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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review: Maybelline Volume Express Mascara (Smokey Eyes effect)


Just a quick post on how I am finding the Maybelline Volume Express Colossal (Smokey Eye effect) mascara. That's just a mouthful isn't it?! 

So this was one of my recent buys and I absolutely love it. But then again, Maybelline mascara has always been one of the best out there, in relation to price, right?

The mascara does what it says, it thickens my lashes but also lengthens it a bit. I am particularly obsessed with the "black-ness" of the mascara. No mascara could get darker than this! Makes me get the smokey eye effect claim. I really need to get my hands on a good eyelash curler, to help me curl and lengthen my lashes more.

Here is a before and after pic:





I find that one coat is sufficient for me and when I have the time and want to go the extra mile, I add an extra coat, though this second coat doesn't really make a big difference to me.

Price: I got this for N1500 or about $10. 
Longevity: It's waterproof and does not smudge at all.

I have NO complaints about this mascara whatsoever and I am not surprised at this cos, well, it's Maybelline after all! Lol.

What other awesome mascaras have you tried?


Monday, 30 December 2013

Mini makeup haul plus rant!


This is to be honest a very mini-haul post-I have decided to buy a bit of make up every month and I got some last week. Now I would have gotten more items but for some reasons-which brings me to my RANT!

I had planned to lay my paws on the Sleek BB cream as well as the brow kit from the Sleek store in VI. Now I remember sometime early this year when I went to the store to get the BB cream and it wasn’t available. I called and called but no show-I finally gave up and bought a Mary Kay foundation which I did not really like. So 3 weeks ago I popped into the store hoping to get some stuff. Neither the BB cream nor the brow kit was available. I was told that in a week’s time, they would have new stock. Now I did get their number but couldn’t find it 2 weeks after, when I decided to call them again. I figured since I had waited one EXTRA week I might as well pop in. I was even ready to buy the Sleek make up brushes. When I got there with my friend who was willing to spoil me and buy me some stuff for Xmas (yay!) I was made to wait because the MUAs weren’t around. I had to go ask what was going on before some admin lady attended to me. Later an MUA came by and they had NOTHING I asked for! I looked around to find that the place actually looked empty. I even asked for liquid eyeliner but they had only the green ones. I was so disgusted.

2 days after I went to the much raved about Gifty’s Daughter’s Store on Toyin Street. I could not even enter-the place was closed. This was a Saturday. A SATURDAY!

So I went to Brownie’s World at 4 Irewole Avenue, Awosika Bustop, Opebi and I got a bit lucky. I purchased the Maybelline Volume Express (Smoky lash effect) mascara, Elf eyeliner in black (4203) and Elf blotting sheets or shine eraser. 

I wanted concealer but the Elf one I found didn’t appeal to me. Seems I would have to check the Mac store for this.

I will do proper reviews on these items, but I tested the mascara and I was impressed. It’s really black and volumizing as it says. The blotting sheets I can’t wait to try-because it has green tea extract in each sheet and I LOVE green tea. It’s really a miracle potion lol. The eyeliner as tested on my hand was quite dark, though too “liquid” if that makes sense. Staying power was good because I rinsed my hand several times and the liner stayed put. 
Flecks of green tea extract embedded in each sheet

Like I said though, I will do a review post on all three items soon.