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Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to make samosas-for someone you really hate!

Hello guys,

Friday was an interesting day for me. I woke up in the morning with samosa and spring rolls on my mind. Now I had planned to make these this month as part of my "try-a-new-dish-every-month" challenge. I went grocery shopping few days ago, got my recipe locked down and I set to work, already envisaging the smiles on my friends' and colleagues' faces when I offer them some of my homemade goodies.

Disclaimer: If you are really looking to make samosas-this post is not for you! Please check  for this.

Anyway so I chopped all my veggies, brought out the minced beef, for both the samosa and springrolls:

Veggies for spring roll

Veggies for samosa, potatoes in the middle, minced beef on the left

I got these cool spring roll wrappers from the Oasis store at OPIC plaza, Ikeja. It was something I had to do cos I did not want to bother myself with making the wrappers from scratch.

Spring roll wrappers

I made the samosa filling....

Samosa filling-no issues here

I began to make the dough for the samosas. I added the thyme,salt, oil and water to the flour and kneaded. Left this in the refrigerator for 45mins, kneaded again and started trying to make the semi-circles to be formed into cones, filled, sealed and fried. But! I didn't go half that far. I could not even get to the circle part, not to talk of semi-circle! The dough was too sticky and soft! It kept sticking to the rolling pin and board. I added more flour, kneaded, it did not help much. I only managed to get some very IRREGULAR shapes out because of all the flour I kept sprinkling on my hands and the board to keep the dough from being so sticky. Later I just ditched the rolling pin (makeshift rolling pin actually as I used an old wine bottle haha-yea I don't bake and last time I saw one in our kitchen, I had no breasts yet) grabbed a knife, dipped it in water and started cutting out semi circles. 

It was just crazy, my sis came in to check on things many times and I just told her, "This won't look good, I just hope it TASTES good!". So I started filling-but that was even a worse challenge. The dough pieces were too sticky to be formed into a cone-also they were small, so I could barely scoop half a tablespoon of the filling into the "cones". Later I just started making dough patties with my hand, scooping the filing inside and folding the patty over....

Laugh all you want! :-)

When I was done, I had 90% of filling left! Not surprising, as I could scoop only very little into my "patties" and I was NOT gonna try to make some more dough! To this day I do not know where I went wrong with the dough. Anyway at this point I was not gonna throw away the rest of the filling. I knew I was gonna use this filling for my spring rolls. I did not care also because samosa and spring roll filling is almost the same-except for the absence of potatoes in spring rolls and the presence of habanero peppers to taste and some green peppers. But whatevs right?

Here's what my precious little samosas looked like after friying.....

Meatpie, puffpuff, buns, croissant all in one-I'm ingenious!

I don't think even the DOG would try them :-)
But if he did, he'd love them! They actually tasted good! You gotta believe me, they did lol. It was an AESTHETIC EPIC FAIL, but taste-wise, it was very OK. A bit too crusty for obvious reasons though.

So I started filling my spring roll wrappers. This was a much easier and less heartbreaking experience-only a few wrappers split open. They split cos I put way too much filling in them.

They turned out OK.

OK this wasn't my best batch-I made 20. This batch hasn't cooled yet and the oil 
wasn't drained in the sieve.
 Plus this is the 1st set of spring rolls, and my wrapping skills improved with time.

They tasted very very OK too-even the ones that were split :-)


Answer: STIR FRY.

I made a very good stir fry yesterday morning with the grated carrots, green peppers, spring onions, green peas, habanero peppers and minced beef. My only addition to the ingredient list was: ground fresh pepper and tomato, onions, chicken stock and soy sauce. Served with basmati rice, plantains and boiled eggs, I was able to give myself a pat on the back for not making a total mess of the recipe-for-the-month challenge.

Probably my best meal ever. It tasted goooood!

If life gives you horrible-looking samosas and spring roll filling ingredients but no spring roll wrappers, make a stir fry!

Enjoy your weekend!


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Thai Chicken Curry Sauce


Two days ago I made a lovely meal- thai chicken curry sauce. Now I have recently decided to make a "special" dish every month, to boost my culinary skills and also to break out of that "box" that many Nigerian ladies put themselves into when it comes to cooking. Now, so many condiments are available and affordable in this part of the world, so nothing stops us from making a great dish every now and then! I tried to check online for recipes for this dish and I saw so many different variations. I decided to mix and match and I came up with my own variation. So why not share it with my readers? I got help mostly from and

What you need:

Chicken (Now as you can see I used basic chicken pieces but boneless chicken breasts cut into smaller pieces are the best)
Sweet potatoes (2 cups of diced potatoes would do)
Bell peppers and scotch bonnets
Medium to hot curry powder (4 tbsp)
Cayenne pepper/dried pepper (3 tbsp)
Salt to taste
One stock cube (I used Knorr)
Coconut milk (I used three-quarters of a 400ml tin)
Coconut oil
One medium sized onion
One clove of garlic

Initial preparation:

Wash the chicken properly and then in a bowl, add all the spices except the stock cube. Also add 6 tbsp of coconut oil. Mix properly making sure the chicken is covered in the mixture. Cover this bowl and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Raw chicken covered in spices and oil

Peel and dice the sweet potatoes to make 2 cups. They should be about 3cm thick all over. Sadly I could only get less than a cup for this dish because I bought bad potatoes and I could only salvage what I could!

Dice the peppers and scotch bonnets, blend this in a blender for just a few minutes and set it aside.

That's all I used

Chop the onions and garlic finely.

Actual preparation:

Add 5 tbsp of coconut oil in a pot and after a minute of medium heat, add the onions and garlic. Stir for another minute. Add the blended peppers and stir for about 3 minutes.

It should  look something like this!

Next I added the sweet potatoes and left the pot to simmer for 3 minutes. Afterwards, I added the chicken and the whole mix with half a cup of water. The mix would likely have solidified a little, so you would have to scrape this into the pot. Stir and leave to cook at medium heat for 6 minutes.

Then you can now add the coconut milk. Also add the stock cube and more salt if you wish. Leave to simmer for another 6 minutes till the chicken is as soft as you like.

And you are done!  I made some basmati rice to go with it. My friend and Ifeyinwa also like this sauce with flat bread.



Friday, 26 July 2013

Beef kebabs-easy as ABC.

It's been a while :-) I have been kinda busy with work and life. But I'm back and hey it was my birthday two days ago! I had a good time and I was reminded of how I am so blessed to have such great and caring friends!

I wanted to make something nice in addition to the other things I had planned for the day, so I decided to make beef kebabs. It's really easy-peasy but I thought I should share the recipe with ya'all-it's fun to make and sometimes we never know how easy it is to spice up the menu with a nice homemade snack every now and then.

What you need:
- Skewers. I got mine from Shoprite, the stands right beside the payment queues. N500
-Beef of course. Best cut beef.
-1 Onion
-3 firm tomatoes
-2 Green peppers
-Seasoning (Curry, thyme, 1 stock cube, ground cayenne pepper-optional)
-Vegetable oil

 I was able to make nine beef kebabs from these quantities.

Thats a pack of 100 skewers.

Cut the beef into chunks of about 2.5cm by 2.5cm, then wash and season very well. You want to use your fingers to rub that stuff right in. 

I had about 45 pieces here. Next you cover the bowl the beef is in with cling film or a firm lid and then refridgerate for at least an hour. I refridgerated for 4 hours. The longer the better. (Tip: Do this last thing before bedtime and continue first thing in the morning).

Next, put the beef chunks in a pot, add very little water, just a few tablespoons, and start to simmer. We want the beef to soak in all that juice while cooking hence, add little water and maybe a few more drops if needed. You may add a little salt at this point.

Boiled beef chunks

 When the underside is pale, flip the chunks to cook the top sides. After 10minutes just stir till the chunks are cooked all over.

Next, heat up the vegetable oil in a deep, small pot. You need a lot of oil-about 2inches high. Then fry the chunks till they are golden brown. Scoop em out and place them in a sieve or on kitchen towels. I overdid it a bit as you can see :-)

You need to chop the vegetables after you prepare the beef. Note how I made them rectangular and the onions chunky. Prepare the beef first so that you can size the veggies according to the size of the beef chunks. Remove all the seeds from the peppers and the tomatoes and rinse all veggies thoroughly.

You are now ready for the fun part! Please rinse the skewers in salty water first, then start threading the veggies, onions and beef chunks through the middle. Of course you need to be as colourful as you can. Also don't be frustrated when the onions start separating as they love to do; just thread the layers gently. I like to create a "model" kebab and then use that pattern to make the others. That way, your beef kebabs look uniform and neat.

So there you go! What do u think? What homemade snacks do you like? Let me know so I can try them!