things. She just says it as it is!

I am sure there are several others but this is my list for now. Two other women crushes that are not on public media, but they do inspire me (I am not just saying this) are my elder sis-Kemi and then my mom! For the most part of my life, my dad and mum were separated (they reunited a few months before he passed on due to a stroke in 2011) and I was raised, along with my 3 sisters, solely by my mom. The strength and resilience she showed all these years amazes me. Products of broken homes are usually known to be wayward and ungrounded. Well when I look at my life and that of my other sisters, I know my mom did a fantastic job. Her outlook to life, her optimism, her caring dad and mum were separated for longer than they were together, but still, when he eventually came around and got saved, and showed regret, she welcomed him with open arms.

And my sis, well she is just superhuman. From enduring the struggle of having very limited support all through university in the UK, to going through the rigors of a divorce, making ends meet in a harsh world, finding love again...and still holding her head up to encourage us all. Yep they are definitely in my Woman Crush List!

I like the Proverbs 31:10-31 scripture because it makes me see how the Word of God encourages women to be whoever they want to be, and be exceptional. Even a stay-at-home mom is meant be an exceptional stay-at-home mum. I think God wants women to realize how special they are, and continually work at self-improvement and goal actualization. Not everyone will be famous, but we can make our own impact in whatever way we can.

So who are in your Woman Crush List?

Monday, 30 June 2014

Word!: My sun and my moon.

Isaiah 60: 19-20

This is a little snippet from the Scripture reading in my church three Sundays ago . We started reading chapter 60 from the book of Isaiah right from the first verse, and we actually read the whole chapter. And these 2 verses meant so much to me.

It is so easy to overlook many extraordinary, uplifting, and inspiring verses in the Bible. Many times, we read it like a prose and neglect taking out time to understand what's in there, relating to it, thinking about it for a bit, and applying it to ourselves.

The Scripture reading was already quite "bombastic" from the very beginning: Verse 1 says "Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee". Folks in church were already going "Yes Lord!", "Halleluyah!" and all that. But when we got to verse 19, I knew there was some hidden truth right there and I decided to go back to that verse. When I read that the sun would not be our light by day anymore, or the moon our light in the night time, I realized that the idea was that my source and validation would not be from the usual source anymore. So, the things, people, systems that I originally would rely on to be successful in life are no longer what I really need. Something higher has come to take the place of those things, something that won't fail, betray or fizzle out. And verse 20 now changes to "Thy sun" and "Thy moon", or "Your sun" and "Your moon", meaning you now have your own "personal sun" and "personal moon", and all these are tied to the big guy-Jesus.

So, in summary, we should turn our gaze, confidence and trust to Him, and not expect too much from the systems of the world or I-will-help-you promises from friends and family for example. We can expect to be successful in life, and create our own path to success. We can begin to expect blessings from Him that are inexplicable and not tied to our pay checks. We can begin to expect ideas and innovations as well as business opportunities that would change the status quo. We can begin to live a life of fulfillment and peace, despite the challenges.

I really like this Scripture.


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Book Review: I am a woman, I am not dumb.



Today's post is a twofer- book review post as well as Word! post. If you check my labels on the right side of this page, you will see that I write reviews on books I have read under "book review" labels and also write inspirational and Christian-related stuff under "Word!" labels. Well this book by Matthew Ashimolowo of the KICC Ministries def falls under both categories, and what can I say...I recommend the book to every lady (and even every sensible man)!

In his book, Matthew Ashimolowo gives some serious insight into what every woman should look out for when choosing her man. It's that simple. Serious insight based on God's Word, backed up with scripture, very straightforward and to the point. I particularly like the way Pastor Matthew wrote the book. It is not the usual long prose split into chapters, instead it has many key points on the actions of a wise woman as he put it, with articles written on each point. Each point and it's article did not cover more than two pages. So it is basically 101 key points that are straight to the point. No long story. You can pick up the book at any time and browse through the key points as a quick reminder.

You can see how the writer let's us know in no sympathetic terms how we get it wrong so many times, maybe due to desperation or social pressure or because he is so damn hot and sexy- but these reasons only come back to burn us badly in the long run! From experience, from stories I have read and heard from friends, we women are really too sentimental and we need to focus more on what we DESERVE. We need to focus on our own self esteem. The right guy is the one who will love us for who we are. Of course we need to work on ourselves, it's all about compromise and being a better person day by day, because just as we pray for the right man, the right man is probably praying for the right woman as well! However Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is showing us in his book the red flags we should watch out for, and basically things we should look for in a man, based on God's Word. These are things we should even pray about, so that God will help us seek out men with these qualities.

You need to read the book to understand and appreciate it. "Wise women do not get into emotional attachments", "Wise women avoid the I cant help it syndrome", "Wise women do not get foolishly passionate". You know we fall into these traps ever so often don't you? I just read the "Why Men marry Bitches" book by Sherry Argov which I will review next month, and the book is about how men will rather go for a woman who knows her worth, who doesn't fall so quickly into bed with a man, who carries herself with pride and esteem and who knows when to say "no". Now "Why Men marry Bitches" is not even a Christian book, but it speaks the truth ladies. "I am a woman, I am not dumb", speaks the same message, bringing it from the viewpoint of the Word of God.

Here are a few of my fave points from the book.

Wise single women refuse to act like wives i.e washing, cooking and hosting friends
They do not accept engagement without being properly courted
They do not lower their standards and sell themselves short
They are wise to say no in courtship to things they do not want in marriage
A wise woman builds relationships that are based on values not valuables

And this one- for the stingy men who over-flog the "I don't want a materialistic woman" issue as well as those ladies who think it's cool to not expect gifts and stuff from your man..... read the last paragraph!

If a MALE writer who should normally be biased about such issues should write this, with scripture backing it up, then it must be the absolute truth! Just remember to consider the man's financial status and the fact it's not really about the price all the time, but it's about the attitude and intention.

The book is available in Christian stores and also on eBay and Amazon.

Got any other relationship books you recommend?


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Word!: Delight.......

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart. Trust also in Him, commit your ways to Him and He will bring it to pass".  Psalms 37:4-5

I stumbled on this scripture weeks ago, and I stopped in my tracks. Now I knew about this scripture already, it wasn’t my first time of seeing it. However, some of you may have experienced that “Waaaaiit a minute!” feeling when you come across something in the Bible that suddenly takes on a deep and wholesome meaning to you.

I am at a point in my life where I don’t have a long list of cares, just probably 2 or 3 major things I want sorted out. The thing with major cares is that…well, it’s MAJOR! You don’t wanna get it wrong, you want it like yesterday, you have wanted it for so long, and you know that when you finally get it, things won’t be the same.

Now the tough part is trying not to worry about the issue, trying to stay positive and talk positive. I have seen from experience that its tough and it’s actually meant to be tough. Because it is tough, it means that considerable effort and consistency needs to be applied to see results. If the right effort and consistency is applied, results will be seen-that’s the whole concept of faith. But this scripture just did something to me. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you your hearts desires. I even put the scripture down as my bbm status for a couple of days. To me it meant don’t worry, be happy. It meant cast your cares on Jesus and sit back and relax. It meant your worrying won’t do nothing for the matter at hand so chillax. It meant trust the Lord, and see if you won’t get what you want eventually. Don’t worry about the when, or how, just trust Him.

Now some days ago I wrote an email to another blogger- The One Plus One, a fantastic and wonderful blogger whose posts have really inspired me. In her response she spoke about trusting God and then quoted the same scripture I had been obsessing over for some weeks. I was like you know what? I need to look even closer at this scripture. So I did some research on what it means to delight in the Lord. I learnt so much and I decided to share the one that struck me the most, from

"To delight in the Lord is recognition. It is the kind of recognition which appreciates that He is the great giver and we the recipients. We recognize that He is our life, that we are in a most stunning union with Him, and that we are an outshining of His glory. We recognize that we are loved and accepted by Him to the degree that we love and delight in ourselves. It is to recognize that He isn’t somewhere out there apart from us. We are one. I enjoy the same quality of oneness as Jesus and God had and still have. To delight in the Lord is to have entered the Romans 8 reality where all my efforts to please Him through my Romans 7 experience have been denounced as nothing and by faith I live by the Spirit and my confession is; if you have seen me you have seen the Father.

Since we are in a union with God it should be evident that we can trust our desires because He has put them there. We are a manifestation of His desires and we are manifestors of His desires. We move into this reality as well by faith. Now many may object that this is a license to sin, to engage in all kinds of excesses. Such a view is, however, contrary to faith. He is our keeper and sin has no longer dominion over us, because we not under the law, but under grace (Rom 6:14). What challenges our faith mostly is that we merely are able [to] behold things disjointed and fragmented in this temporal world. We sometimes easily fall prey to appearances. They do not, however, convey the whole picture. Appearances can only convey fragments. Faith moves past appearances and acknowledges that everything which wells up in us is [of] God even though we [do] not always understand our emotions, reactions and thought patterns. We leave it all to God and trust His outworking in and through us."

It’s been a while since I wrote a post under my Word! series. It’s because I decided at some point to write Word! posts only when I am “led” to, or inspired to. And that’s why I was excited about writing this one, because I know someone out there would read these words someday and be blessed, and that’s alright isn’t it? Also I am certain that I will make reference to this post numerous times on this blog and that this renewed understanding of the scripture in Psalms 37 has begun to set some things in motion that I will continually share with y’all.



Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014-Let's begin!

2013 was a great year for me. I got my Masters certificate, got a new job, ventured into a new business (still on it), ended a meaningless relationship, made some good friends, went on a relaxing trip, resumed work/help at my church, grew spiritually, started a weight loss journey, succeeded in achieving my target weight, cut my hair and started growing healthier, beautiful hair, started a healthier lifestyle journey, started this blog!

It’s funny-I did not realize the list was even that long until I started typing. I suppose that’s why “counting your blessings” isn’t a cliché. You really get to realize how blessed you are when you take the time to reflect on the positives. I cannot say it loudly enough- we excel when we focus on the positives. Our state of mind at every point in time is what propels us to point B. Like T.D Jakes said, it’s not about the altitude, but the attitude. Last year I realized that our attitude to life is key. I experienced a couple of disappointments- enough to make anyone depressed for weeks. But I always fought any negative feelings or self-pity. I made a conscious effort to ignore feelings of insecurity, low self worth, and low self esteem. My attitude helped me seek and look for the right kind of help or support I needed. One way or the other, I always looked back and thanked God for the wisdom to fight negative thoughts. I tell you, negativity breeds its kind. My favorite quote for 2013 still remains: Man does not attract what he wants, but what he is.

The Bible is such an awesome book. Many people shy away from its teachings due to their experiences-mostly and ironically, crappy experiences, judgmental reasoning and hypocrisy shown to them by other Christians- and they see this book as a big wielding stick of judgment, punishment, rigidity and identity-robbery. I have seen for myself though, that the Bible is just the opposite. This book has helped me appreciate and enjoy my own personal identity-helped me cherish my quirks and understand my flaws and how to improve, so I can be better. The book has shown me what true forgiveness means, has shown me how to look at everyone different, how to channel my life in a way that brings joy to God, myself and those around me, has shown me how to be ME.

In 2013 I learnt that:

-You cannot please everyone. Everyone has hang-ups; these hang-ups often times cloak their ability to appreciate the good stuff.
-Life is short. Run away from procrastination.
-Giving is fun. It really is.
-It is wise to practice having a good heart and GENUINELY wishing others well. It isn’t that easy, but it is wise to do so.
-Good health is the coolest thing ever. Fitness rocks.
-We don’t date because of the reasons we think. The real reason why we date is to heal our childhood traumas. When you find that special one, work harder at sorting out your own issues so you don’t lose him/her. (I heard Malik Yoba say this on The Wendy Williams Show and I was like woooord!)
-There IS such a thing as working smart-as opposed to working hard.
-Sharing knowledge is so fulfilling. Blogging rocks!
-There is always light at the end of the tunnel-that’s why it’s called a tunnel. Tunnels are never close-ended.
-Man does not attract what he wants, but what he is.

Of course, many of these points are things I knew about prior to 2013; it’s just that I was able to KNOW these truths for myself, in a more personal way.

So what I am tryna say is that, we can’t do it all by ourselves. We all need that support, that rock. Man has this vacuum inside him-that only God can fill TOTALLY. We will fall, we will make mistakes, we will REALLY mess things up, but He’s always there….ALWAYS.

OK so I leave you with an awesome song (not a Gospel praise-God-Halleluyah song in case that’s what you were expecting ;-) ), by the really cool British group- Rudimental, featuring Emeli Sande, titled “Free”.

I heart the song-if you listen to it you’d know why :- ) but please don’t take the line about the guy not being a “believer” as a contradiction- I think he would be even more FREE if he became one! I just like the song, the tempo, rhythm and the general “do-you” message it conveys.





Friday, 6 December 2013

My consolation

Imagine the experience of losing your dad, then your mum, and then your brother. It’s something you don’t even want to begin to imagine isn’t it? I do not know how I would be able to live if that were the case for me. But this happened to a very close family friend of mine. She had 2 younger brothers. Upon her was forced the responsibility of being the head of the family in her early twenties. Having lost both parents, she now had to care for her younger ones and make sure they got everything they needed. Then life happens. Her youngest brother falls ill. Doctors could not detect the cause of his illness. Numerous tests were run, but no head-way. When a savvy doctor finally did find the cause, it was too late.

The family was very close to us. He was like a brother to me. Losing someone close to you is very hard to comprehend, very hard to accept. I get jolts of pain and anger ever so often since I heard the news. Watching him taken into the ground was so surreal…I kept gazing at his sister and brother and wondering how I would feel if that were me watching my 21-year old brother taken down.

I got home later that day, all by myself. I looked around and saw more than a dozen reminders of him. The sofa he sat on when I offered him stir fry back in February, the lamp holder in my room that he helped me fix, the way he would help me with my laundry, his gentle, shy demeanor…and I got very angry. I am still angry. It doesn’t make sense. Not in the least. I don’t understand why he had to go through so much pain if he was gonna leave us anyway. I don’t get how such a tragedy could befall a Christian home. We prayed as a church, as a family, as friends, we helped out financially. We did all we could. But I can’t help feeling like maybe I should have done more. I am not the only one who feels this way-a few others have voiced this out. But now it’s over. And I am just angry. I don’t know what to say to his sister. How does one comfort a person in this kind of situation?

I have no consolation on this matter, except one. That he died a child of God. What else have we got? We cannot do anything to reverse what has happened. We can only try our best to move on. We cannot continue to dwell on the incompetency of our doctors at the General Hospital, who were not able to diagnose speedily and help save our brother. Or to dwell on the government issues, with doctors being on strike and delaying his treatment. I guess it was his time to leave us. I guess he saw a glimpse of that “beautiful place” and decided to leave the pain behind.

But I have no consolation on this matter, except one. That he died a child of God. If I truly believe that there is a God and that there is LIFE after death and that heaven exists, I will hold fast to this. I will remind myself of this whenever the pain and anger comes. I will pray earnestly for his sis and brother, that God would strengthen them and keep them strong.

So I wrote this with a heavy heart, but I wrote this because I have a feeling this rant of mine might bless someone someday. I hope it does. I hope you will gain the strength to accept what has happened and move on, even after losing someone so close to you.

RIP my friend.

Friday, 22 November 2013


It's hard being grateful when things are not looking good wouldn't you say? I read a post about how our minds are programmed to remember negative events or occurrences easily, when compared to positive events. It is actually not logical to have a positive, radiant attitude when one is going through crazy challenges and generally having a tough time.

However, many inspirational speakers and writers talk about how having a thankful look-on-the-bright-side attitude is the key to success. The Bible talks about how important being grateful is too. So I guess the real question is: WHY exactly should I be grateful all the time and HOW do I accomplish this?

1. It's less stressful: I personally hate to worry. It drains me and disorients me a lot. I can't help it though, it just creeps up on me sometimes. But I recall times when I decided not to worry about things and focus on the things I have-I look back at these 2 separate approaches and I realize worrying did not change much anyway.

2. You can find a solution faster: Way faster. When we refuse to focus on the negatives, we are able to think clearly and objectively.

3. You develop an appealing and success-oriented aura, and open yourself up to more opportunities.

How we can work on being grateful is by just taking that step! Decide today that being depressed will do NOTHING to change the situation. Begin to do a mental list of the blessings God has given you and try to focus on those instead. It may sound cheesy and might make you want to roll your eyes, but this truth is and will always be the key to a happy, successful life. If you really think about it, it makes sense.

So let's make a decision to begin to focus on the positives and be grateful to God, as much as can and as often as we can shall we?

"1 Thessalonians 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus"



Monday, 30 September 2013

Word!: Fight yourself...


"Men do not attract what they want, but what they are."- James Allen

I did not forget. :-) In my former Word series post last month I spoke about how I wanted to do a post periodically (I hope I can do this monthly) on the Christian walk and generally words of inspiration or motivation for my readers. I stumbled on the word "epicaricacy" weeks ago on Facebook. From Wikipedia, it is defined as "Rejoicing at or derivation of pleasure from the misfortunes of others".

The moment I read that, my mind did a run-through of the countless times I have seen this happen, most often in discussions with friends. I have experienced people talk with a sense of satisfaction when something unfortunate happens to someone else. I believe this character stems from a position of deep-rooted jealousy and insecurity. No matter how mild or fleeting the feeling is at the moment it comes, it still stems from a bigger problem. This is different from the mild sense of "serves him right!" we get when something unfortunate happens to someone who hurt us-it's not something to be condoned, but it isn't quite what I am referring to here. I am referring to plain satisfaction when something bad befalls someone else.

I did not know this was something that even existed, until I was listening to my friends gisting in the car years ago and one of them mentioned that feeling and the others agreed that they felt that way sometimes. What was strange was the "yeah it's one of those things" way that they talked about it. And that's where this post comes in.

What I am tryna say is- IT SHOULD NOT BE SEEN AS NORMAL. It should not be an accepted way of thinking. It should be realized by the person feeling it, analyzed and then fought. Why though? Because like I said, epicaricacy is a sign of a bigger problem out there. Jealousy is a feeling that could grow from a small seed of discomfort at someone's success or achievement, maybe because we are not quite there yet, to something really big, crippling and obsessive. Insecurity is also a showstopper-I have seen people with awesome lives and everything working out for them, still battling with insecurity. They feel the need to be loved at all times, and they read negative meanings to the simplest and most innocent things. We ALL have these tendencies though. I do, you do. Many times, we cannot even be blamed for sporting these issues, what with childhood experiences, inadequate parenting skills and all that. What we need to do is to work on self-improvement. We owe ourselves and our loved ones that much. It is only when we have worked on our weaknesses and started making efforts towards self-realization and self-improvement, that we can even begin to hope to have successful relationships, successful marriages, be great parents, great friends, great leaders, great followers.

Also, having a loving and positive outlook to life and others attracts positive things to us. When you CHOOSE to see the good in others and choose to be happy for others even when you have been wishing for that "same thing" for ages, when you choose to stay away from undeserved negative comments about people particularly when they are not doing so well in life or are going through hell, then you are ready to begin your journey towards a happy, peaceful and successful life.

So it's three steps: REALIZE. ANALYZE. FIGHT.

REALIZE that feeling when it comes. Do not try to make excuses for why the feeling came, or if the feeling is actually what you think it is. Just be on the alert for these feelings ie jealousy, hate, bitterness, epicaricacy and all that.

ANALYZE the feeling. Once you realize you are feeling that way again-take some time to ask yourself WHY. Am I feeling this way because she got a new car last month and I really need a car right now? Why exactly do I dislike her though? Why did I feel kinda pleased when I heard he got robbed? This I believe, is the toughest part-the part where we have to come face-to-face with our weaknesses, our hang-ups, our dark side. We are wired to shy away from our weaknesses, to ignore and overlook our faults. But once we decide to face the truth, we get to find a lot of stuff in there.

FIGHT yourself. Oh yeah cos that's why we went through the first 2 steps isn't it? We need to decide to move aside our hate, our jealousy etc. Look at it this way: if you had always wanted something badly, and it finally happened, wouldn’t you be irritated and disgusted if you find that someone else began hating on you because they felt you did not deserve it? (Envying someone’s success is synonymous with believing that person did not deserve that success). Or would you be OK with someone sniggering and being happy when something not-cool happened to you? Maybe seeing it this way would help us fight “the feeling”. Another way to look at it is: We cannot expect to be “lucky” if we do not expect others to get “lucky” sometimes too. If you feel Suzie did not deserve that boom in her restaurant business, just because, then er… probably don’t deserve that new job you applied for! It’s that simple. Fight yourself. Do away with those crazy thoughts. Think positively. See the beauty of God’s favour in the lives of others.

When you see others doing well, celebrate with them. Get your friend who just bought a new car a key-holder as a gift; be happy for him. Thank God for their good fortune and decide to fight any negative thoughts that may try to creep in. If you have issues with fighting this epicaricacy thingy and jealousy, pray about it. See this as something you desperately have to get rid of!

OK I’m gonna share a few scriptures with y’all, to back up my words and thoughts on this. I love the Word of God because what’s in it is so applicable to real life situations.

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things”- Phillippians 4:8 (KJV)

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”- Proverbs 23:7 (KJV)

And some more AWESOME QUOTES from the literary essay by James Allen:

"Every man is where he is by the law of his being; the thoughts which he has built into his character have brought him there, and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of chance, but all is the result of a law which cannot err."

"Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment, of these, if you but remain true to them your world will at last be built."

"Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves, they therefore remain bound." 



Friday, 9 August 2013

Word!: Less of me....

"....I was just plain tired of praying about the same thing again and again, day after day! So I decided to stop praying about ME, and focus on someone else."

I am now introducing a new series to Fola's Oasis...."Word!". I realized that I had better use my blog as a medium to share some of my thoughts, some lessons learned and truths that have kept me going on all these years. I hope this blesses at least someone :-)

So "Less of Me" is just a title I decided to put to something I decided to do some months ago. I have reached a point in my life where there are crossroads, major decisions to be made, several uncertainties and even roadblocks. Much earlier this year I made a very tough but vital decision to quit my job of almost 3 years. It was a highly unfulfilling job, I was uber-stressed, there was no opportunity for growth, I was paid poorly, I had no time to rest, go to church, go anywhere, the list was endless. I went through several stages of unhappiness and restlessness about my job-but I was afraid to quit because of the good old fear of the unknown. After a lot of praying, and saving, I decided to just DO IT. I quit, with absolutely no clue as to what to do next. 

Now, I had been trying to get another job for so long and it seemed like it wasn't gonna happen. I was not happy, because I felt like I was very far away from where I was supposed to be. I decided to make the best of the situation. I was not gonna stay all locked up wondering what to do. I decided to embark on a fitness and weight loss journey (I had become overweight suddenly lol), and I committed myself to that- my readers would know! lol. I also quickly resumed activities in the church and just absorbed being in God's presence whenever I could. 

Then we had a prayer session in church, where we fast and pray once a month. So, I was praying in my living room and I believe that was where things changed. But that was just the beginning. Shortly after, I realized that I could not continue to pray about something if I was SURE that issue was already settled. Also, to be honest with y'all, I was just plain tired of praying about the same thing again and again, day after day! So I decided to stop praying about ME, and focus on someone else. And that was where my own lil intercessory sessions started. It was weird at first, but later I got used to it. I'd wake up and just take the focus away from ME and pray about friends, family and others.

A month after, I got a part-time job at a consulting firm! The part-time aspect was exactly what I wanted. And so far, it's looking good. I am also trying to see if I can set up a very small-scale catering business since I have some extra time on my hands now. I feel much more relaxed and I am certain this is just the beginning for me.

I guess the point I am trying to make here is: once you have prayed, and you are sure, let go! Don't keep bugging the issue. Another main point: focus less on yourself. I know God expects every Christian to be his brother's keeper. We need to do more of praying for others, helping others, looking out for others. See if He won't sort your own stuff out soon enough :-)

And that's how I moved from point A to B. By doing a little less of me. :-)